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    "Van down by the river" is not a legit street name.
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    minisnick's shirt today reads... Irish I was a ninja.
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    Wrong. Most of them ARE professional engineers.
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    NCEES has a new publication, NCEES squared, available on the website. This is a great read for current and aspiring P.E.s as it summarizes the pass rates for each discipline as well as provide general information regarding NCEES. The publication is now available at the link below: http://ncees.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Squared-20141.pdf
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    I just called their 800 number and ordered the index for the regular code book. they also have the index for the handbook.
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    How about Power Engineering Related to Voltage Stuff Just think of the ad campaign. PERVS for hire!
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    Thank you, I think it will be worth to have since it saved time to others during the exam.
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    Sarah Palin's daughter is marrying a Medal of Honor Recipient.. obama's daughters will probably marry this boy: ^- too lazy to make a meme....
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    I will now flood Dexman with Sarah Palin posts just for fun.
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    "Thanks. I just I am a little confused if for example I need two years of work experience and my supervisor can count for 18 months of time period, one co-worker count 24 months, and two other co-workers are each 10 months would this experience qualify a person? If the supervisor reviewed the work for 18 months, but a co-worker reviewed the work for two years over the same engagement will two years be used for the experience?" I'll take a stab at this. If your co-worker who reviewed the work for 24 months is a P.E. then that time counts towards the 24 months experience required. If that co-worker is not a P.E. BUT your supervisor who reviewed the work for 18 months is a P.E. then you can count 18 months towards the experience which means you still need 6 months. If your supervisor and three other co-workers (who are all P.E.s) have reviewed your work then all four count as references. I don't think ptatohed could have made this any simpler so good luck to you.
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    I've done 3 rounds of the CI exams, 3 rounds of the NCEES exam, 1 time taking the Graffeo practice exam, 1 time taking all five Spin-Up exams, 160 problems worth from the CI NEC Drillbook. I plan on doing the NCEES exam at least one more time. Other than that, I think I'm ready to go. I am comfortable with all my references and they are tabbed up, highlighted, noted, and organized. I would recommend doing the practice exams again. There are enough problems between rounds that I don't really remember the answer off the top of my head. So it's like doing a new problem each time. I've been getting better and better between rounds. Scoring in the 87% range.
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    My Grandmother (First Black RN for Riverside Hospitals in Columbus, O.) always said "No test is hard if you are prepared" Know and understand the material and you'll be fine. Nothing beats anxiety then answering a bunch of questions correctly and getting on a roll. Good luck!
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    He thinks he is driving to work in Russia
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    OK, don't panic--that is step 1. We have all been through this, so we fully understand the anxiety that you are feeling. Remember, don't make this any harder than it really is! You will do just fine! Study hard every day and really know and understand the elements of examination that are listed on the NCEES web site for the exam that you are taking. Remember, the exam is designed to be completed in 6 min per question. Now, some questions will be able to be answered by inspection, the answer is obvious. Others, may require several calculations and take 7-9 min to complete. If you are totally flummoxed, go to the next question and come back to that question later. Remember, you have a 25% chance to get the answer right by pure guessing-- The test is multiple choice, with usually 4 answers provided. If you know the material, you can usually eliminate at least 2 answers right off. Now, you only have 2 to work on, with one being the correct answer. Make sure that you know your signs during the calculations--- if you get a sign reversed, there might be that answer as a choice! Don't put any more pressure on yourself than there is already. You will do just fine. Don't worry about your job-- you can worry yourself sick and get ulcers-- you will do fine. Make DAMN sure that you understand the concept that is being tested-- that is the key. There is no reason to take the test more than once-- it is expensive and takes a lot of time. Hit it hard now until April, take it, pass it and press on. Good Luck-- you will do just fine.
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