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    Sounds like you need a new sister.
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    Banned for confusing me and @tj_PE again.
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    I finally saw it and my issue was that this one seems to have a bit of the Marvel influence. It didn't feel pure. And running out of fuel is a Star Trek kind of thing. There's no thinking in Star Wars!
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    Haters gonna hate hate hate hate....
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    THIS! My exact comment was "This is the weirdest episode of Girls ever." He's conflicted and okay and then not okay and I keep waiting to see him naked.
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    Banned for not realizing the truth all along. #tylerdurden Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    I've used PEM branded nuts for years and years and not had that issue. The hole has to be properly sized, of course, but PEM stakes their reputation on no free-spin.
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    This is for a racing application, so if the public is interfering, an ass-whooping will ensue.
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    Agree - can't beat Robin Williams.
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    With all the running you do, couldn't you just outrun the zombies? At a minimum you could outrun us fat kids...
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    Chiefs, Rams, Jags, Saints
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    I was really hoping that the "flat earthers" on the internet were just dedicated trolls. :\
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    Ok, I don't want to blow anyone's mind but what if:
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    Echo plus for kitchen/downstairs Echo reg. for upstairs Echo dot to take audio input from receiver and communicate with incoming wireless speakers (because it was basically free with a bundle with harmony hub etc) Harmony hub to let alexa speak to my xbox and tv Tech something smart plug outlet thing that came with Echo reg. for 5 bucks so I can have alexa turn something on/off Smart lightbulb? (philips hue?) that came with Echo plus. Not sure what room I need this in, as previous owners have motion-sensored lights EVERYWHERE
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    So you're asking @csb if she wants to take the Big D? What do you think?
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    @csb, you want to take this one???
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    She's the love child of Leia and Chewy. It will become obvious in the bikini scene in Episode 9.
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    and what the hell, that was the slowest chase scene in the galaxy. seriously, the star destroyers are just following and waiting for the resistance to run out of gas?
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    Saw it Friday night. I thought it was alright, but I seem to remember liking the first movie in this series more, whatever it was called. I definitely didn't expect Luke to be a projection of himself in that battle with Kylo Ren until the light saber went through him without harming him. Even when they shot all the bullets at him, I kind of thought maybe he was so strong with the force that he deflected them all. Still couldn't really take Adam Driver as Kylo Ren that seriously. The Kylo Ren character is still very similar to the character he played as Lena Dunham's boyfried on Girls.
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    Ooops! LOL When you see it... http://www.distractify.com/trending/2017/12/01/1YRy5r/picture-of-girlfriend-to-mom-tweet
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