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    Yay Friday! And have fun, @tj_PE! Where are you going again?
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    What are you wanting to do with your pro? I use goodnotes a TON for my calcs, markups, sketches almost exclusively. it exports to PDF and I have uploaded my company's calc pad and titleblocks in there so I can put anything on our letterhead, and the pdfs are so clear and readable that everyone is jealous don't check my math lol
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    You love mechanical engineering. Don't hate something you don't understand. Keep pushing until you understand it. Some topics are easier to grasp and some require a good instructor to explain it. You wont need to know the details of everything for real life engineering but as an engineer in any field its to your advantage to grasp the fundamentals of how everything in the universe works so you can design your aspect of the project with those things in mind. If someone doesnt understand how electricity heats up metal, they will design poor HVAC for the use case. Keep learning from the cradle to grave. "Seek knowledge even if you have to travel to China" - Mohammad
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    I'm going to be on a billboard. Woah.
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    Sure. There are plenty of engineering jobs that don't require a lot of what you learned in school. However, engineering school isn't easy for most people.
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    I did a client presentation today. I practiced so much that even if we had lost power, I could have recited my 23 slides from memory...the client was really happy with it! I'm on cloud 9, but still have to work the rest of the day. LOL
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    And I'm back from jury duty. I was actually looking forward to serving in a trial, but on the third day (yesterday) I was told that my trial ended in a guilty plea. Was otherwise a nice vacation from work.
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    Good afternoon EBers. Super slammed at work, just wanted to mention I can't wait until the next spam thread. I'm looking at you @leggo PE.
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    I agree with P-E. Try to finish and earn the degree. An engineering degree can be very versatile.
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    Seeing you've got this far finish up and get the degree. An engineering degree can get you into other fields if you don't like it once you're working. That said, engineering isn't for everyone.

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