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    Only 2 votes? Must have both been townies. If one was mafia the other mafia would have voted to try an save them.
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    If he lives in Ohio he would be “THE Tom.”
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    Fuck that. The Saints would have slaughtered the Pats in the Super Bowl last year if we weren't cheated. (Yeah, still salty)
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    It sounds like you have worked in some bad environments. Have you spoken up for yourself, asking questions and explaining that you want to learn? I've probably had 10 bosses throughout my 15 year career (3 companies, but 8 different roles mostly due to lots of cross-training early in my career, plus a couple of reorganizations) and only twice did I have a boss who wasn't willing to teach. And that wasn't because they didn't want to; they were just too busy. But they would at least point me to someone else who could teach me. One of a manager's primary jobs should be to develop the talent on his or her team. If that's not happening where you work, I'd look for something better. I'd also worry about the long-term viability of the organization. Regarding taking the PE exam. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (1) I know nothing about Geotech. (2) Everyone is different. I don't think I could have passed the ME exam without the years of on-the-job learning, but other people can study the book and teach themselves everything. Are you a good independent learner? a good test taker? Are you willing to spend $1000 - $2000 on taking a PE class? Will your company pay for it? All important questions that you need to figure out the answer to.
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    Y’all got me hooked now🤙
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    Shelby Chevelle* and also Channing Tatum.
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    I don't know that ANY of us really add value. Except maybe comedic.
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    I love how many people are stepping up to moderate! Fun round, glad I wasn't mafia for once.....
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    Wow thanks for forgetting that I'm ded too. Rude
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    I'll add that one to the list too.
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    Contact SEAOC (structural engineers assoc. of ca). They have a panel of engineers that can review your work and provide references. https://www.seaoc.org/page/becomingse
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    Check your units. For VaA you're multiplying amps times your impedence, which gives you volts. VAN is in kV, so when you add the two in your previous question, you need to multiply VAN x 10^3 so it's in volts before you add it to VaN.
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    This would be more akin to your grandfather working the clearance freezer at Walmart.
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    Wife challenged a storm drain on Tuesday. She lost. Time for a new tire. Ugh
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    @ChebyshevII PE I'm passing this time. Too busy working myself into a panic with my move/packing/leaving my current job.
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    Holy shit am I glad I didn't join a pay league this year. Probably my worst week in years.
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    I'll be back. But man it was stressful being the mafia! I understand what you all were saying about it.
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    Hey all! I took the exam on Monday. Here were my thoughts: I found that the exam was probably about the same level of difficulty as the PPI practice exams There were A LOT of qualitative questions...I counted 12 in the morning and 14 in the afternoon, so that's about 33% of the exam. I had plenty of time to complete all questions and review the ones I wasn't positive about. There were no quantitative questions where I felt like the appropriate equation was not included in the reference manual. ...that being said, be very familiar with the reference manual and where things were located. I found that the term search did not always find all of that term like my personal computer had, so you had to know what you were looking for and have a general idea of where it was located in the manual. I will update once I get my results!
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    This was a good twist. 😂
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    This is fun. It's like fantasy football, but with death! Who should I pick? LOL
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    @chart94 I will also withdraw my vote for @tj_PE.
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    Zombies have not been an official part of the game to this point. We just like to joke about our ability to continue talking after being killed off.
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    You sure seemed like you were enjoying yourself, in a diabolical mafia kitten kind of way!
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    Best to be part of the lynching if it's in the right direction. Unless you know the majority of the votes are for a co-conspirator / mafia member
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    If reports are accurate, @vhab49_PE a/b/c @RBHeadge PE townie @chart94 a/b/c @blybrook PE townie @Roarbark a @jean15paul b I don't think @jean15paul would accuse a fellow maf, so if he's maf, @Roarbark is not. and vice versa. So options are A) vhab and roar or chart and roar B) vhab and jean15 or chart and jean15 C) vhab and chart So I would vote for either jean15 or roar tonight? IDK DONT DED ANYONE ON MY ACCOUNT PLS
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    All is forgiven. I guess we’re even now, huh?
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    Haha I figured it out by googling how to do spoilers in an online forum. Mod win!
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    Just spare me the banjo and we’re good for now.
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    @Ranger1316 @vhab49_PE @tj_PE (not mafia) @RBHeadge PE @blybrook PE @chart94 @jean15paul @Roarbark @leggo PE (regular townie) @ChebyshevII PE
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    @tj_PE You can still post about the game, except that you can no longer convey your role in this game beyond what you had said when you were alive.
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    Tough as a mod since if roles already got sent out you'd have to re-assign/restart all of them to be fair. I initially read it as "Have all of the Project Managers left for the day?" (i.e. Can I waste time on ENGR Boards yet?)
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    I like how you directed two consecutive posts at me. It was a team effort.
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    Banned for not boofing it.
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    But I just wasted $48 on this!
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    But congrats to @vee043324 for currently leading the group!
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    I'll be honest I haven't done the Graffeo questions but I found out I had access to it through work so I skimmed through the questions. I wouldn't really spend much time on them. I've taken the exam a few times and the Graffeo questions are a below what you'll see on the exam.
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    Oh nevermind. Caught up
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    can confirm
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    kind of? it's an anchor with a spaceneedle top and some birds? lol
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    Yeah I am golden now - but please set me to auto draft in case I forget -
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    I'm going to pass this year. I may have time to watch maybe one game this year if I'm lucky.
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    I would totally do it, but the buy-in is stopping me. Talking to mrs. Cheb...
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