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  2. Without any resources AM = 31 PM = 18 i Know what should be done , ... i will do it .
  3. Is the cut score different for each discipline?
  4. I've heard that too. I have no idea if its correct. But if you've got a a minute left and a couple questions left to fill, it can't be any worse than just randomly picking 'C'.
  5. Thank you for responding so quickly guys! @amk78 I was actually thinking of doing that as well. I could take it as many times as necessary without complication, but considering my track record with exams, it could get pricey lol. The extra paperwork does not sound appealing either. @RBHeadge PE That's an answer that I actually have gotten from GA. They do make you sit for the exam in their state. If I were to pass the 8 hour in CA, then I would have to pass the seismic and survey and get my PE before I could actually get my PE in GA. That would be fine though because I'm still going to be working for my California company, just remotely from GA.
  6. Anyone know if Michigan even gives you a certificate? lol...
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  8. True. And it's not just actual recruiting service, FIS's do the same thing posing as recruiters.
  9. @civilMC I’m thinking you may need a revised approach to testing. The problem with tabbing similar problems is that it’s easy to spend too much time trying to match problem types for hints on how to solve the specific thing on your desk. I’ve used that strategy myself, and it’s really only good for 2-3 problems ... and even then, only to check work or after being ‘stuck’ on a problem for a while. How did you feel about time on the test? Did you execute multiple passes through the problems? Personally, I took zero full practice tests (investing 8 hours in a simulated environment does nothing but stress me out ... not good). My first pass through the test on AM and PM was solely me doing ‘problem identification’ and writing down what formulas, references, and topics the question was probably citing. This helped me focus my solving efforts quickly. 20 minutes at the beginning of the test so I never had to return that identification step again! Feel free to DM me if you want to chat. Test taking strategy is something I also teach, and I can say that it’s very important to evaluate what in your process might also be tripping you up. Hang in there!
  10. He was looking for any excuse to get away from Westeros without losing face.
  11. It's going to take a while to get used to. I spent most of the 2017 waiting for the other shoe to drop.
  12. What @amk78 said, plus ask California if you have to physically take the test in California, or if you can physically sit for the exam in another location. It's my understanding that some states don't require you to actually physically take the test in their state.
  13. The point I'm making is even if all the questions were repeated, it would still be of no help. Unless I have those questions in front of me, I practice upon them and then retest. At this point it is all vague memory.
  14. Same here.. I failed 3rd time in April.. I actually had the Zach Power PE access for both previous attempts and I felt it did help but I still couldn't manage to pass. I'm just as confused as you, at this point I am not sure if just doing pure practice problems would be best.. I'm planning to sign up and hit it hard again, but not sure how to tackle it this time.
  15. 4 people from my firm took the April 2019 exam and two of us passed.
  16. I bought EET on-demand for October exam and I opened their materials using Google Chrome. I had no problem with my office laptop but not tried my personal laptop.
  17. Hi, I am planning to go to Houston in October. Can you still remember the location of Houston exam site? Thank you!
  18. @Sully287 I only had trouble when using the AdobeConnect app or trying to use mobile devices. Any time I was on a desktop or laptop, it was fine. Make sure you have the latest version of your browser of choice (Chrome, for me). Get in touch with EET if you continue to have problems accessing recordings.
  19. @PEstruc I highly recommend EET breadth / depth, as another poster recommended. I was blessed to have an excellent materials background, so while all the EET material was review to me, it was good quality review. Samir also does an excellent job with means and methods in the AM. I had no background with it until his lectures, and I felt very comfortable with those questions on the exam. While plenty of people pass without a class, I can say 100% I wouldn’t have been so confident on my first attempt if I hadn’t gone with EET. I used their reference binders for 60-70% of questions and only went to my specific material for code trivia. No CERM manual at all.
  20. Has anyone taken the CBT PE Environmental yet?
  21. I've taken it 6 times. There are similar-ish questions but I don't recall identical problems.
  22. @Sirian thank you so much for your reply!
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