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    Final tally: The crew has all landed at Logan Airport in Boston and they are ready to make the drive up 95 for their Maine Vacation - it is Vacationland afterall. @JayKay PE, @txjennah PE, and @NikR_PE all arrived together on the same flight. For some reason @MEtoEE decided to drive up and picked up @RBHeadge PE along the way. The group is just waiting for @Roarbark to land as they have the other van reservation. After an hour of waiting, @Roarbark has finally arrived with their big soccer van. Unbeknowst to them, @Roarbark had a few too many drinks on their long flight from HI and hasn’t slept well. They are just that good at hiding it. Everyone hops in the van except @RBHeadge PE& @MadamPirate PE who are in @MEtoEE’s little Chevy Cobalt. @NikR_PE screamed shotgun and bodychecked @JayKay PE out of the way. The group gets stuck in traffic as one does on a Friday afternoon heading north on 95. All the damn come-from-aways. The group is slowly inching their way north, finally over the Piscataqua River bridge and into Maine! This drive has taken a lot longer than they all originally thought and the alcohol & lack of sleep is finally catching up to @Roarbark's driving ability. They can no longer hide how utterly exhausted they are. Everyone else finally notices @Roarbark’s impairment just as they slam into one of the numerous jersey barriers surrounding the York Toll rebuild. The force of the impact causes @NikR_PE to fly thru the windshield, because even tho it’s Maine law to wear your seatbelt, @NikR_PE ignored it. @NikR_PE lands along the shoulder of I-95N and is largely unscathed. Until a come-from-away in an RV towing a Jeep Wrangler has some engine troubles and quickly pulls over, squishing Nikr under the numerous wheels. So long @NikR_PE. They were mafia. Remaining players: @MEtoEE @txjennah PE @Audi driver, P.E. @jean15paul_PE @tj_PE @RBHeadge PE @ChebyshevII PE @SaltySteve @JayKay PE @vhab49_PE @chart94
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    The mod is just going to chip us all in retaliation for previous rounds.
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    If we make it to Christmas this will be the go to gift
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    Husband sends me a meme on IG. I start typing a response. From the other room: "...that's a lot of typing. I'm right here. You can just talk to me."
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    Haha I will post the one that wasn't a screenshot of her IG page.
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    @Audi driver, P.E. was targeted by the mafia during the night. ...but he was saved by the doctor.
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    I hear that the ones in Michigan are pretty “great.” I’ve even heard that one of them is “superior.”
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    They return to the van to an impatient @MadamPirate PE & @MEtoEE. @MadamPirate PE: “You’re late. Where have you been!?” @Audi driver, P.E., wide-eyed: “ @SaltySteve was eaten by one of @blybrook PE’s cousins…” @MadamPirate PE & @MadamPirate PE: “well shit” @MadamPirate PE: “Well at least he got to step foot on the AT before he died” The group silently piles back into the van and continues onto Moosehead Lake. They had to see the largest lake in the state of Maine. Plus, there was a chance of seeing a moose! They hit the road which happens to be a rutted out dirt road. Again, Maine DOT budget has been lacking. Finally, the group gets to the lake. And holy heck is it big! The group decidets to take a boat cruise around the lake on the boat named Katahdin. @txjennah PE is apprehensive about getting on yet another boat. But it’s a lake not the ocean so the water is a lot calmer so they shouldn’t get motion sick. Captain: “If anyone needs to use the bathroom, we suggest going before we get under way. The privy on the boat is currently out of service. There was a minor accident this morning and the plumber can’t get here til this evening.” @txjennah PE, @MadamPirate PE, & @jean15paul_PE head towards the restrooms. There’s a wicked long line and @txjennah PE can’t hold it. They spot a copse of trees and decide to head over there. @MadamPirate PE acts as lookout as @txjennah PE ducks behind a tree. Unbeknowst to @txjennah PE, they picked a bush that was home to a swarm of hornets. Which they are deathly allergic too. When @txjennah PE dropped trou, the wind created by their pants hitting the ground disturbed the hornets. The hornets surrounded @txjennah PE, stinging them repeatedly. And @txjennah PE had left their epi-pen in the van which was too far away for @MadamPirate PE to run to in time. @txjennah PE was mafia. Remaining players: @MEtoEE @JayKay PE @Audi driver, P.E. @jean15paul_PE
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    I'm not sure how many are still at work or not, but this is NSFW:
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    Just asked my son (16 yo) if he was interested in signing up for a new AP Laundry class that's available. Response: Wait, is that a thing? Later response: I did some research and 0% of colleges accept that credit. So no.
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    fify All: Covid-19 isn't "just the flu". It's twice as contagious and the fatality rate is x10 higher. But the bigger concern is that 10-20% of those infected have serious complications the require extensive and prolonged medical attention. This is the sort of thing that takes up hospital beds, staff, and resources for weeks or longer. A massive outbreak will quickly overload the medical system and cascade causing excess deaths or complications for those infected and those affected by unrelated medical issues. The inflected double every six days without mitigation. Without mitigate efforts, the domestic afflictions will increase by a factor of nearly 64 by the time of the exam. The problems we are hearing about in Italy are real and getting worse. They are already making wartime triage decisions. Italy is only two weeks ahead of us. We're in a bear market with no obvious way to fix it. The mitigative actions many foriegn governments, and State and local governments are taking are designed to slow the spread of the virus- to "flatten the cruve" so that those who develop major complications from Covid-19 can be treated within the existing capacity of our medical infrastructure; and maybe buy some time for researchers to figure out better treatments, or a vaccine, and for more medical equipment to be produced. Let's keep some perspective here. The fact that 12k people will have to wait an extra six months to take an exam is barely registers on the list of things effected by the virus. Stay calm, stay healthy, and start studying again in a few months.
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    In light of announcing my candidacy, I have changed my pic.
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    I guessing a lot of people are suddenly going to have family members just getting back from China....
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    Finally completed a major internal deadline for a proposal last night. I'm brain dead and don't want to do anything today buuuuuuuuut I am grateful that I at least have billable work right now.
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    Let's be sensitive of the cuisines of cultures other than our own, everyone! Thank you!
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    Slash not this again. As the drunk chaperone on this field trip who cares about everyone's most people's well being, recall last episode: The ol "I'm gonna claim mafia/random things every game until people stop believing anything I say approach." But I'm not even playing this round so I'll shut up 😛
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    Goddamit @Roarbark
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    A WA distillery just announced it would be diverting all of its operations to producing hand sanitizer indefinitely. Very cool!
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    It is past time. @MadamPirate PE was lynched. By default, the remaining mafia member (@MEtoEE) is the winner. @Audi driver, P.E. was the cop this round. Thanks for playing everyone! I’m sorry for my lackluster modding.
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    I am *this* close to being at the 30lb-lost club.
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    All of that falls under the category of dangerous bullshit.
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    OH gave me a 60 day temp license!
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    @squaretaper LIT AF PE was lynched by the town. The final vote was: 3x @squaretaper LIT AF PE (MEtoEE, lycee, jaykay) 2x @jean15paul_PE (nikr, audi) 1x @Audi driver, P.E. (jean) 1x @MEtoEE (tj) 1x @JayKay PE (square)
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    I have seen absolutely no indication that children are at an elevated risk. ALL of the public health agencies in affected countries (which currently sits at 76) are reporting the same thing: the people most at risk of severe illness are older adults and people with underlying health conditions. Severe cases and even infection in general among children has not been reported. It would be pretty tough to coordinate a lie that big, among 76 countries. This is certainly a public health crisis, but there is way too much unconfirmed, wrong information being shared on the internet. All this does is create panic, and at this time there is no need to panic, especially about things that are not known to be happening.
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    On a related note... Not touching your face is hard!
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    My plan to stave this SARS virus off is to simply maintain a high BAC such that any virus that enters the blood stream either dies or has such a party I die before spreading it.
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