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    You know.. its bad luck to photoshop a passing result. You better pray extra hard to the PE gods
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    As I've advised others on previously, you'll be better off if you can try focusing on your family and/or a hobby (or even work for that matter!) to take your mind off waiting for your exam results. Worrying, second guessing yourself, etc. is not going to change the exam outcome at this point. I understand and can relate that not knowing your result can be frustrating at times. Given the amount time, effort, and resources we all typically devote to this exam is very substantial. But at the end of the day, it's important to keep the grand scheme of things in perspective. It is just an exam. And this exam does not define your efforts and achievements thus far in your engineering career. I guarantee you'll face far greater trials & tribulations throughout your career as you strive to advance your technical portfolio.
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    @ColoradoPEmaybe NCEES I just met you, and this is crazy. But here is my scan-tron, so pass me maybe. Repeat Chorus in endless loop.
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    so my kid was bending forwards slightly to push the chair back to stand up from the kitchen table after dinner. As he was bending forward he sneezed and the force (allergy season)sent his head into the table. am I horrible person for laughing.
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    of their damn minds with the state liquor laws. Seriously, why can't I buy beer at the grocery store or a convenience store? To my coworker... sorry
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    Last October that is I passed in October 2017. What did you think it was April's result? Silly rabbit that won't be for another couple weeks probably around May 25th.
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    Ooops. Misspelled niece. Anyway, she says hi!
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    If you add 5 and 22, you get 27, which is the day of the month in which I was born. I was born in July, the 7th month. So if you add 7 to 27, you get 34. Five Guys has great burgers. If you add 5 to 34 you get 39. Today is the 39th day waiting for results. So they must be released today.
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    I'm getting shitfaced pass or fail
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    Baconator is the oracle who foretells the release of every exam. He hears things in the wind. As to your other question. The release date is fluid. It's whenever NCESS has completed their internal processes. The scores are known pretty fast. It's a scantron after all. It's the pass/fail threshold that changes and most of the exam cut scores are probably known by now too. It's the new tests which currently don't have a cut score that delay it. A meeting of SMEs is needed to determine the cut score, and a bunch of things need to happen before they can have that meeting - probably about 3 weeks worth of stuff that has been discussed ad naseum in other posts. If the three upcoming meetings are what I think, then these are what determine the "cut score" for that exam going forward. I am grossly oversimplifying it. NCESS won't release the scores to the states on an exam by exam basis. All PPE exams' scores and pass/fails are released to the respective states at the same time. CBT doesn't apply here. The NCEES designed exams usually schedule their cut score meetings in the first 30 days. Its the smaller non-NCEES exams that (for whatever reason) tend not to be scheduled in the first 30 days. For example: Nuclear held up the release for Oct 2013, Petro in Oct 2014, nothing held up Oct 2017 because there weren't any new tests that cycle. I don't know why the cut score meetings were scheduled so late this cycle. My guess is that they looked at when the meetings were scheduled last year and planned for the same-ish dates this year. But nobody realized that the test was conducted a week earlier than in 2017 and didn't make the adjustment. Why 2-4 business days? That's just a trend from past observations. And it passes the sniff test. We're all engineers here so most of us had to get major deliverables checked and approved by management before they go out to the "customer". At 10,000 ft your experience probably looks something like this hypothetical scenario: End of Day 0: The group finishes their meeting. They write up their conclusions as appropriate and transmit it to NCESS HQ it by COB. Day 1: 8:00. NCESS HQ opens for the day, checks their email, receives the report and criteria. Worker bees apply the criteria to the last of the exams and run the examinee reports. Let's say this takes a couple hours. Day 1: 10:00 NCESS QA manually checks the reports against expected results. A statistically significant number is checked. Let's say this, plus documentation takes the rest of the day. If an error is found, figure it out and fix it - maybe that adds a day. Day 2 (-4?): The examinee reports, QA checks, and bunch of other things I am ignorant about, start making their way through the concurrence chain for release. Gotta get signatures from various managers, lawyers, execs, etc. , maybe some of this happens on day 1. And if someone is out for the day (sick, vacation, travel, ?, etc) then it can get delayed until that person can sign off. Eventually the big boss approves release. Maybe this takes a couple hours, maybe it takes a few days. --There could be something else going on internally that I don't know about-- Day 2,3,4?, Once final approval is given, then the scores get sent out to the states. The process of starting to send it out to the states seems (but not always) to start a few hours after regular opening business hours. So lets call this a two hour process. The results go out to the piece mail. (Non-Canada) International results seems to get released immediately and all at the same time. Don't ask me why. Then its sent out to 54 US jurisdictions but at different times on different days. This spreading out of the US results is intentional for reasons unknown to me.
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    I plan on reacting like a Philadelphia sports fan does. If I fail, the city burns. If I pass, the city Burns.
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    You're supposed to LIGHT them.
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    When the NCEES notification arrives, take a deep breath and pray before you look at your test result. Because when you look at your life, your prayers are a WHOLE lot more important than your exam results.
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    Vee has landed safely! No passengers sucked out of windows on this trip.
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    I'm around, not as active due to work. I hadn't realized I acquired a reputation for scolding... @knight1fox3
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    It's usually 2-4 business days after those exam standard/cut score meetings end.
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    These last few weeks will be crazy. I remember in December the results came out a few days earlier than predicted. I wasn't ready and sure enough failed 68%. It was a terrible feeling. I'm hoping I can finally experience passing the exam soon. Three time is the charm or three strikes i'm out. I have seen plenty of co-workers just flat out gave up the past year. Failing two or three times can cause alot of doubt, and I wish good luck to all who are awaiting good news (green pass). The day before the April 2018 exam my 6 year old son said "daddy you will pass your exam". Hopefully, he gave me real good luck.
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    This is absolutely correct. The rules are simple actually. Your spelling, grammar, diction, punctuation, and use of verbs, adverbs, nouns, pronouns, proper nouns, adjectives, and past-participles should be 100% correct 100% of the time in thread titles and at least 95% correct 90% of the time in the body of a post. Some additional forgiveness is allotted for those with English as a second language (but not much). Punishment for breaking these rules can range anywhere from light razzing to full blown tormenting. I could go on 'alot' more but that is a whole 'nother' story which 'supposebly' should be saved for another time.
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    He might be getting the old puddin' pop after all.
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