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    just be prepared to drop a lot of time and $$$$$$$!!!!! chemicals, parts, tools, toys, electricity...it adds up fast. we got rid of ours several years ago. we were dropping $600+ a year for a 3 month season and only ended up using it a couple times.
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    Annual VT campout this weekend. @matt267 PE the invite from last year still stands.
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    Still celebrating my PE pass! I think the past few weeks have taken years off of my life...
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    Saw this graphic of the escape set up - pretty cool and a great idea to not make the kids have to deal with the tank on their back. The news pics showed a ton of gear brought into help the boys - lights, blankets, etc I assume and hope they wait till after the rain season ends before going back for any of that shit..
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    I'm still waiting to hear that all of the rescuers have gotten out of the cave safety. One already died during operations so it's not a sure thing that everyone will get out. Really bad things. Over-hyped, no. I didn't really see it as top line coverage anywhere, or if it was it got pushed down fast. It wasn't covered much until they found the survivors. K.I.S.S.
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    Kegs tapped at 3:00 on Friday. Normal shenanigans at midnight of course.
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    I've seen a couple KIA Stingers around this area, they definitely look sharp!
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    tonight at 11 - public flogging of the coach?
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    Sharp looking car. Good luck with it.
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    Queen Bee...I like it.
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    LA Asst. Chief Dwayne Robinson: "We're gonna need some more FBI guys, I guess." - 'Die Hard'
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    McClain: "Nine million terrorists in the world and I gotta kill one with feet smaller than my sister." - 'Die Hard'
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    The Dude: "hey, hey, there's a beverage involved here" ( as they push him into a limo as he holds his 'White Russian' cotail. - ' The Big Lebowski"
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    The last couple of weeks has been rather interesting for vehicles in the Dex household. We've been using our 2016 Kia Cerrato (Forte in the US), since we bought it new. Been a great car, very reliable, good gas mileage, etc. Sometime last year, Mrs Dex was in an accident. Girl in the car behind her was on her phone and didn't see the light turned red. Smashed into the back of Mrs Dex and forced our car into the car in front, damaging both ends of the car (almost entirely cosmetic damage). Girl was un-insured, but our insurance took care of everything and would "recover" the costs from the girl. Car got fixed, been running like a champ since. That is, until 2 weeks ago. Had a couple of really cold mornings so we would wake up to ice/frost on the windows. Start the car to warm it up but the heater wasn't working properly. Sometimes would heat up just fine, other times would just blow cold air. Wasn't a huge deal because we don't drive very much and was only really cold in the mornings. After a few days, the car throws a "overheating" code on our way to work. Sure enough, temp gage is pegged. Luckily we were just a few hundred feet away from the office, so we parked it and popped the hood. Nothing looked out of the ordinary. Still had plenty of coolant, engine wasn't overly hot (not any more than usual), so we considered it confirmation that the thermostat was messed up and Mrs Dex would just drive the car to the dealership for them to have a look. She drives it home, calls the dealership to schedule an appointment, and they tell her to not drive it at all and they will send a mobile repair truck. Truck shows up and immediately spots a coolant leak (engine had cooled off by this point and was obviously covered in coolant). Car is towed to the dealership to review. Dealership calls a short time later to say they've discovered a crack in the radiator that appears to be the result of an accident, so we call insurance to say they missed it during the earlier accident repair. Takes a couple of days for insurance to make it out there to review, and they confirm it appears to be part of an accident, but say it was from a separate accident from the one previously repaired. They provide photo proof that radiator was fine. Shit. Dealership says it's been running with low/no coolant for a little while and could potentially have some significant engine damage. More than just a radiator replacement, and could end up being weeks of gremlin chasing (read: $$ repairs). At this point, we've been about a week without a regular daily driver and have been using Bee to get around when we absolutely have to drive (take the bus or Uber otherwise). Not a big deal, gave me an excuse to drive Bee and keep the cobwebs at bay. Small win. Meanwhile, while at the dealership during one of the repair conversations for the Kia, we notice one of the cars in the showroom. Didn't recognize it, but it was a sportier sedan/hatch that we had seen around town that we were curious about. We didn't have much time to really look at it that night (they were getting ready to close and we needed to get home for dinner), but we said we'd be back on the weekend to check it out more. I made an off-comment about "it'd be really cool if it was yellow" as we were leaving and they said that yellow had been discontinued and was out of stock, but they had a cool dark grey and a red that Mrs Dex really liked. Next morning, dealership called and said another dealership had just taken a yellow fully loaded one on trade and if we were interested they would give us a "first look" price on it. We went in to check it out, car is awesome. Love the color, all the options we want, Mrs Dex loves how it drives (it would primarily be hers), and to top it off the dealership gives us a good price for it (including trading the busted Kia) because it's used. So let me introduce you to the newest member to the Dex family, Queen Bee: Picture is not our car because we don't take possession until later this week (need to clear all the mechanical checks first). Car is a 2018 Kia Stinger GT Sport. Has a twin-turbo 3.3l V6, rear wheel drive, 8sp auto trans, and all the bells and whistles.
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    only one day at a time tho. and if you take in 2020 then ill prob still be testing then LOL
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    did some light hiking over the weekend.. calves' are on fire
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    Don't worry, I took care of those extra beers. Gotcha covered.
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    so a moose wondered into a subdivision close by to us today (no news link) just got these pictures off of the CO Parks / Wildlife FB Page - were in the north Denver burbs, haven't even seen a elk or regular old deer in the "hood" in 5 years.. (it was tranq'd and transported to the mountains)
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    Yeah, stock photos. I know that much, but to your point...
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    I agree with Hugh Jass. By buying second hand notes or going halves on a registration you are not doing anything unethical. The person buying the notes and/or half a registration understands they are not getting the full experience of the course which translates to paying a fraction of the cost. It's no different from buying any other product second hand. If I had EET notes I would even give them away for free. They are my notes upon purchase and I have the right to do with them as I see fit. Now if you make multiple copies of notes and give away for free/sell then that's unethical.
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    Maybe I should seek help. I am finding that I miss the focus on such an important goal. Sort of how I felt the first few months after finishing my accelerated MBA back in 2015.