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    I use a basic analog watch and I set the time to 12:00 at the beginning of each exam so you know exactly how far into the 4 hours you are without thinking. Every second counts!
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    I have two coworkers who weren't going to show up because they knew they didn't study enough and they both passed! It's definitely worth trying. Even if you don't pass, you'll be better prepared for next time. Good luck!
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    Anyone ever take any classes with them? I used them once to fulfill my 2-credit ethics PDH requirement. Anyway, I received the following announcement via email:
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    Indeed - looked further into it and I cannot postpone the NCEES test. The only tests that can be postponed are the CE seismic and survey tests. Thanks for the best wishes...and like you said worst case I fail and have to re-take
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    Me too. Maybe then we can count our commute as work time, and shorten our day?
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    Sparkly underwear!!!! That is awesome
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    I still keep an eye on the road so I'm ready to take over if I feel there is a situation Autopilot can't handle...but it really is a game-changer for eating on the road.
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    @matt267 PE I sure hope to play that song over and over after the exam..... , @mnguy88 I keep waking up and asking myself, what if the exam were tomorrow, would I pass? Im taking mock exam next weekend and week after that. I feel 75% ready. Considering I've got the morning material down pretty good. I'm taking civil/structural. I've made considerable progress for afternoon material, but I'll have to wait and see if im on the right track.
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    You're correct. I was mis-remembering the general lighting load rather then outlets.
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    The electrical circuit analogy is used often. However, pressure drop not equivalent to resistance. Pressure drop is analogous to voltage drop. If you wanted to figure this problem out using an effective resistance method you could do so, but the equation they gave doesn't do that. delta_P = Q * R with delta_p in psi, Q in gpm, and R in psi/gpm and 1/R_tot = 1/R_a + 1/R_b If I do the problem that way, I get a total head required of 403.8 ft. For the first example you gave: R_1 = R_2 = 100 psi / 100 gpm = 1 psi/gpm 1/R_tot = 1/R_1 + 1/R_2 = 1/1 + 1/1 = 2 R_tot = 1/2 psi/gpm deta_P_tot = Q_tot * R_tot deta_P_tot = 200 gpm * 1/2 psi/gpm deta_P_tot = 100 psi
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    Wait a minute, are you trying to get us to ask "what's a dicfur?"?
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    Yeah but what about my "1600 Watt" Velodyne subwoofer? (I am pretty sure that thing has never drawn anywhere near that power).
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    If its just AM, make sure you nail down Mannings, look at a pre and post development hydrograph, and know how to spot the required volume for a pond, know how to calculate head loss and friction loss, most-efficient cross section, and iterations of the energy equations. This should get you muscled through.
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