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    I’m down 16 lbs from my original starting point and my clothes are noticeably looser. Great feeling, but not done yet! I actually got off track last week because of work travel, but maybe it actually helped me since I felt like I was plateauing a bit.
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    Ok, Let’s play Mafia - Welcome to the Suck Edition. There are people waiting on their exam results (Townsfolk), and trolls with burner accounts (Mafia members). There is a rumor that the results won't come out until an appropriate number of examinees are offered as sacrifice. It's obviously BS, but everyone is so stressed out that they believe it anyway. Townsfolk are going to try to eliminate the Mafia before the Mafia eliminates them. The game ends when either all of the Mafia is eliminated (town wins), or there are fewer townsfolk than Mafia members (Mafia wins). In addition to regular townsfolk and members of the Mafia, there may also be a Lawyer (Doctor), a Vigilante, Meme Poster (Town Drunk), or a Forum Admin (Cop). The Doctor can choose someone to “save” during the night; if they choose the same person the Mafia chose, then that player will escape having their scores invalidated that night. The Vigilante is a Regular Townsfolk who can occasionally choose someone to have their scores invalidated (be eliminated) during the night. The Town Drunk may only post in this thread in memes, gifs, videos, emojis, etc; but they may vote using normal text; they may use normal text in PMs and in other threads; the Town Drunk is not an exclusive role and may have another role. The Cop can “investigate” players during the night. During the day, everybody (Townsfolk and Mafia) will publicly vote for a person to sacrifice; I will eliminate the person with the most votes at the end of the day and reveal what their role was. The Mafia members are going to privately tell me who they would like to eliminate during the night. I will reveal to everyone what happened the next morning. Night eliminated players will not have their role revealed. The Mafia members know who each other are, but no one knows anyone else’s role except me. I have sent more specific instructions to the members of the Mafia, the Doctor, Vigilante, and the Cop. If you did not receive a PM from me, then you are a regular townsfolk. You may use this thread to vote and post about the game. Anyone (playing or not playing, eliminated or not) can use this thread to speculate, discuss, accuse, or otherwise participate in the game; just please make sure to follow regular EB forum guidelines. To vote on a person to eliminate, mention me ( @RBHeadge PE ) in a post on this thread and tell me specifically that 1) you are voting and 2) the username of the person you are voting to eliminate. Please submit your votes by 9:00pm Eastern Time each day; I will count votes after that time as being for the next day. Your vote only counts if you are playing and not yet eliminated. If there is a tie for most votes, I will pick one of the voted users at random; or have a best 2/3 rock paper scissors match. If there are no votes, I will pick a person at random (i.e. role will not matter) to eliminate; suffice it to say it’s in both groups’ best interest to vote for at least one person. The first vote will take place tonight on Monday (Jan 6). For reference, the players in this round are: @LyceeFruit PE @jean15paul_PE @squaretaper LIT AF PE @Roarbark @ChebyshevII PE @_TheDude_ @MadamPirate @chart94 @MEtoEE @Will.I.Am PE @txjennah PE @JayKay PE @NikR_PE
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    Yay!!! Great job, @ChebyshevII PE! Keep going! You were killing the fitbit group last week! I'm not sure if I'm plateauing, but I've added strength training to round out my workout to a 3x a week (boot camp Monday, strength Wednesday, and kickboxing Sunday). I want to try and give myself at least one or two rest days after each gym class since the boot camp classes go hard/I don't want to completely die and the strength training session def led to some swelling due to me being dehydrated during the winter. I'm also going to do a couch to 5k thing with my gym. Trainer explained that the weekend sessions would be a combo of exercises to highlight correct form, run-through of how the 5k run should go, techniques to get through the run without giving up, and 'homework' assignments to run certain distances during the week. There will also be people who are going from 5k to half marathon. I know some people run a lot more than this/done actual marathons, but I am psyching myself up for this! I'm going to register soon for the 5k (it's only $40), but I already feel the tingles or nervousness and wondering what I'm doing. I've never...run before in my life, tbh. So I'm wondering if this will help or hinder me (aka; I get so discouraged I never run again). Here's fingers crossed that, even if I don't like running, I can still do a couple of 5ks and not be total trash! I'm also hoping to roll some horseback riding into my schedule again, so, idk if that'll help me lose more weight/get more fit, but I enjoy it.
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    Sooooo...Yeah.... When do we get back to voting for people to be lynched? I volunteer to be Mod as long as you guys are fine with single sentence kills. I'm not into themes and spending a bunch of time writing out a story line.
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    I just called and they said they are working on the list and it should be posted today.
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    will not comment
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    nice pun LOL I'm 8 years sober (as of last month) don't feel lame! people don't drink for a variety of reasons and if the bartender is being a douche about it, ask for a different bartender. Yeah, soda doesn't have the same mark up as a mixed drink but it's still got a good mark up and it makes your life way easier bartender! why be a douche about a soda!? For my birthday we went to a dessert bar and sat at the bar so I watched the bartender make drink after drink, all complicated and involving a lot of shaking. my elbow ached for them! and yeah, it does feel awkward to be "The Sober One" especially when I was at the beginning of my sober life (which was also the start of my career) but now that it's more mainstream and i no longer gaf what people think, it's way less awkward. i mean, i went bar hopping last month with Boyfriend and his coworkers (well they went bar hopping, I met them at one bar before we had to leave for my holiday party lol) most places have seltzer and cranberry juice so that's an easy mocktail to get and it looks like a cran-vodka. you could do a mix of OJ, cran, and seltzer, that'd be good, especially for a brunch thing
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    I could assist with pre-game instruction It happens more often than you'd think. Usually it's because someone started planing so late that it couldn't get done before use/lose kicks in and few can attend. Yes, but you're in-game death could be extra painful. Candy-canes anyone? or this
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    I came across this http://explosm.net/comics/4741/ And remembered your posts
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    A full week has passed since the exam. The Spam thread is only 1,247 posts long and its mostly the vets discussing how to set up retirement accounts, or talking about what they made for dinner the night before. At this rate It'll be four months before the spam thread hits the required 15k to release the results. Meanwhile the WTTS thread is on page six and the no0bz are still calmly in stage 1. But the real excitement came on the Tuesday after the exam. Some of the examinees couldn't help themselves and started discussing question 86 of the Software PE exam. A passionate discussion broke out on how to solve the problem on parallel processing nested if/then/else statements. @MEtoEE insisted that the Runge-Kutta integration scheme was needed, @squaretaper LIT AF PE gave a solution using Navier-Stokes, @LyceeFruit PE arrived at a similar solution using the one-group thermal neutron diffusion equation, and @MadamPirate correctly pointed out a couple of distractors and found the answer using Ohm's law. But then timothy@nieces showed up and reminded everyone of the candidate agreement they signed prior to the exam. Nieces demanded a sacrifice! After a few hours of gif based discussions in the spam thread, the forum voted to sacrifice @squaretaper LIT AF PE. Neices invalidated his exam scores. He will now have to spend the next five months studying for the Aerospace Engineering PE exam... again. @squaretaper LIT AF PE was a normal examinee waiting for his results. Final Tally: @MEtoEE 1 (square) @squaretaper LIT AF PE 3 (metoee, cheby, lycee) @LyceeFruit PE 1 (madampirate) @MadamPirate 1 (jean) The remaining players are: @LyceeFruit PE @jean15paul_PE @Roarbark @ChebyshevII PE @_TheDude_ @MadamPirate @chart94 @MEtoEE @Will.I.Am PE @txjennah PE @JayKay PE @NikR_PE
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    I relent. I'm in for next round.
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    I'm out, just started a new job and finding myself with not so much time these days, alas!
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    I boil the egg. Remove the yolk, mix it with the protein shake, banana, and tuna then put it back in the egg white, deviled egg style.
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    Consider this your invitation. @MEtoEE Consider this your dis-invitation. 😑
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    Congrats! I'll just be over here twiddling my thumbs.... *Stares off into space*
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    you were a bit extra
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    A few observations from previous games: posting screenshots in the public forum has ALWAYS ENDED POORLY FOR EVERYONE. At some point we actually banned it in the general game rules. You generally can't read too much into the first day's vote. Most votes are random. Some people, self included, tend to abstain from voting on the first day unless they have an actionable reason to vote. Occasionally you can figure out who isn't mafia based on the vote, but this is the exception. Don't bother going down the rabbit hole of multiple branching scenarios. It's a waste of time and energy, especially early in the game. which follows with: Most people don't spend a lot of time thinking about the game logic and strategy. No theory of a convoluted plot has played out. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. The few times someone tried to go "galaxy brain", it failed spectacularly within 24 hours. Its just a game, don't take it personal, don't make it personal
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    @Chattaneer PE I wore sweats and stretch pants for like the past 2 weeks. lol
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    Alright nerds....lets get back to murder and mayhem.
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    Excel is bomb. I'm running our superbowl squares at work in a spreadsheet that auto counts and calculates.
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    Because the fault is on the 230kV bus, the transformer is part of the fault contribution. If the fault was on the 22kV "bus" (between the gen and the xfmr) your thought would be correct.
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    Went to go see this on $5 Tuesdays at the local megaplex. Holy crap, I still would have paid 4 times more to see it. It. Was. Excellent. LadySquare and I were so stressed out (in the best way) walking out of the theatre. Also, added Newman's scoring for this movie to my work concentration/focus playlist.
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    Someone should get: C1 H2 I3 E4 F5
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    That afternoon, the studio audience is let into the building as the group assembles backstage. Each of you are handed a new knitting bag with some heft to it. “These are your challenge bags, you’ll be working what’s in the bags into your designs today. I wanted to hand them out before you got onstage, so you have them with you to pick materials to match.” @tj_PE smiled at the group, bouncing on the balls of her feet, before gesturing the group onto the stage. She follows of all you, welcoming the studio audience as you all sit. “Welcome everyone, and I cannot wait to see how you guys like today’s challenge. In your knitting bags are some embellishments we want you to work into your designs. Today’s design challenge is going to be shawls, so feel free to look in your bags! Y’all are welcome to trade if you’d like.” Inside each of the bags were gems mounted on a backing for easy use in knitting. Each bag held a different color, with no two contestants having the same color. @tj_PE pulled the cloth off the supply table, revealing bulky weight yarn in multiple colors and textures. “Have at it, y’all!” Each contestant got up and mobbed the table, knitting bags in their hands. As @LyceeFruit PE and @RBHeadge PE were examining yarn at the supply table, knitting bags got set down. @LyceeFruit PE made her selection, accidentally picking @RBHeadge PEs bag up and heading back to her chair. @RBHeadge PE looked down, realizing that his bag was stolen. “ @LyceeFruit PE, why did you steal my bag?” he accused, staring her down. “I didn’t!” @LyceeFruit PE protested, standing from her chair. “Yes you did, you cheater, give it back!” @RBHeadge PE swiped at her, and she vaulted over the back of the chair. @JayKay PE motioned to block her from retreating, but @LyceeFruit PE was nimble and able to get away. At this point, the rest of the group noticed the commotion and came over, while @RBHeadge PE continued to insist that @LyceeFruit PE had stolen his bag. @LyceeFruit PE blanched, and relying on her marathon training, turned tail and ran backstage. @LyceeFruit PE jumped and leaped around the folks working backstage, the rest of the contestants not far behind her. She barreled out the backdoor into the studio lot, heading toward the next lot over. @RBHeadge PE caught a glimpse of her disappearing around the corner of the building, and pointed the group that way. They charged after her, and she headed into the next lot, where they were filming one of those crime procedural shows. @LyceeFruit PE changed directions nimbly, trying to run away from her pursuers. @JayKay PE took a separate path, cutting @LyceeFruit PE off. @LyceeFruit PE had no choice but to pivot on her feet - NFL running backs would be proud of her. She pushed through the crowd that was on set with the crime show, trying to use them to survive the onslaught coming from the knitting competition contestants. One of the techs from that show tried to stop her as she whipped around a trailer, but she was too quick for his grasp. @LyceeFruit PE could hear the contestants getting close, and shoved her way through the actors. One of them turned, bumping her off balance. @LyceeFruit PE tripped and landed on a table, causing a frozen pig to hit the ground. Another tech, not realizing there was a person on that table, pressed the button on the winch to tilt the end of it up. @LyceeFruit PE looked up at what was happening, and shrieked before she headed face-first into a woodchipper. The knitting contestants shielded themselves from the bits of @LyceeFruit PE being flung out of the end of the woodchipper, then turned and headed back to their studio, bits of @LyceeFruit PE in their hair and on their clothes. @LyceeFruit PE was a normal townsfolk. The next morning, each of you is escorted back to the studio wordlessly. @tj_PE is there already, crying yet again, and throwing a temper tantrum to end all temper tantrums. “That is it, I am SO TIRED of people dying, I am never doing another show ever again! I like these people and they just keep DYING, and I was hoping to make some friends!” She breaks down into sobs that can be heard through the whole studio. You are all ushered to sit in the first row of the audience, as @tj_PE’s sobs slow. She steps out and sits on the stage, sniffling. “You guys, I found @Chattaneer PE this morning - he - he was hung with bulky yarn in his dressing room!” She devolves into tears again. “I don’t know how much more of this I can take, we are supposed to start the final competition soon…” @Chattaneer PE was killed last night.
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    @MEtoEE's general aesthetic:
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    it me you say that you haven't been woodchipped. TWICE.
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    @SaltySteve and @TheDudeBroAF are both available.
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    MeToEE is mafia but on a side note We've both been going through practice exams. If you see me in PM it's most likely cause I'm talking to him about a question and not cause I'm mafia.
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    Section 5.2, units of thermal resistance are wrong. The units they specify in 5.2.1 (which I highlighted in blue here) are actually units of R-value, which is NOT the same as thermal resistance.
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    The Square is in!
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    I guess Houston shouldn't have told their defense to get on the bus before halftime.
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    Oops. Forgot to change my vote. oh well. It worked out well.
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    Since #metoo was trying to protect lycee so much yesterday. @RBHeadge PE @MEtoEE
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    It is profile 1 because of the Ferranti effect. A lightly loaded/line with no load will have a higher receiving end voltage than the sending end, because of the capacitive charging currents.
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    Here's how it'll play out. Mrs. RG: Ok, so any questions? Everyone on EB: ....so how much do I need to exercise so I have can beer and nachos...every night?
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    Haha, I customized a bowl at that restaurant.
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    @daydreambeliever The October 2019 PE was the first time we provided an online version of our Power PE class. Please see the raw survey results below. We keep our feedback anonymous and ask for ways to improve. Some of the feedback was difficult to hear, but we definitely are incorporating the feedback into this next upcoming class. Some of the feedback was good too! Engineering Pro Guides Power PE Products Survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Y3QCBhonti2TueDxw12-OWIEVYa4kNG7PBmpkoi48_g/viewanalytics Engineering Pro Guides Power PE Course Survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/14z6M119We7lZMBWRDJU5b64YB5fKUaGPqG8JtyqXbyE/viewanalytics Pass rate was 12 out of 16. I upgraded our drawing tablet and am pre-recording videos on key concepts and skills to hopefully alleviate the time pressures of the class.
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    Not too big? Just had a little line work done when I went home this past holiday. Might get some more done Memorial Day weekend, but it is right before we go on a big family vacation cruise, so I might hold off to prevent it getting waterlogged and gross.
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    I started studying on Dec. 20th, and I went through the School of PE workshop notes and practice problems for general power and circuits. Most of those I would consider more "drill" type problems; once you start going through them they go pretty fast and I don't consider those "practice exam" kind of material. However, they proved useful because some of them are worded in such a way that's unfamiliar to me, and they pointed out flaws in my thinking. Thank you @LyceeFruit PE for suggesting these! Saturday I did a timed practice exam using Complex Imaginary, Volume 1. I would rank these as an easier set of problems than NCEES, Eng Pro Guides or Zach Stones. Probably on par with Graffeo in terms of difficulty, but CI is more similarly worded like the actual exam. I scored 63/80 and my "go-to" study binder (thanks to @ItsStudyTime! I created before the second exam really came in handy, but the CI had some "easy" questions that I got wrong because there are some concepts I thought I knew but didn't. If you have time I highly recommend going through the CI questions.
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    We have 11 and enough for a game. I will try to send out the roles and game rules mid-morning on Monday. I'm coming back from a three week vacay so I may absolutely will be a bit busy with work and it could be delayed to lunchtime. I'm going to beta-test the "town drunk" role this round. If you DON'T want to play, the town drunk, please post it here. If we get another person or two, I'll try adding the "vigilante/sociopath" role.
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    "That's why they call it practice." Huehuehuehuehue. Triple post?
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    Happy New Year! (@Dleg in Guam kicked off the New Year a little over 3 hours ago). Guam - Where America's day begins!
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    Uh...it's a hobby? In seriousness, I was *already* going to take it last year (when I was in motor controls) so a.) I already have the resources/books and b.) I'm trying to fire-proof myself and c.) I enjoy learning so why not and d.) I generally prepare my own electrical drawings anyway and have my boss (an electrical PE) review/stamp it so I'd like to stamp my own drawings. AND, I already meet my state's experience requirements for the license (due to the aforementioned pump controls biz), just need to pass the exam. Also, for all these extracurriculars, I don't allow it to intrude too much (or at all) on my personal life. For example, for the Civil, I did almost all my studying on the bus to/from work. I'll do the same for Power. I'm sitting on my tuches anyway, might as well learn something and get a license out of it... Oh yeah, aaaand per my union contract, I get a 5% salary differential if I have 2 licenses, but I'm still a least a year (or more, depending on whether I pass the 2 CA-specific exams, could be a while!) from the civil license. So, since I have the experience for the Electrical license now, might as well try. @LyceeFruit PE Plus I have to earn that LIT AF credential. LIT AF is as LIT AF does, amirite fam? (<--did I do that right?)
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    Starting to put my binders together (same strategy as previous exams) of worked problems and handwritten notes (if I don't write it, I don't learn it). My twist is that I scan and reprint every (and I mean EVERY) sample problem (from various sources, ugh...takes forever) onto its own sheet. Once that problem is worked with neatly printed notes and equations cross-referenced to the MERM/CERM/whatever (I think this is called "threading"), I categorize it into the appropriate tabbed section in a YUUGE (3.5"? 4"? I forget...) D-ring binder so I can find it via the index later. Really, this is the "Dr. Tom's" method but mine is all handmade. It ends up being about 2-400 pages depending on exam type, but I know it like the back of my hand.

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