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    Anyone else hear about the NCEES warehouse fire that burned up all the scan-trons and invalidated the last test?
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    During lunch I was sitting with a colleague on the back of his truck eating lunch and a bee kept hovering around us. I said "Wouldn't that be inconvenient to get stung by a bee right before going into the PM session". Well ironically enough the bee followed me into the test and kept flying around me. I'm not afraid of bees but it was obnoxious and I couldn't leave my chair. The only thing I could do was shoo it away whisper "F*** off bee!". The proctor gave me the look you would expect thinking I could be secretly plotting to steal exam questions by somehow taming a bee. Luckily it went away and I only wasted 1 minute. Crisis averted!
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    Still have what I wrote saved: What is the cut score for NCEES on the SE exam? I wish I could tell you but unfortunately NCEES keeps their grading method, criteria, and cut score between pass and fail a secret. On the NCEES website, under "scoring", they state the following: "When an exam is introduced or when its specifications change, a committee of subject-matter experts works with experienced psychometricians (testing experts with a background in statistics) to determine the level of performance that corresponds with minimal competence in that discipline. This becomes the passing score. NCEES does not publish passing scores because they change with each administration. NCEES scores each exam with no predetermined percentage of examinees that should pass or fail. All exams are scored the same way. First-time takers and repeat takers are graded to the same standard. For subsequent administrations of the exam, statistical equating is used to ensure that this level of performance is consistent across multiple administrations of that exam. Essentially, this means that while the numerical passing score may change with each administration, you are not disadvantaged when one administration of a particular exam is more difficult than another. This process accounts for the 8- to 10-week interval between an exam administration and the release of scores to member licensing boards. Your exam results are determined by the number of items you answered correctly for the exam in its entirety. There are no minimum requirements for particular sections or topics within an exam. You are not penalized for incorrect answers." Also note this: "If the reviews confirm an error in a question, credit may be given for more than one answer." So, some things are clear: The cut score changes from exam to exam. There is no grading curve. The exams are graded so that the cut score reflects a consistent difficulty; easier exams will require a higher score to pass than harder exams. You are scored based on your combined performance on both the morning and afternoon of each day. However, if you get the very harsh words of "unacceptable" on your exam results you will be given a diagnostic report which will grade your morning problems as number answered correctly, and your afternoon problems as either acceptable, improvement required, or unacceptable. No indication of what "improvement required" or "unacceptable" is given. The following are my conclusions which are entirely based on interpretation of limited data and my own assumptions. I could be completely incorrect (but would like to think I'm close). Based on scores people have reported after failing the SE exam I've developed the following conclusions: You need approximately 28-30 correct on the morning from what I can tell. If you have a good morning score then you likely need two "acceptable" and two "improvement required" scores for buildings, or two "acceptable" (one of these being the 2 hour problem) and an "improvement required" for bridges. If you have a less than 30 morning score then you likely need three "acceptable" and one "improvement required" for buildings, or two "acceptable" (one of these being the 2 hour problem) and an "improvement required" for bridges. As best I can tell, if you get an unacceptable on any of the afternoon problems then you will not pass. Perhaps if you have a near perfect morning score then you may pass but this would be hard to determine based on limited information. It has been confirmed that not completing a problem but listing out steps or rough calculations can get you an “acceptable” score for an afternoon problem. This is based on 43 vertical and lateral scores that were reported, about 50% buildings and 50% bridges. Most of the reported scores for bridges were on the lateral day while most building scores were from the vertical day. I’m not sure if this would skew the results or not. The highest scores on the morning that still failed were the following: 35/40 - Acceptable, Acceptable, Unacceptable 33/40 - Acceptable, Acceptable, Acceptable, Unacceptable 32/40 - Acceptable, Improvement Required, Improvement Required, Unacceptable 31/40 - Acceptable, Improvement Required, Improvement Required, Improvement Required 31/40 - Acceptable, Acceptable, Improvement Required, Unacceptable 30/40 - Acceptable, Improvement Required, Improvement Required, Unacceptable 30/40 - Acceptable, Acceptable, Unacceptable 30/40 - Acceptable, Acceptable, Unacceptable, Unacceptable The highest scores on the afternoon that still failed were as follows (some of these are duplicates from above in highest morning scores): 25/40 - Acceptable, Acceptable, Acceptable 20/40 - Acceptable, Acceptable, Acceptable, Acceptable 22/40 - Acceptable, Acceptable, Acceptable, Improvement Required 33/40 - Acceptable, Acceptable, Acceptable, Unacceptable 27/40 - Acceptable, Acceptable, Acceptable, Unacceptable 35/40 - Acceptable, Acceptable, Unacceptable 31/40 - Acceptable, Improvement Required, Improvement Required, Improvement Required
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    Someone at work (in a different office) the other day called me a youngster. I had to politely point out that I was about a decade older than him.
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    Its hard to say. I know I personally have gotten acceptables on on problems I completely botched. Its subjective, has to do with luck and how well you can write down your methods and thoughts and not necessarily based on just numbers.
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    This deserves a bump up, so the most recent test takers can find it. I'll help fill in the blanks for a few missing states. Oct '13: PA day 51, MD day 52 I sadly remember that all too well Oct '14 PA day 88. That is not a typo. Things were absolutely fubar'd that session. That was the time when they accidentally issued licenses to people who failed the test. I am not trolling, it really was that bad! There are so many reasons why we have a emoji
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    Looks like the results will be delayed past January for sure. We were already down to 2 scantron machines and the good one broke today. And since examiniees don’t want to pay additional fees we don’t have the funds to replace it until next years budget.. If only we had all that money back we spent on those pencils:(
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    That just isn't right! Imagine? There would be rioting in the streets...
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    $100M well spent! ...for the Chiefs, Chargers, and Broncos. Prior to the game last night I thought Plan A was to tear the team apart this year and rebuild in the draft. But that idea was shot down after I saw Gruden's reactions in the second half.
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    Good deal. I didn't bother erasing many things in the booklet. Erasing things takes time. I just crossed through it and wrote in the nearest empty space. They don't score the book, so I didn't care if it looked pretty, so long as I could legibly follow my own work. OTOH, they do keep the exam books and may review whats written if a) they suspect cheating; b) want to investigate a certain problem and the thought process that examinees went through; c) other QA
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    To be honest, I'm not sure what the boys looked like for Halloween this year, we were busy trying to get the trail finished up...yes, this year she decided to bump it up to a full fledged haunted trail through the woods. I thought she was crazy to try something so big, but it came out awesome even though the weather sucked. This is as you came around the side of the house: After you make it down past the room oh the stone patio, this is the trail through the woods: I was the one hiding in the shed all the way in the back. I would crank up the chainsaw, kick the door open like the shed was on fire take off after whoever was standing there. Don't think I've seen people run that fast. There was pretty steady rain all night which sucked, but we still had probably 50 people go through. I hear that more than that showed up, but there were several who wouldn't go.
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    I heard from my sisters 1/2 borther's mother in law the cut off score was 50 this year because the test was that much harder.
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    One of my attempts I shared a table with a guy taking one of the civil exams. We're in the armory and the tables are kind of old as shit and rickety. He was an aggressive eraser-er. Which I informed him of at the lunch break, whole damn table shook
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    Bacon is everywhere because those who weren't "with it" before now want it everywhere to show how "with it" they are now. Kinda like beer with hipsters and the like. They make beer taste like flowers (IPA) so they can drink it and then they make / buy the sh*t out of it. Look at me! I drink beer!
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    It's not a question of if I'm stupid, it's the fact that they couldn't wait until after breakfast to do so. 🤣
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    Or maybe that if you punched it harder, the answers would come out right?
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    I wish I had a table to myself, that's great! The guy sitting next to me during this latest attempt must have thought that his chances of passing increased with the amount of force he applied to his calculator.
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    LOL, what's worse is that most of the spammers are already PEs. Very few test takers in here. I guess they just don't want their results back yet.
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    Enough of that. Let's get this sh*t day moving!
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    There is no keeping up. Just keep moving forward.
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    Ask away, that's what the forum is for! They gave out one 3" binder for each module (vert & lat), packed pretty full. I took out all of the afternoon related material and moved it into a separate binder, and added my own additional things, so I had a morning and an afternoon binder. Their binder is kinda like what the CERM was for the morning portion of the PE.
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    Man you guys are never going to get results with spam activity like this...
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    You're in a category all your own
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    It was a mess than year. PCS partially released a handful from Days 52-55ish, most people didn't get notification though. So a few people who didn't get their results called the State, and they gave out the pass/fail, but they stopped doing it after a few hours, and said that they are reconciling their records with PCS. Meanwhile for about a week, Pennsylvania started issuing licenses, loading them up in the state license lookup; presumably to everyone who took the test in October! We know this because (at least) a couple people who learned they failed from PCS saw an active license in PA on the website. Things ground to a halt for a few weeks, and PA and PCS pointed fingers at each other. Sometime in January, Day 88 and way too close to the April registration deadline, they figure their s%^& out and PCS releases the results and PA the licenses on the same day. Re roller coaster: fail -> pass -> fail. I don't think anyone who had that experience bothered to retake the test again. I kinda don't blame them.
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    I would like to shred all the paperwork I have on my desk at home. One week down...potentially 9 more weeks to go.
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    i would say don't worry about it, but seeing how last go around there was like a 55% pass rate, seems like it has gotten even harder than before when i took it, i got so stressed my blood pressure dropped dramatically. i could feel myself turn ghost pale. i really think i guessed on half the exam and from them like maybe 20 questions complete wild guesses. it was terrible.
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    Wow, not sure i should be grouped with those others.
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    Hello, everyone! This is one of the weirdest sites: or your money back! We have @knight1fox3, @RBHeadge PE, @squaretaper PE, @matt267 PE,and much, much, more. PM them for questions, comments, complaints and information. Why not click on the EET or PPI ad link to see more? We have halloween and christmas pictures and so more on our spam threadz. Cheese is not a wild thing!!!!!!!!! Now I have decided to go for a world record. I will try to make the longest post ever, made completely out of text! Won't that be fun? I will just type, and type, and never, ever use copy and paste. Wow...I really must be bored. Just goes to show what boredom can do to you. Any way, that's it for now. Wait, no it isn't, I still have to keep going, and going, and going. Because I do. THE REST OF THE STUFF I TYPE WILL BE COMPLETLY IN CAPS JUST BECAUSE I CAN. THAT IS ALL. SEEYA! Hi, I'm back. So far this is nowhere near the world record. I think. I don't exactly know where it is...oh, well. I'll just have to do the very best that I can. No one is really coming here, anyway. So it doesn't matter. By the way, PE-exam-answers.org is a worthwhile, community-service organization. The link is to a 100% fake registration form that you can fill out just for laughs. I can't believe I'm bothering to do this. I have very low expectations for this. Noone ever reads this, I could do this all day long and I still wouldn't have any more lolz. This is just a pointless excursive in spelling errors and grammatical imprecision. May your day be shiney! Yay!
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    My office has already been warned. I think after two or three days of them groaning about more baked goods, I may expand into EB.com territory. I have a list of x-mas cookies I need to try first. Also want to tinker with pie (though I hate making shells). We'll see if people like the pictures first!
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    You ain't seen nothin yet
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    They probably have the best response percentage on the NCEES survey... and are awarded first exam results release...
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    You're welcome. Hopefully I won't be taking it with you. Best of luck to you either way. I received my degree in ME and been doing electrical design pretty much ever since (although I spent 2-1/2 years in EE before switching majors to ME, so I had some EE background). You're going to find a variety of responses as to best methods of studying and what resources to use. I highly recommend going to Zach Stone's website. He has some free articles you should definitely check out IMMEDIATELY, most notably "Recommended References for the Electrical Power PE Exam" and "What do Successful Engineers that Pass the Electrical PE Exam Have in Common?" If you can afford it and/or get your company to help pay for it, I highly recommend his course. If I had to do it over again, knowing what I know now, I would: 1. You have just less than 7 months until the April exam. You might think that's plenty of time but you'll be surpised how quickly the exam date approaches. Use your time wisely. 2. I would start with the NCEES practice exam, and go through and work EVERY problem between now and the next 1-2 weeks. Don't spend much time pouring over the problems. In other words, don't spend 1-2 hours on one problem. You're not going to have a clue on half of them right now, so just work through them, use the solutions or go online (lots of explanations on this board) and just write out EVERY problem and work them out on separate pieces of paper (keep your practice exam tests blank for future timed practice exams). Trust me. You just want to get an immediate feel for how long these problems take, the wording, the language, the material/topics, ect. Just don't stress and get stuck. You don't want to get to 2 months before the exam and you've spent so much time on other stuff you haven't yet worked out some of these problems. 3. By December you should have at least had worked out all the practice exam problems (even better if you use mutliple sources, . Make a list of topics you struggle on. NEC and protection should be a priority regardless since those topics weigh heavily on the exam. 4. I really wish I had done this sooner: I took Zach Stone's online course. Once a week it's a 3-4 hour live webinar. After each lesson he gives you homework problems relating to the course. I spent a lot of time doing those and they really helped, but it became apparent that I would have done better if I made myself go through the online course for the related topic leading to the live webinar. For example, if "Rotating Machines" was going to be the live class for Tuesday, I should have at MINIMUM gone through the rotating machines articles and quizzes. Instead I was working through NCEES sample exam problems, or problems from another resource, or taking timed tests, which is fine, but I should have made sure I went through the courses and quizzes. I would have absorbed the information better. Once I started doing this my learning curve shortened. 5. Take timed practice exams sooner, and more often. I observed a lot of people taking their first timed practice exam (if at all), 1-2 months before the exam. I took 4 timed tests (2 NCEES, 1 Graffeo and 1 Eng Pro Guides). I didn't really do all that well on any of them, but I'm glad I did them and wish I had taken the time to do more. Time is simply not on your side, especially when you have a family, so use your time wisely. 6. As good as Zach's class is, you're still going to have topics you struggle with. Don't get stuck. Go to YouTube videos or this board to get information or a different perspective on how to approach problems. Everyone thinks and learns differently.
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    The stress gets so, so much worse as time goes on! I can't emphasize enough that come December it will get geometrically worse every day. I really recommend finding a distraction. Spend time with family and friends, kill time in the spam thread. Me personally: I went to the gym to burn off the stress and get back in shape; which was a super good and successful idea in the long run. The link I provided above is an index for other useful threads and discussions for background, its a semi-humorous post-exam FAQ. It includes this one, which shows the release dates for most states and sessions going back to 2005. @Duckdude put a lot of excellent work into it and it answers your question.
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    I disagree, it's totally LOL funny; that level of unpreparedness deserves no sympathy. It's not bring a knife to a gunfight, it's bringing a dull plastic McDonald's spork to gunfight.
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    Yes, living/working inside the beltway has hardened @vee043324. Pretty much unkillable. More on topic, it's not as ha-ha funny, but my test neighbor (young guy) behind me seriously came to the exam with only the FE manual and...that's it. He flipped through that thing like a mofo during the morning session. After lunch, his chair was empty. So...this is what happens when you bring a knife to a gunfight.
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    At the exam there was a mix of civil, structural, mechanical and a few of us crazy electrical exam takers. We sat at long tables with 2 examinees each. For whatever reason, the guy sitting next to me never showed up. It was strange watching the proctor go through the ritual of placing the exam booklet on the table and picking it up again a minute later right before the exam started. Anyway, I had a table all to myself which was great for spreading out all my references (I had enough room to do that anyway but at least I didn't have to worry about distracting the guy next to me). During halftime I ran into a guy in the parking lot who had locked his keys in the car. I noticed his tag was in the same county I live in so I offered him a ride after the exam if he needed it. He was able to call a locksmith (don't know how since we weren't allowed to take our cell phones inside 🤔) so he got the help he needed before the second half started. He didn't seem happy about the exam (he wasn't taking the electrical), and he was sitting right in front of me so I noticed he got up and left WAY early during the second part of the test. My point is as bad as you might feel about the exam, you at least did better than someone who didn't bother to show up or got so disgusted they left early with maybe little chance of passing. Relax everyone! Nothing we can do between now and getting the results so best thing to do is stop thinking about the results part. There are a few topics I felt I was weaker on than I realized and I actually enjoyed learning and doing those problems so in the meantime I'm just going to read up more on those topics and start going through sample problems. I found a lot of this stuff fun to learn anyway. Oh, and in the meantime I'm going to spend more time with my wife and son, start playing golf again and pre-order Battlefield V.
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    ^ LOL. You picked the wrong profession if you want to be "done studying". Engineers are always studying. Especially those with PE's (among other certs) which require professional development credits to maintain corresponding certifications. Also, think about the grand scheme of things throughout the progression of your engineering career. Undergraduate school, FE exam, PE exam, and for some graduate school in there too. There will always be the "next big thing" as an engineer in my opinion.
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    Relax guys. Everyone I took the test with, across multiple disciplines, received the email. lol
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    I was informed of the August 30 registration deadline and told i could get a refund. I tried to cram for construction - i think i did alright. We shall see. Thanks.
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    The Transportation depth was rough. I guessed between 10-12 questions that I didn't have a clue of working it. There were questions that I got answers for...not sure it was the right answer but they were some what close.
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    I don't know how anyone would pass without a single reference. I had enough books to fill a small library. Reference manual, class binders, 6 min solutions, Betty Crocker 15 min meals, chiltons repair manual to a 94 Chevy Tahoe....I came prepared. I did feel really bad for the woman next me taking transpo. We chatted a little before the exam. Both took review classes and felt pretty prepared. Test time started and she went to pull out her giant binder and it came open and every page fell out. They let her cram what she could back in but the rest fell into her tote and was told she couldn't use them because of the loose paper rule. The salvaged binder was in no kind of order. She stuck it out but was obviously not doing well. Ended up ripping her scantron erasing an answer and by the end was crying. I ended up passing. Can't speak for my tablemate.
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    There was a guy at my exam that had 0, thats right 0 resources. He at least did bring a lunch, apparently he thought you couldn't bring anything into the exam room. I am curious to know how he did.

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