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    That earned you 100,000,000 warning points. Spend them wisely.
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    make sure you become a brewers fan too while you're at it. They are hot this year...
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    ^^ Happy Star Wars day. May the 4th be with you.
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    Mini P-E is starting tee ball Tues. Off to get a glove.
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    The closeup on the chainset looks pretty normal for a bike of it's age. I'm guessing the chain actually shifts well. The teeth can sometimes look bent in pictures, but it's maybe the angle. There is some chain slap kind of marks, but that could be from the chain dropping for other reasons. You've really got to be trying to wear out a chainset, especially on a nice bike. (Here's where someone interjects, but really good maintenance will keep those things going forever.) I'm wondering how much service on Rock Shox that old goes for, just out of curiosity. I think I stand by my original $200. I think the guy should take that and be happy and not haggle. If he haggles, I'd walk away. Bikes that are that old have the potential for needing a tuneup that can run you $100 pretty easily.
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    Afternoon coffee and set up post.
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    Well now, this thread has gotten totally off track. And for the record, it wasn't my fault this time!
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    I could post a pic of a couple things that are also not real, but that would need to be in the "other" funny pic thread...
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    With the Rockies, I often forget that baseball season is even going.
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    Meh, my girlfriend is a Cubs fan, so they complement each other well.
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    Yay points, you're the best Sap.
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    Monday and all day design review meeting...damn it all.
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    Congrats!!!!!! You're on fire!!! (and would be able to put yourself out...if needed )
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    Beer and donuts? Sounds good.
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    such a beautiful weekend. I'm not ready to be back here...
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    Well, the draft is over and according to the Cleveland sports calendar, so is the baseball season. When does the pre-season start?
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    wood edit: Did I do it right?
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    I just found out yesterday that I passed my hazmat level one awareness and ops exams
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    Putting the youngins to work!
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    Oh boy here we go again. Where's goodall when you don't need him.
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    We need to start a thread for showcase of pencils LOL
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    I got myself a nice collection of pencils!
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    You are sooooo getting warning points when I get to a PC on Monday.
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    Drinking beer with want to be hipsters people post
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    Jem and the holograms were so much cooler than barbie and the rockers
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