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    well at least we now know which is the easiest engineering degree to get
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    "Humpty Dumpty isn't the only one having a great fall," titters @MadamPirate, tossing their carefully styled hair over their shoulder, somehow avoiding having any fly-aways cling to the artfully applied lip gloss thickly coating their lips. Taking a sip of their Starbucks (because they deserve it), they complete the action by lounging sensuously in the large armchair that is situated in the store's front window. Sitting across from them is @Will.I.Am, hands barely peeking out from the sleeves of their large, and extremely stylish, cable-knit sweater, humming softly in response as they take a sip of their own beverage. Never mind that they ordered an iced coffee and the cup is the farthest thing for being hot: the sweater and bundled up/cozy look is soooo Autumn 2019 aesthetic. "Motherfucking decorative gourd season." They respond, shimmying so they were even deeper in their sweater, which seems slightly more voluminous than it was just a moment ago. The bell chimed softly as a different patron entered the store for a mid-day refreshment. It was so nice having a chain coffee store in the neighborhood. Granted, something organic and local would have been better, but, ugh, the people who ran those stores! Totally didn't fit with the image they were trying to portray to the 'other' neighborhoods. No, no, it was much better to have a trademarked company, with a stock symbol, control the caffeine of those who didn't French-press it at home. It was the lesser of two evils. Plus the holiday cups were so cute: perfect for selfies and instas. @ChebyshevII PE carefully made a duckface that highlighted their cheekbones and tastefully implied they were too important to have a job and that things were just given to them in life. It was a hard insta life, but somebody had to be an influencer. #2blessed2bstressed #starbucks #redcup #lookoftheday They had over 100k followers who hung on their every word, just had to make sure they never took a picture when they were covered in child vomit and they'd be golden. As if the nanny would let the children loose for that long. Just as they were about to hit submit, the front door banged open with a thunderous clang and @Ranger1316 stumbled into the Starbucks, screaming, "@blybrook PE was killed last night! @blybrook PE was murdered!!" They actually dared to cut the line and head to the front without even having a mobile order. "Didn't you hear me, @blybrook PE was murdered! They were a professional body builder! Why would they attempt to actually bench press when they were trying to cut water weight before a competition!?!" They wailed when there was no reaction. Ambiance: Destroyed. Glaring patrons: Everywhere. Flower latte art: looking suspiciously like a penis. "You have to believe me! How did you not hear that they were killed?" @Ranger1316 exclaimed when no one moved from their cozy perches. Baffled at the lack of response, they grabbed @NikR's arm, causing hot chocolate to spill everywhere, "Something is wrong here. Something is seriously-" A choked off cry as a pitcher full of steamed milk was thrown in their face by the surprisingly petite barista, who had left their post behind the counter. As @Ranger1316 squirmed on the ground, eyes swelling and skin beginning to peel after turning a violent shade of red, the barista turned a blindingly white smile to @NikR. "I'm sorry for that disturbance, can I replace your drink? At Starbucks we understand we sometimes don't always make it right, and we want to make sure your drink is perfect." @NikR nodded dully, having never lifted their eyes from their phone where they were watching an Asian man do a full face of makeup after working, what seems to be, a full day in a coal mine. These skills are obviously worth studying and are way more important than the blathering of someone who would dare disturb the peace of a Sbux. "Does anyone else's order need to be corrected?" The barista asks, their voice melodiously blending with the Indy music being piped in from the hidden speakers, but loud enough to drown out @Ranger1316's pained whimpers. @vhab49_PE's perfectly plucked eyebrow rose above their Cartier Panthere aviators at the barista's inquiry. Obviously, death was the only answer. With a nod at their patron's request, the barista grabbed @Ranger1316 by the hair and somehow easily pulled them behind the counter while their co-workers continued to make drinks at an alarming speed. There was a gurgled shout, a strained 'No!', and then the heavy sound of the microwave door slamming shut on a solid object. The paninis would take a while to heat for the next customer. A moment later, the Vitamix blender crunches through something a little bit more solid than a frappuchino. Thank god they had three of the blenders in service at this location. "Venti, hot, skinny, vanilla chai latte, extra hot for...Shart? Venti, hot, skinny, vanilla chai latte, extra hot for Shart?" @chart94 sighed and grabbed the offered beverage. Smooth jazz played in the background over the smell of slightly burnt coffee and fresh blood. Nobody seemed concerned. @Ranger1316 was a gated community member (aka; a solid townie). The remaining players are: @ChebyshevII PE, @chart94, @RBHeadge PE, @Will.I.Am, @tj_PE, @NikR, @vhab49_PE, and @MadamPirate The final vote was: 6 @Ranger1316 1 @RBHeadge PE
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    Watching my daughter start to crawl right now. pretty cool.
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    This right here is solid gold. I fucking love it.
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    I did the calculation and got 'yo mama'. I chose D because it was the closest possible answer.
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    I am glad he was able to take easy breaths. Not being able to breathe properly is not a good start to exam day.
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    Especially when you read things like this in other threads:
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    It would be funnier if he were a civil and designed something, gets called out by the contractor, and has to attend a field resolution meeting where he shows up, as a 9 year old to defend his work. No, the rebar was supposed to go over here you big dummy!
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    Just replied in the mafia thread. I'm in.
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    It would involve a lot of talk about soggy bottoms, that odd taste of using flour as a thickener, and under-proving. There might also be talk of interesting flavor combinations and plating, but that would depend on who made it through the rounds. Maybe a croquembouche or two.
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    Please send me some chiro visits. My back is killing me from carrying all this SPAM.
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    Sorry. I wasn't sure if you were serious either 😧. Then I got distracted by my submittal boxes again. Mafia Log, Day 208: I have gained the trust of blybrook PE, and he has publicly vouched for me. Everything is going better than we could have planned it. (Really though, please do reach out if you pass through, everyone!)
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    alright noobs, we got to 1000. You gotta help yourselves too. only 14k left
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    Stay in your cubicle, never attend any company or professional associations, its really the best thing for you.
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    As a reminder, during your exam, you agreed to and signed the following, “Nor will I reveal in whole or in part any exam questions, answers, problems, or solutions to anyone during or after the exam, whether orally, in writing, on any internet chat rooms, or otherwise. I understand that failure to comply with this statement could result in invalidation of my exam results, limit my ability to retake the exam, and/or result in other sanctions.”
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    Make sure to contact your local state board and inform them of this timeline so that they are not caught off guard.
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    top 5% suburbia hell perfectly described
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    Sounds like you just nominated yourself. Let us know how it works out.
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    Excellent! I'm in.
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    Typically, in private industry, firms require a PE of any Principal or Executive responsible for signing contracts over a certain dollar amount due to legal liability. If I wanted to be a Senior VP overseeing construction projects at the last company I worked for, a PE would have been a requirement. The role itself only requires basic knowledge of construction and design process principals. It required more PM experience and cost management knowledge more than anything. I have a PMP and a CCM. These credentials were value much more than a PE. Where I am now, I don't need it to design anything and, aside from putting together site utilization plans when I was fresh out of college 15 years ago, I've never designed anything in my life. I oversee a number of designers, engineers, and billions of dollars in contracts. Therefore, it's required to mitigate liability and risk more than anything.
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    I had to take the PE three times, and the first two times, I took it with two different former coworkers (each one once) who were younger than me and had less experience. Both passed on the first try. It took me three times. Literally, when I failed the first time and my coworker passed, we told our boss the news together, and he looked at me in disbelief. It was the worst feeling ever. After I failed the second time, I went home early and cried in my bed. I was useless. When I got my results after taking it the third time, I was too scared to check my results myself and made my now husband (boyfriend at the time) check for me instead. He played a joke on me and wouldn't tell me what color box he saw on my NCEES dashboard. Finally, he told me. He's lucky I didn't break up with him over that!
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    They have 31 story buildings in Indiana?
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    Gotta spam harder, then, because veteran spams also count for the top 10.
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    Or Mafia. Chances are, if JayKay makes it through the first day, Jay Kay is Mafia.
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    Interesting @Road Guy. Now the version history is tracking names. It wasn't before.
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    Yeah. Everything everyone said. I've definitely packed on some pounds over my 15 year career. I'm fortunate that I now work for a company that really supports employee health stuff. (Interestingly, the company medical benefit is self-insured. I suspect the two are related.) They have an on-site gym which is REALLY nice. And unlike other places I've worked with a gym, here management really supports employees using it. I've been doing CrossFit for a year or so. Also my wife and I recently started keto. It's definitely not for everyone, but we've seen some good results. I share all this because it would be nice to discuss our action plans and successes (and struggles and failures), in addition to discussing the challenges. Hopefully it can provide some support and encouragement to others. Remember it's about progress, not perfection.
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    Hey you beefed up your interests list @Chattaneer
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    Sauteed spinach, 6 egg whites, one campari tomato, thrown onto two slices of Ezekiel bread with Frank's Red Hot liberally applied.
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    I've embraced the "buy new and drive it 'til the wheels fall off" philosophy. I'm done inheriting other people's problem cars.
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    Maybe my rep points will go up for this effort???
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    Means and methods are often left to the contractor. However, withe these new “efficient” designs it seems prudent to check the stability at various construction stages. Sometimes construction loads are the controlling design loads.
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    It's okay, everyone's mom is into something. Mine has discovered essential oils.
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    Hmmmm, @jean15paul_PE confirming that @jean15paul_PE isn't mafia. Sounds...suspicious.
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    You won't regret it. I have an MBA and with a technical background, it's helped me to advance significantly. Makes you more marketable in private industry.
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    that feel will eventually go away. Maybe as soon as January if you pass.
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    That's the worst part about this exam, that you can take all the "guaranteed pass courses" and what not but when it comes down to it, you could have every imaginable reference with you and study for 3 or 4 months and it still won't prepare you for what may be on the exam. I seriously felt that no amount of studying could have prepared me for this exam session. And that's the worst feeling because I feel like I can't do anything to get this thing over with.. It's a punch to the gut every time..
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    @Ranger1316 Thank you for the trash bag reminder! I don't think it's supposed to rain but it doesn't cost me anything to just throw one in the back of the car just in case. Call it overkill, but I don't care. I'm packing a small cooler and keeping it in my car with my homemade lunch in it. I'm staying in a hotel the night before so I'm not commuting directly from my house. While taking the simulated 8 hour exam a couple of weeks ago, I also simulated my meals to see how my tummy handled it. My lunch is super basic but it did the job. I'll eat like a Queen after this is all over.
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