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    Update - just received a text from the framing store with a pic of my pencil. They found it. Hooray! I’ll post a pic of the frame once I get it.
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    anyone that has Comcast / xfinity using their new app which allows you to pause / turn off Wi-Fi to all the connected devices? Its great passive aggressive parenting - like today is early release day and kids get home from school around 1:00 so I set it where the xbox, cant use the Wi-Fi until 4:30
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    People yes, government employees no
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    today will hopefully be day 4 of snickette's staying dry all day potty training adventure. She is hit or miss over night still.
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    Was up late waiting on the wife and kids united flight that was 5 hours late! So I finished the floors -except I am 4 boards short! Now I just have to do some cleanup and install some molding and doors and it'll be done We had decided not to mess with the carpet on the stairs going down to the basement, but now that the flooring is in they absolutely need to get it replaced with something, looks like shit..
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    I had to volunteer to coach mini-ble1's soccer team this spring because there had been no one else step up after one week. I've never played soccer and have an extremely basic understanding of the game, so I'm not looking forward to this. As long as the kids have fun I guess it will be worth it, but I'd like them to learn some. I do my best...
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    So many questions arise from these articles. First, do a few suggestive texts constitute harassment? Second, can I be reprimanded if my workplace somehow accesses all the nude photos I've sent RG via LinkedIn during my shift?
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    Well I was a bit impulsive at the bike shop over the weekend. Just came home with this new ride: 2017 Giant FastRoad CoMax Disc Pretty excited about it. It was some $400 off being last year's model. Rides really nice too. I also wasn't aware that hydraulic disc brakes on a pedal bike was an option. But they are fantastic! And for the record, I haven't had a new bike since my freshman year of high school. And I still have that old Schwinn Impact mountain bike.
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    What are you talking about? Ptatohed is likely the one that stole it.
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    220/221 whatever it takes
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    Dinner, eh? Try this one. Prep Time: 2 minutes Ingredients: 3 slices of bread (honey wheat, white, 9-grain, etc... Your choice!) Peanut butter or almond butter (choices!) Jelly / Jam / Preserves (grape, strawberry, blackberry, etc... Again, your choice!) Directions: Apply peanut butter to one side of one piece of bread and spread evenly. Apply jelly to one side of a different piece of bread and spread evenly. On third piece of bread, apply jelly to one side, spread evenly, and place jelly side down on the peanut butter side of the bread slice in step 1. Make sure the edges are even all the way around. On the "clean" face of the third piece of bread, apply peanut butter to one side and spread evenly. Place the jellied slice of bread from step 2, jelly side down, on top of the newly peanut buttered piece from step 4. Make sure the edges are even all the way around. Consume with delight. Try this recipe with the different suggestions of bread, nut butter, and jelly. Invite your friends over for sandwich making parties! Make several, cut into triangles, and serve on a tray at your next corporate potluck! What variations can you provide to an all-time classic? Share with your social networks on Twit, Faceplace, and Instacrap today!
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    I love seeing the Guest_Dexman posts get bumped.
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    This makes it look like RG is coaching the Hungarian skiing team as well as the US hockey team.
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    Did the kennel not fit under the seat? this is pretty strange.. & its the main reason I just pay for boarding when we go out of town - the article didn't state if they were moving or just travelling. But Houston to NY wasn't overseas? I too just don't see the need to take your pet with you when you travel places (not victim shaming I just don't understand it) they have some pretty comfy animal boarding places these days. we ( the wife and boys flew while we drove) put our cat on the plane when we moved from ATL - DEN and they (Southwest) were pretty adamant when we paid for the ability to bring the animal that if the carrier we had didn't fit under the seat we would have to find some other way to transport the cat..I think they even provided some recommendations of what types of carries to buy when we purchased the "under the seat ticket" I know its probably a shitty job that is only balanced out by the ability to travel the world for free, but my niece is a delta flight attendant, and she has basically become a flat out bitch about her job, I mean its not like they actually fly the plane, but you would think they do from talking to them.. drop your attitude, shut your mouth, and bring my god damn bloody marry!
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    First race of the year in the books: broke my half marathon PR by ~20 seconds. Completely unexpected - that PR is several years old and I trained really well for that race!
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    He probably got a chainless chain
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    This gal thought it was Friday too...
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    Colorado Cycling Meet Up!
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    Not photoshopped...https://elarroyo.com/
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    Show them why the Z in YMZ stands for Zlutz.
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    I'll never trust the guy who loves turkey bacon when it comes to food preferences.
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    Thanks! We're going out to dinner tonight. Nothing too special. We had a party for me (small group of friends/neighbors) on Saturday night after a great day of skiing. So far, so good. I haven't fallen apart yet.
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    From my government days there is no trust in employees and you are pretty much treated like a dog so at least a robot would be given the benefit of doubt if they were working from home.....
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    "Highest elevation- 783ft"
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    80085 is easy to remember.
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    ceiling drops look nice. It'll be great when it's finally done but the road there can be annoying.
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    I have talked to an SE Exam grader about this, and you can site the AISC tables. You DO NOT have to do full calculations if it is something that can be determined from a table. This also comes in handy on the multiple choice portion of the exam, as you can expect a question or 2 to be simply looked up from a table.
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    Fire breaks out in local picture framing shop firefighters responded early Thursday after fire broke out in a local picture framing shop. ( Fire & Rescue photo) The fire at Advantage Picture Framing at 118 South 25th St. was reported just before 3:30 a.m.
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    I love it when you talk dirty...
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    About 40 miles, all on path that is an old rail bed, so 4% max grade. There is one section, about 2 miles in length, near Aspen, that is unpaved, but ride able on a road bike (I've done it multiple times). Let me know when y'all are over here, and Id love to join you. Maybe we can get @csb and mini-csb to join as well?
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    Will those fit on my corolla?
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    That's akin to asking a drinker what their thoughts are to the pre-mixed bottles of margaritas. How about maybe pre-mixed gin & tonics... or black and tans... or cement mixers...
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    I'll be living at mile marker 89 on A1A by then
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    you do realize that huffinton post is fake news? Is meat flavor one of those flavors?
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    Gitmo wildfire week of Feb. 19. Caused by animal tripping a landmine on the Cuban side of the fence. Wind pushed it into US territory. Cooked off over 600 mines and other UXO in under 48 hours. Only 40 some of those mines were on the US side (those that were not found and removed under orders from Clinton)...
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    Since when? This is EB!