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    You're only missing the non-obligatory, but very satisfactory, !
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    How did I miss the fact that there was a test???
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    looks great. now onto the next project!
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    congrats fox! is it tyme yet?
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    Gesus Christ this took to damn long, being without a living room for 2 weeks sucked... took me 4 coats of polyurethane to get it where I wanted it, kept having these big streaks where I missed some spots. totally annoying.. but this was before we moved the furniture back in...
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    It's Friday!! Congrats @knight1fox3!!
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    In general it's best to go with the topic that correlates best to what you work on regularly as it should help you already know some of the material. For your particular situation I am a little confused. How we're you a approved for the exam without any design experience? I also don't understand your comments about construction references being undefined. The construction exam spec has a detailed list of which references apply to the exam. In fact the most common comment about construction exam is that it costs so much for all of the references.
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    It is the nature of post examination. It's just a roller coaster ride until you get your results. Just think positive thoughts and I'm sure you did fine. Worst comes to worst you have to take the exam again. No big deal. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
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    I...think I can pull that off. (<--- this never ends well)
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    @leggo PE and @txjennah I'm headed to the barber this afternoon. Suggestions for cuts? Definitely got pretty scruffy while stuDYING for the PE.
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    Squaretaper Senior promised Johnny Walker Blue Label if I pass. I might get it anyway if it's a fail.
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    I know this is full of lies.... yet I check anyways...
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    Just like @matt267 PE! J/k.....sort of.
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    Indeed. Can't forget the turkey bacon. Thanks matt!
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    Dam you.... You didn't even test in Illinois?! Stop trolling us!!
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    LOL you got me bad I was thinking the next line will "results are out"
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    But hopefully at this very moment she's drinking like a sailor to celebrate! LOL
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    Not with that sailor's mouth in the spam thread!