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    If the Avengers universe were a TV series, Infinity War is part 1 of the season finale. Ideally it would be a lot easier to follow if you saw the previous movies, but you don't have to see all of them. A few key movies to watch would be: Avengers Avengers: Age of Ultron Guardians of the Galaxy Captain America: Civil War Thor (Ragnarok) Black Panther The first 3 give enough backstory of the group. The rest are the movies that set up where everyone is at for the beginning of Infinity War.
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    In Soviet-occupied Ukraine, fence beats children.
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    Thanks, @Szar! We apparently aren't allowed to dig holes to poo in, so if we don't get one of the two sites that has a vault toilet, we'll have to buy a wag bag.
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    I work full time and have a 2 year old. The only thing thats getting worked out is my liver
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    My coworker got tired of trying to service the expensive hot tubs that inevitably fail anyways. He now buys the inflatable ones exclusively for a small room he built off his master. Says he replaces one every 2-3 years, but its paid for itself at that point.
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    The wife got one of those inflatable hot tubs from a neighborhood Facebook classified's page a little while ago. I kind of rolled my eyes at the time, but man that thing has been nice. Got it blown up and ready to go for the year and all seemed to go well until I hit the button to turn the bubbles on...no bubbles. Got to take the pump apart this weekend to fix it. Remarkably simple setup. Some electronics, but basically just a heating element, small water pump and a blower. Blower worked but no bubbles were coming out. When I got it apart I figured out there are two spring loaded rubber stoppers between the blower and the tub. There's enough air pressure to push one stopper open and make bubbles, but then if too much pressure builds up, the other stopper opens and dumps the air out the bottom. The first stopper had shellaced itself to the plastic housing after sitting all winter. Popped it loose and cleaned it up and voila.
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    Thanks all for the birthday wishes. I'm getting so old I was even late to my own birthday thread. :\
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    Yes. I hadn't kept up with much of the Marvel movies after the first Avengers. There were some characters where I was just like, "Well, don't know who this person is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯", but it was still really good.
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    Yeah, nothing like waiting and watching a little red LCD display counting second by second... Don't do cardio. Cardio is the devil.
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    Better yet, I'll wear them backwards. That'll REALLY show 'em. P.S. - does this look like a pimple or a boil?
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    You should protest by coming into work in ass-less chaps. That'll show 'em!
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    well played. although I think my phase 5 will just be drinking every night starting May 15th.
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    Avengers was definitely worth the hype.
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    We saw A Quiet Place this weekend. It was really good! And I had no idea just how quiet the film actually is. We saw it at the Drafthouse, and I was chewing my food verrrry slowly as to not make any noise.
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    Watched the new Avengers movie last night. Ending was intense. So much so that the entire theater was silent when the credits started, except one woman who simply said, "what the fuck." No way anyone could be prepared for that ending. Can't wait for the next one to see how this cliffhanger gets resolved.
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    My dad got a robot lawnmower(like a roomba) , I think that's pretty satisfying sit on the back deck and drink a cocktail while the alien technology mows the grass.... #fuckinglazybabyboomers
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    Personally, I think this is justification for a permaban. Sorry Vel, I'm sure you are a great guy and everything but this poor judgement is just plain inexcusable behavior.
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    Tractor Update: Finally got a little bit of decent weather to support cleaning, blasting, and painting. We had two nice days last week before the weather turned back to crap so we shifted the schedule for blasting and painting. The plan was to have it on shiny new wheels and tires when it came out of paint but it didn't work out that way. Had to put it back on the old wheels to make room in the booth for other parts and the Mustang which is nearing paint-ready status as well. Moved it to the latest location by hand. The next time it moves should be under its own power.
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    HFS!!!!! A new kind of pencil??
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    Truly black pencil with a side button!!! There's a first time for everything. Thanks to @mrs blybrook for bringing one home.
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    If you keep that attitude up, the last three letters of your username will be highly prophetic. @knight1fox3
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    it feels like someone is right next door outside my window, on this level, dropping this from straight overhead, to the floor.
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    I think we should have an EB Meetup in the PNW. I have that extra 20lb turkey I can cook up. and lots of whiskey.