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    well you can get another chicken for like a dollar I think?
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    And I'm back from jury duty. I was actually looking forward to serving in a trial, but on the third day (yesterday) I was told that my trial ended in a guilty plea. Was otherwise a nice vacation from work.
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    .... To the sniveling, deviant, and woefully evil nature of the fitbit. FINALLY a major government organization recognizes this!! https://americanmilitarynews.com/2018/08/pentagon-bans-use-of-fitness-trackers-other-devices-from-areas-deemed-sensitive/?utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=alt&utm_source=dvf I wonder this policy change was due to someone trying to download classified PE exam questions?? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” The DoD ain't got JACK on Maryland DLLR and NCEES.
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    Banned for feeling like I should start studying for the PE again... when I already passed. Sheesh.
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    The PE ethics and code of conduct describes how, as long as you can justify (possibly in court) that you have engineering level expertise in a particular discipline, then you would be fine stamping a document. For example, I took and passed the Computer Engineering PE exam, which is approximately 40% hardware, 40% software, and 20% networks. However, the bulk (like 90%) of my experience is in the specific area of software and computer security (with 10% on computer systems hardware and logic design). Even though I could prove I meet the educational requirements for engineering a communications transmission station, I never worked in the field on such transmitters and would be VERY hesitant in stamping a design document for one. However, I do know of Power engineers who never really worked on computer systems, computer networks or logic design, who have stamped computer hardware layouts and network topology designs. If something goes wrong with one of those I wonder if they would have any trouble explaining the details of exactly what they stamped. In the end, I think if its close, then the assumption is that a PE would not stamp something that is at leas not in their general field - such as an electrical engineer stamping plans for highway bridge, or a mechanical engineer stamping an environmental plan - but you never know.
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    Wife talked to a few people in a Tractor Supply store this last weekend in a more rural part of this area. One man she talked to gave away 12 chickens a few days before... silkies... one kind she wants. And who WOULDN'T want this?
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    Happy very belated!! Hope it was a great day!
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    A mechanical PE is a mechanical PE. No one but NCEES needs to know which concentration you tested for, the state board only cares about which engineering discipline you want to be licensed for. You stamp whatever you have legally defensible competency in. You're supposed to be the engineer "in responsible charge" so if it's your design, you're on the hook for it.
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    It’s worth a read - defin had me laughing pretty hard
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    Overall, our garden had mixed results. Cukes were disappointing, but I just sowed a second planting so maybe a little better weather consistency will help. One type tomato exploded, but a second type did not. Squash and zukes were so/so, but I also just planted a second crop. Peppers were crowded by the cukes, so since I removed the cukes, the peppers have taken off. I had extra peppers and tomato transplants, so I threw them in my neighbor's garden - they are taking off. Thinking of starting some broccoli and cauliflower seedlings to plant in about a month. Lettuce and spinach when temps fall a bit.
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    I at least tried every problem in order. If my progress stalled I moved on immediately (super important!). I "finished" each section with plenty of time to go back to the 5-10 questions I couldn't solve the first time. I would definitely solve the ones you feel good about first time around. Otherwise, as others have said, you're just wasting time and confusing yourself. The best thing you can do for yourself is prepare well. When you know how to solve the problems, your confidence goes up and your time worries go down.
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    It all depends on your style. In my case, I just go straight answer the problems. If I don't know how to solve it after reading 1st time I skip it and return to it if I still have time. And if I do know how to solve it, even though I know its like level 3 or higher problem, I will still go and solve it and move on. Based on my experience from taking more than 30 licensure and certifications combined, if you go through the problems and grade them, it tends to throw in a lot of information in your brain at a very short period of time and that can mess up your brain in a sense. I've heard from some who are repeat takers that, on the first look they know how to answer the problem, but when they get back to it to answer it, they couldn't understand why they can't get the answer to come out, something is missing. This is exactly what I'm talking about. Then they got upset about it and end up spending a lot of time solving one simple problem. They end up failing the test because the 6 minute per problem got stretched to 15 minutes on some of the problems and still can't figure out the answer. So my advice is for you to answer the problem in order. Skip what ever problem you can't answer and come back to it if you still have time left because once you saw a problem that you don't know, 90% of the time, you won't be able to answer them.
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    I dont think anyone gets thaaat excited for the PE exam.
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    I wouldn't say that. There is no magic bullet. CI was probably the best investment to get me to do enough real practice problems, in contrast to the Spin-up books which have simple questions and really skew the perception of how challenging the PE exam questions really are. Graffeo has a nice index to help you find things quick in case you don't have it on your cheat sheet, so yes I definitely used it in cases where it had topics laid out nicely to help you solve problems. If you practice enough with the CI books, you will fall upon the same types of questions where your brain will trigger you to go look at that reference you looked at while practicing. And if its an equation you often forget, write it on a separate piece of paper and call that your cheat sheet. You will rack up pages upon pages of a cheat sheet but the key is to save time, get the common questions out of the way quick so you can focus your time and brain and flipping through pages to solve the hard problems. Sometimes the NCEES is very conceptual, this is where all the resources in the world might not help you if you haven't had any experience. Sometimes it is very equations based, so it really depends on your experience and background as well. Goodluck.
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    Thanks for sharing! By the way, anyone else bringing mechanical engineers dictionary?
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    You might get more responses in the General Engineering forum What guaranteed income? You work for an A/E firm where they are trying to make sure their employees mouths are fed but there is no guarantee. I worked for an A/E - one job went out the door and *poof* 50% of the engineers were laid off If you can sell and price work to make money you have just as much of a guarantee then working for someone else.
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    Sad times at the MS farm. Our latest canine addition killed one of our chickens. Likely not in a predatory fashion, but likely just being playful and dumb. He's a lab mix and a pain in the ass.

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