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    @utilityeng....thank you so much for the idea, I just had my wall certificate framed and really liked the results. Michael's (Aaron's Brothers) did a great job and they gave me 65% off!
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    I think any sort of rescue attempt in a wilderness / cave setting is going to be extremely difficult, no matter how it may look from the outside. Having been involved above-water in a very difficult and traumatic wilderness rescue, I can say that getting someone out who is unable to help themselves is something that can seem impossible from the ground-level/responder view, and ultimately ends up just like it did here, with a lot of pretty simple carrying of people out, but under great difficulty and duress. It's very different to be the one on the ground who has to move someone who is injured and/or helpless through a rugged obstacle vs. someone watching from a TV set. At least these kids weren't incapacitated, that would have made this virtually impossible.
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    I think part of it is most people don't have any experience or ability to relate to this incident. Its Scuba Diving, in a dark cave, narrow passages, with with fast currents. As I understand it from you guys, that's difficult and a very niche experience. Personally speaking, my only comparison is snorkeling in a pool. I just though they they could strap a mask on them and pull them through the tunnel with a winch, so its probably best I deal with Electricity and not people as my job.
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    Great idea. My first beer will be at around 11:30 am
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    Maybe I'll take Friday off and celebrate again.
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    I had a dictionary, didn't open it.
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    The final determination will have to be made once you open the walls and ceiling ( or go in attic if it's a ranch). Contractor should have a good idea, but you never know for sure until you get framing exposed. Doing foundation plans for house's in flood zone, I've seen some crazy stuff once they opened walls. One house had a rear addition that started to pull away from the main house when they started to lift the house. It turns out the only thing that was connecting addition to the original house was the interior sheet rock and roof flashing.
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    but this way the kid doesn't have to take his BCD / Tank off and push it through - only the professional
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    I used one while studying. I don't think I opened it during the exam, but I had it with me. You never know when you'll need it. It might answer the one question needed to pass.
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    A dictionary could be helpful on some of the concept questions that they ask, especially if you are not familiar with what they are asking. The answer could just be a matter of looking up the definition of the term. Like most references people bring to the exam, you may look at it once or twice, or you may not even open it at all.
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    You guys are all like 5 beers behind.
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    I've bought the textbook, and also have electronic access. But i can't print any of the pages to organize some of the important figures, charts & graphs. Copying from this huge thing is a bear. Gonna tab, tab and tab some more.
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    I suspect this is a result of the recent purchase of PPI by Kaplan. I'm glad I printed the index when it was free!
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    Two of our proctors
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    Holy shitballs...I can't decide if they're completely nuts or if the whole thing is a joke. Someone on my FB feed posted a comment about a picture from their FB page and I made the happy mistake of looking at their page. I did not realize that, in addition to the earth being flat, Australia doesn't actually exist. Flat Earth Believers And in case you were wondering why a picture was enough to get me to look at their FB page....