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    “The only questions I got wrong were the ethics ones!” lol
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    You can see my sentiments about the scaffolding I think our living room is right at 18' or something I don't remember exactly I bet now that everything in our living room is a darker color the wife is nagging me to rent the scaffolding again to replace the ceiling fan
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    I am led to believe that once you do that, you'll never go back.
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    Of course OSHA says if you're up that high you should be tied off too.
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    I think you should go with black.
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    Current laundry room status: obsessed with the wall color! And hoping for floors/trim tomorrow, builtin Thursday, and reconnecting Friday!
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    I hate to admit it, but that thought had crossed my mind
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    Raisins don't go in muffins or cake either... Maybe trail mix, however, as Tex Jr. likes to say, "Trail mix is made up of M&Ms and disappointment..."
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    You know what juicer and bigger than a raisin? A grape. And they taste infinitely better than raisins.
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    I mentioned in the previous April 2018 pencil thread that my test pencil was 'collected' by the proctor at the conclusion of my April test. However, I was able to get 'Castle Worldwide' to send me a replacement - they actually sent me three of them. Now I am not sure which of the three I should have framed with my NYS wall certificate (whenever they send it to me). One looks like the eraser was heavily used, a second seemed to have an eraser mildly used, and the third does not appear to have been used at all (see picture - pencils top to bottom as described). Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?
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    Today I saw Gal Gadot and Chris Pine on set for the new Wonder Woman movie. They're filming in DC!!! aaah
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    I am eating yogurt covered raisins for snack... but very rarely do I want a raisin cookie.
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    Good idea. We are on day 60 now though and another post brought up the relative cut score date in 2011 being close to the release date. Based on the evidence, it could be as early as this past Monday or the results could come in July. Guessing at these things is all an exercise in futility anyway. We need a better system for administering licensure as I think every minute that goes by is a minute off of my life.
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    I'm impressed by your safety conscientousness.
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    I like grapes too. But I don't think they would have worked as well in baked form.
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    I don't mind raisins, but in cookies, I do prefer chocolate. But hey, the carrot muffins that I've made twice in the last month needed raisins. The only ones I had on hand were these black maroo raisins, and holy moly, these are the sweetest, juiciest raisins I've ever had. And they're big! They are so good!
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    Nice! And it all depends how you want to "tell the story". "That there folks is the pencil I used to take and eventually pass the PE exam." "That there folks is the pencil that was provided to examinees during the PE exam. Unfortunately the proctors did not allow me to take mine with so I had to procure it from another source to add to my frame."
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    That's because your taste buds have become accustomed to that leather that you like (or as you call it, turkey 'bacon').
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    No, they're SErious. I'll show myself out...
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    I decided to go with the grout lines which adds a bit on the PITA meter, but once that's in, it'll look just like stone tile. Every once in a while I would start to complain about cutting tiles until I remembered what it'd be like if I was putting in real tile. Just score it with a sharp razor fold it and it snaps right along your line. I had one odd spot where the little pantry is next to the nook where the fridge goes. Even after I got it cut out, I still wasn't sure how it'd work because I was literally installing tile around a corner. Easy-peasy...heat the stuff up with a hair dryer and it got soft enough to fold it in half without breaking. Slide the tile under the door jamb/trim and then fold the little sliver back over.
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    It took me three tries, but I felt so much more relaxed during the exam in April. The April 2018 Civil-WRE exam actually had plenty of new material not covered in all my practice problems, but I kept chugging along. I found that the exam questions are very similar to the practice problems we all work on. However, its the small details that throws us off. For example, I work numerous questions on solving bending moment, but the exam asks for something else instead. It looks exactly like the same practice problem, but the problem is worked out totally different. However, I clearly saw the little detail changes this time around. Just remember the exam problems are really not extremely hard, but they are definitely trying to weed out people who use worked out practice problems as reference without understanding the questions. The changes actually makes the problems easier to solve versus the practice problems. I changed my test day routine to work at a pace of about 2 or 3 mins per problem and if I can't solve in 4 minutes then go to the next problem. At the end I get about 45 mins or an hour to rework problems that I passed up. In addition, I'd take a break or two during each exam session just so that I can clear my mind and read the problems carefully. The previous exam attempts I kept thinking about time management and I didn't spend enough time on problems that looked hard but are actually easy. By the time I start looking at problems I'm rushing and I don't think i was able to solve any problems that I passed up. Just getting a few of those non gimmee questions during the exam is the difference between passing and failing. I estimate about 30 problems in the exam are made for almost everyone to get right, but we need to solve about half of the rest of the problems to be a PE. Good luck to everyone who will be taking the exam soon.
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    Dang, they can't anymore? Here I've been giving out my PayPal email hoping Mr. Right would show up at my door 😭😭😭