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    I know how hard it is to get a red button when there are so many people here celebrating. There are many of us here who didn't pass the first or second time (myself included!) If you failed, take some time out, enjoy the holidays with your family, and come back to studying well-rested and ready to kick ass. This failure does NOT define you. You are NOT a bad engineer if you didn't pass. We're here for you! Sending big hugs to all.
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    My email was time-stamped at 12:31 pm, ET.
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    I finally passed! Congratulations to those of you who passed, and a big hug for those who haven't.
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    FINAL VERSION Since the question always comes up please consider including the times of release (in eastern) along with the state for future tracking purposes. Please only post the State and time of release in this thread. It makes things easier to track and to update the map. Thanks in advance!
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    The worst: Individual approaches and ask about "that big test you took". Smiling expecting to hear you say...."I passed" You (with no emotion): "The results have not been released yet." Asking individual: "Oh Wow, That was a awhile ago I would have thought you would know by now." You (still trying to hold it together, because you know they don't understand the torture): "I know....they say 8-10 weeks"(mad at yourself for using that response)…..you contemplate going into the lengthy analysis of when you think it will be but decide they will think you are crazy. So you say nothing. Asking individual: "You're smart, I'm sure you passed." You stare at them trying to come up with words to describe the RAGE inside you, as you remember the countless hours of studying. You in your head:"Just because I am an Engineer doesn't mean I passed the purposefully engineering test made just for engineers. It just means I'm smarting than you." Then you decide it isn't worth it and respond with: "Thanks, we will see" You walk away dead inside.
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    THANK YOU THANK YOU EVERYONE. SRSLY. I got the email as I was supposed to head into a meeting, heart pounding ,opened it at my desk with my boss right here, and started crying & hyperventilating. Had to calm down in a closet
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    I'd like to thank @ChebyshevII PE for helping me again with the map this year! While I was off in meetings, doing RL work, or triaging, he was PM'ing me the states as they rolled in. This map wouldn't have happened as flawlessly as it did without him. Please join me in thanking him for his help.
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    North Carolina is out. I'm 54 years old...out of school 26 years. Passed ME TFS the first time. 😀😀😀😉
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    FINAL Since the question always comes up please consider including the times of release (in eastern) along with the state for future tracking purposes. PM me if you have any information on Alaska or North Dakota's release date.
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    After failing both last October, passing Vertical in April, and taking Lateral this past October I didn't think I could take another Fail. (Especially since I'm getting married in May 2020) I worked all weekend for a deadline (that I am staying late for tonight) and was prepared to be devastated. I COULD CRY TEARS OF JOY RIGHT NOW. I AM DONE! OVER AND OUT! CONGRATS TO EVERYONE THAT PASSED, and if you didn't, be tenacious and you will!
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    Results not looking too good.. Seems like they were on to us and they took it easy on Control Systems, since we were bashing them.
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    because he's got a lot of knowledge about the process and is far too nice & patient so he answers the same questions over and over and over and over. and talk people down off of the ledge
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    Anyone up for story time? Awesome, I am telling it anyway. Your wife is expecting your third child Nov. 10. You setup a plan with NCEES, they are going to allow a proctor to hold your phone in case your wife calls, but only if your wife calls, because she is going into labor and you need to GTFO. Oct 25 rolls around. You drive to the exam location an hour away. You see a co-worker and chat with her for a few minutes before getting settled in. A proctor comes over and takes your phone. The morning session starts soon. You work through it, all is going well. Morning session is completed. The lady comes out and gives you your phone. You call your wife, tell her the morning is done and you are getting lunch. You get lunch and return for the afternoon session. About 90 minutes in, a guy, approximately 45-50, raises his hand turns in his test and leaves. "Wow" you think to yourself, that was fast. You continue through the exam. You have 13 minutes and 2 problems left. You look at one, 0 chance of solving it given mental drain, you check the other, you can get this. Guess D for problem 1, and solve problem 2. About 45 seconds later, time is called. You did it, it is over, woohoo! You hope you never need to do this again. Then the proctor lady comes over and gives you your phone back. You have 2 text messages, both from your mom. Message one, "WIFE'S NAME IS BEING INDUCED" -- received 2.5 hours ago. Message 2 "Oops, that was meant for your dad". Thoughts start racing through your brain, is this some really awful joke? Call your wife, not a joke, at the hospital, being induced. She says go home, grab the go bag and get to hospital. Arrive at 6:30 pm everything is fine, blood pressure was just high. 8 hours later, baby boy is born, forget all about the exam. You think about it every once in a while. Then 12/2 hits. YOU CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT THE RESULTS YOU NEED TO KNOW. Hopefully we find out today.
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    Your welcome! I'm glad I could help makes things a little less worse for everyone. I'd also like to thank the other vets for their help and guidance both this session and in the past. I would encourage everyone to stick around and help the next group, or just stick around in general, we're a fun group.
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    Final tally: The crew has all landed at Logan Airport in Boston and they are ready to make the drive up 95 for their Maine Vacation - it is Vacationland afterall. @JayKay PE, @txjennah PE, and @NikR_PE all arrived together on the same flight. For some reason @MEtoEE decided to drive up and picked up @RBHeadge PE along the way. The group is just waiting for @Roarbark to land as they have the other van reservation. After an hour of waiting, @Roarbark has finally arrived with their big soccer van. Unbeknowst to them, @Roarbark had a few too many drinks on their long flight from HI and hasn’t slept well. They are just that good at hiding it. Everyone hops in the van except @RBHeadge PE& @MadamPirate PE who are in @MEtoEE’s little Chevy Cobalt. @NikR_PE screamed shotgun and bodychecked @JayKay PE out of the way. The group gets stuck in traffic as one does on a Friday afternoon heading north on 95. All the damn come-from-aways. The group is slowly inching their way north, finally over the Piscataqua River bridge and into Maine! This drive has taken a lot longer than they all originally thought and the alcohol & lack of sleep is finally catching up to @Roarbark's driving ability. They can no longer hide how utterly exhausted they are. Everyone else finally notices @Roarbark’s impairment just as they slam into one of the numerous jersey barriers surrounding the York Toll rebuild. The force of the impact causes @NikR_PE to fly thru the windshield, because even tho it’s Maine law to wear your seatbelt, @NikR_PE ignored it. @NikR_PE lands along the shoulder of I-95N and is largely unscathed. Until a come-from-away in an RV towing a Jeep Wrangler has some engine troubles and quickly pulls over, squishing Nikr under the numerous wheels. So long @NikR_PE. They were mafia. Remaining players: @MEtoEE @txjennah PE @Audi driver, P.E. @jean15paul_PE @tj_PE @RBHeadge PE @ChebyshevII PE @SaltySteve @JayKay PE @vhab49_PE @chart94
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    Congratulations to all who passed!! To those who need to fight this beast again, you can do it, and you will do it!! And thank you to everyone on here for helping me get through the wait period! I passed lateral building on the second attempt!! It is surreal and so many emotions going though me!! Still have to take the Vertical Building but I'm ready to face it.
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    Here is another one. Please let me know if this is too scandalous.
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    people are like OMG you haven't gotten test results and I'm like OMG do you want to die
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    As a Controls Engineer, I feel like this is somehow my fault.
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    Just got word from NCEES....by some miracle I passed!
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    For the love of all things sacred...let’s not hound their chat. They’re going to say the same thing, until the results are actually released. We’re supposedly professionals. Making immature jokes behind closed doors (or in a forum) is perfectly acceptable, but continually hounding the testing agency that has no control over when state boards approve results is college level stuff.
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    I got the news I passed today! Holy relief.
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    Well it had been so quiet in here during "off week", I couldn't stand it lol. On another note, I appreciate everyone's advice regarding my recent job offer. I was able to negotiate a bit more vacation time. However, the offer was so good to begin with, I didn't want to overstep my bounds, so with the extra vacation I took the offer. Today I gave my notice to my supervisor and company owner. It was harder than I imagined. These people have been so good to me. I was actually shaking a bit while telling them. They understood and told me if I ended up not liking the new place I'm always welcome back if I want. That was nice to hear. New job starts in 2 weeks!
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    I'm one of TWO for Vermont this cycle! Yay go us! I passed, finally, MAJOR YAY!
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    So I called and talked to the Engineering Board in SC. They said they are releasing the results today. They told me I passed and gave me my proper information, but GOD knows I have the worst luck in mankind so I'm not going to celebrate until I have stamp in hand.
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    Woooohooooo.... Texas Releases. Lateral only 2nd time and PASSED...
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    At some point soon many of you will find out that you passed the PPE exam. Congratulations! Passing the PPE is a major accomplishment that takes 8+ years of work and sacrifice. I'm certain you'll be excited; you should celebrate! But first I need to tell you: DO NOT IMMEDIATELY ADD PE AFTER YOUR NAME! Wait until you are actually licensed. I am not trolling! I am not trying to take away your accomplishments! I am not trying to kill your buzz! I want to keep you out of trouble. Just because you passed the PPE exam does not mean that you are a professional engineer*. Only someone with a current PE license is a professional engineer and can use the postnominal “PE”. ** Every jurisdiction has laws and/or regulations governing who may offer their engineering services to the public. To claim that you are a professional engineer, when you lack a license is false representation. There are civil penalties associated with claiming to be a PE without a license, and it may prevent you from getting licensed in the future! The rules and enforcement vary from state to state. But it’s better to just wait until you officially have a license. So how long do you need to wait? It varies by state, and it can range from hours to months to officially get your license. It could be longer if you took the test before satisfying the experience requirement, but you probably knew that already. When is it official? It varies from state to state. But the consensus is that you are official when you find yourself in the state engineer license lookup with a current license. You will certainly be listed there before they send you an email or mailed envelope. Once it’s official, go ahead and add those letters after your name! What do I tell my boss, clients, colleagues in a big meeting, proposal, C.V., etc? You have to be ethical about this. You still can’t claim to be a PE until you are licensed, and you can’t imply that you can stamp things right now either. The easy and safe thing is to say that you passed the PPE (or PE exam), but are awaiting license from the state. Other PE’s will know that the hardest part is over, you’re basically in the club, but it’s just a formality of getting through the bureaucracy. However the subtlety may be lost on others, like clients and non-engineer bosses, so don’t leave people with the impression that you can stamp something currently in that jurisdiction. One other note about adding PE after your name. The physical address in your signature, business cards, etc should match where you are licensed to practice. This goes back to falsely representing yourself. If your business card says, for example, DC, but you are licensed only in Virginia, then you are falsely representing yourself as a licensed engineer in DC. If that same business card adds that you are only licensed in Virginia, then you are not falsely representing yourself. Of course if you have a license in both jurisdictions, then you are not falsely representing yourself. The same principle applies when trying to get business outside the state/jurisdiction of the license; you have to make it clear where you are actually licensed.Engineers get in trouble for this sort of thing all the time. So be careful. The NSPE website has dozens of ethics case studies on this sort of thing available for reading. tl;dr wait until you actually have a PE license before adding PE after your name
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    I do hope they come out soon, because my Christmas shopping depends on it. My dad is a PE and has been bugging me to get licensed. I keep explaining that I don't need it for my job, but he insists. Well, I didn't tell him I registered for the exam or that I took the exam. So my plan was to pass and print him off the results notice or something (or print off my license since that's how FL does it, but I'm not sure how soon they'll email it out) and mail that to him as his Christmas gift. So if results don't come out soon, I'm going to have to start shopping for a gift for him.
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    just swinging by on my lunch break to see the positivity my fellow engineers are radiating.. back to work i guess
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    Based on previous PE result released by NCEES, I concluded it always comes with couples days after the SE Exam Scoring Workshop. Think PE result will be announced by early next week.
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    The newspapers say that crime is spiking in the city, but many citizens don't think the threat is real until @vhab49_PE reports a package going missing. @MadamPirate thinks that @vhab49_PE is overreacting, tactfully explaining that maybe the stress of living in a gated community is getting to them. Also can't you just call Amazon and they'll resend the package if it was stolen? This approach seems realistic, and who knows if @vhab49_PE actually had a package being delivered this day? Did they show their confirmation number? @MadamPirate muses this as they stand on their own, package-free, porch, letting a close neighbor borrow their 'lynching pitchfork'. Ignoring her common-sense approach to the ridiculousness of this outcry, and with @vhab49_PE mysteriously not mentioning what was in the package, the remainder of the community is uneasy with this lack of package-safety and want something done right now! SCREW THE RULES. SCREW POLITE SOCIETY. Thus, the manhunt begins with great prejudice, as all manhunts do. @tj_PE acts like an enraged soccer mom whose son isn't playing in the scrimmage, wildly accusing multiple neighbors of the theft until she finally sets her sights on the new neighbor: @civilrobot. With a garden slightly nicer than everyone else, and a sweet, sweet mat slab, @civilrobot is obviously the envy of the rest of the neighborhood. After a brunch filled with scathing insults, and many, many Bloody Mary's, @tj_PE convinces her other neighbors @Will.I.Am, @blybrook PE, and @ChebyshevII PE that @civilrobot is obviously the package thief. Inebriated and full of eggs Benny, they make their way to @vhab49_PEs house only to find they have arrived at the same conclusion: @civilrobot has to go. Chanting "PORCH PIRATE, PORCH PIRATE, PORCH PIRATE" they approach @civilrobot's house as an angry brunch mob. They are undeterred by their own stumbling steps and grab @civilrobot, quickly collapsing in a huge writhing mass of limbs and pointy elbows with the accused at the bottom of the pile. After a few minutes, @civilrobot stops struggling due to combined weight of five people and a croissant stuffed in their mouth. @vhab49_PE cries in relief when they find a slightly smushed package hidden poorly under @civilrobot's welcome mat, containing their newest purchase: a highly acclaimed Viking time-travel romance novel. @civilrobot was mafia. The remaining players are: @ChebyshevII PE, @chart94, @RBHeadge PE, @Will.I.Am, @tj_PE, @blybrook PE, @Ranger1316, @NikR, @vhab49_PE, and @MadamPirate The final vote was: 5 @civilrobot 1 @vhab49_PE
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    If it makes you feel any better, I've taken the exam 4 times and finally passed this time. My score breakdown for the previous exams are: Civil: Geotech: October 2017: 47/80 (AM: 27, PM: 20) April 2018: 46/80 (AM: 21, PM: 25) October 2018: 45/80 (AM: 25, PM: 20) Don't get discouraged (easier said than done, I know) but keep on going. Don't quit, just keep taking it until you pass!
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    Ok, since you asked for it... This is my contribution from the discussion weeks ago regarding that poor schmuck who unknowingly bears the wrath of all of us compulsively checking and cursing his scapegoat existence. Getting delirious.
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    Best of luck on your exams today! I turned off posting ability for new "members" through the weekend, well be back up Monday afternoon after you have forgotten the test questions- Please do not post anything that resembles an exam question here - Level of "safe" posts: Safe- "Wow that test was hard, should have bought Road Guys Study manual" Less safe - "Geesh there were lots of water questions on there" Danger Area - "Did anyone get the answer to the HCM question where there were values for ADT, Shoulder Width, but not for Speed Design?" NCEES will subpoena your account and kill you level - " Two trains leave the station at exactly 4:00 PM, EST, Train A, is Red and is carrying 1000 passengers and is travelling at a rate of speed of 100 KM/H while Train B is blue, only carrying 500 Ford Ranger Pickup Trucks, each with 2 gallons of gasoline, is travelling at a rate of speed of 80 MPH. Which train will reach San Diego in time to have their test results invalidated?

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