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    I got like no sleep on my trip but I got home at 730pm last night, showered with actual water pressure and a loofah and went to sleep around 9pm, woke up at 630 for a couple hours then took a 4 hour nap. I'm ready to sleep again but don't want to be up too early for work tomorrow.
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    Did someone say whiskey?
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    What is a hot tap? Also, do you tape squares, or are you an extrusion of a square, with a taper? I've been wondering this for more than a minute.
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    Last night I took my wife, three of my adult children (those that live near me), and their significant 'others' out to dinner at a local Benihana's. I think it was more than worth the $275 check (which included the tip). It would have cost me near twice that if I needed to retake that grueling examination. This morning though, my wife reminded me that I no longer have an excuse for skipping household chores, nor doing some of the highly needed (yet very dirty) work on our cars. Maybe I should go for some other credential - earning a Doctorate degree would take me out of the labor camp for another 5-years
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    If Hillary or Obama are sitting in the seat, they'll have the (2) people sitting nearest to you pay it for you.
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    I just joined this community yesterday, but I know that there are a lot of people out there that are currently getting some really awful news. While I am by no means an expert in test taking, I feel like I am somewhat qualified to offer some advice. I've taken four different NCEES exams, failing three of them - (FS Fail, FS Pass, FE Pass, PS Fail, PS Pass, PE Fail, PE Pass). If NCEES ever goes public, I'll buy stock. So for those who failed: 1) Take a Deep Breath: You're currently feeling a lot of emotions right now, and they're likely all negative. You poured countless hours and hundreds of dollars into this exam, and are feeling like it was all for nothing. It wasn't for nothing. You're now closer to passing the exam than you ever have been. This might feel like a huge set back, but it's a necessary step forward toward your license. Some people get there in one big step, while others take many small steps to get to their destination. 2) Prepare for Returning to Work: For me, this was the worst part of failing the exams. Having to explain my failure to co-workers, many of whom had already passed the PE or PS exam, was really difficult. In your mind, you likely think that colleagues are judging you more than they really are. The reality is that they are almost always sympathetic and feel badly for you. I've read some horror stories in the past where co-workers will verbally put down or make fun of someone who has failed - if this happens to you, I am so very sorry. That is truly a bad situation for so many reasons. But, 99% of the time, your co-workers will be sympathetic. 3) Take a Break: Every time I failed, my gut instinct was to jump right back on the horse and immediately start studying again. This is a positive mentality to have, but it might not be the most productive for passing this exam. Your first reaction might be, "But I've had a break for the past 6-8 weeks since I took my test". In reality, you haven't had a break. You've been stressing over the results, possibly losing sleep. Now that you know that you've failed and that you will have the opportunity to take the exam again, it's time to rest and clear your mind. You know what lies in your future, but for the next month, try to rest and make a plan. 4) Plan Your Move: One of the few benefits to failing is that you are presented with a report showing your weaknesses. Depending on how the exam went and what you know about yourself, this may or may not help you. For instance, my first PE fail showed that I was basically below average on everything except surveying. For me, it was completely back to the drawing board, but if you know that you're extremely strong in certain categories, terribly weak in others, and your results show this, then use it to your advantage when you start studying again. 5) Hop Back On the Horse: After a month of rest, pull out the crate of books that you last touched back in April, and slowly start studying again. If you took a prep class like EET or SoPE, look into if they offer a free 2nd attempt, or discounted classes for attempts beyond the 2nd attempt. If there were things that you didn't like about the class the first time, look into changing the school or instructor this time around (I had a difficult time following my geotech instructor the first time, and found that changing the instructor the 2nd time made all the difference). If you took a live class the first time and know where your weaknesses are this time, consider switching to on-demand if that's an option. This will allow you to spend more time on weak areas and less time on your strengths. 6) Pace Yourself: October is five months away. I won't lie - when taking a 2nd attempt and focusing on studying, those 5 months flew by. If you take a one month break, you have four months to study, and that is plenty of time. It's also plenty of time to completely burn yourself out. It's important to constantly study, but to also give your mind breaks. If your work is physically draining, plan on minimal studying on work days. If you must have weekends free, study 1-2 hrs a night, but give yourself a couple of nights off every week. Cramming and turning your brain to mush will do you no good in October - slow and steady wins the race. 7) When October Arrives, Relax: Stress is as much a factor in failing an exam as not being knowledgeable in your exam material. You will stress more going into this exam simply out of fear of failing again. Practice suppressing this fear, and know that you have an upper hand this time. You know what the test looks like. You know what the AM/PM time frame feels like. You've been here before. Reduce panic, skip questions that you are lost on, focus on what you know. (I realize all of this is easier said than done) But for now - just breathe. Looking back, this moment will blend with all others. You will no longer look upon it as a negative experience, but rather a building block that was necessary to get where you are bound to go. Best of luck!
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    can you drive a car prior to obtaining your driver's license? Can you operate on a person prior to obtaining your medical license? Can you practice law prior to obtaining your lawyer license? this is pretty straight forward
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    As I was reading through this old post, I saw that most of us in here passed the test...have not heard from the others... @cfm03 and @Suhaib Ahmed I hope you guys passed as well! Seemed there were only a couple of TFS takers in the forum this April...This board is such a big help for us to slay this beast!
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    Over 228,000 pounds of spam was recently recalled. https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/national-international/Spam-Recalled-US-483825061.html?_osource=SocialFlowFB_NYBrand Does this mean that spam thread is invalid as well as recently released exam scores? Does that spam thread need to be reopened?
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    ^^^ as a follow up to close the loop after all that effort, I passed.
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    I had to join this site because my nerves are frayed and I needed to come to a place where everyone else's are too. lol good luck everyone.
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    I won't sugarcoat or try to estimate the exam. I learned from everywhere. Graduated from undergrad in Mechanical Engineering in 2007. Masters in Petroleum Engineering in 2011. Worked in mechanical engineering related roles (measurements, vibrations, applications etc.) and currently in a product engineering and development role and a part time PhD candidate with family. It was the most difficult exam to study for but I had a plan and tried to stick with it. If you can find a study buddy on here FINE. If not it up to you to stay determined. I was sleeping I will study from midnight to 4am for straight 4 months. But your study time depends on where you are in your knowledge level. This board was very helpful with all the practice questions and solutions people shared. It helped improve on my mistakes. I praise God it was over. I will be here to help if anyone has questions or need tips or directions. Start preparing as soon as you can.
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    Hello Vette388 Keep your head up. If its any consolation, I passed, but on my 3rd attempt. I took the SOPE course first attempt, last April. Overall, decent course, it definitely helped. For me, the biggest difference was understanding what the question is asking. My first 2 tries, I was solving problems, but not truly understanding the concept. I wish you the best of luck, and hope you find a method that works for you.
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    I've only heard of one person (former colleague) who requested a manual review of which his result was changed to a pass. This was some time ago and was based on him telling the story. I can't say if it was the truth but I can't see why he would lie about it. Good luck and don't give up. You will get there!
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    I second the Tom Henry endorsement. I would have been out to sea for most of the code questions without his index of keywords in the book. Aside from a review course I would recommend bringing the FE handbook to the exam. I brought it on a lark only to find that there were numerous questions in the exam that I wouldn't have been able to answer without it, as the relevant information was nowhere else in my notes or books.
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    I think I got them all right too, there was one question in particular though... it pissed me off. It was meant to trip you up. Wish I could go into more detail buuuut obviously I can't. Prior to studying for this exam I had never touched any code before, so I thought that the Tom Henry's really helped.
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    To be honest, im pretty sure i nailed every code question in this test. But i live the code... and have done multiple projects in almost every chapter so...
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    If Hillary's the one who does it, just best forget it even happened or you'll end up having an unfortunate "accident" on the way home from the airport.
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    I will also add that I found that the people I work with were super supportive of my unsuccessful attempt. People fail this test all the time, and it does not make you any less of an engineer to take it 2-3, or even 10 times. Just be what an engineer is - a problem solver. Keep on trying, working through your weak areas, and solve this problem guys!
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    Looking forward to seeing the new Incredibles 2 movie with MiniFox. I also LOL'd at the scene where they are doing "math" homework. "Why would they change math?! MATH IS MATH!!!"
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    I've never met a civil engineer
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