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  2. I have the following Transportation References - PM me for more details. Highway Capacity Manual 6th Edition: A Guide for Multimodal Mobility Analysis (ISBN: 978-0-309-36997-8) - $220 + shipping Civil Engineering Reference Manual - 15th edition (ISBN: 978-1591265085) - $125 + shipping MUTCD - $40 + shipping **You are free to pick them up if you live in Northern Virginia.
  3. I think it would be bigfoots, since they already have more than one foot per bigfoot ? IDK
  4. Baconator

    Cut scores

    The cut score was 54.
  5. Like many others, I did not pass the PE Civil - Transportation exam on the first go. The first time around, I did the minimum to prepare (CERM review and few past exams. Did not have many references). In preparation for taking the exam the second time, a friend of mine recommended PASSPE (Dr. Mansour) review course. Initially I was very skeptical and thought it was another basic course that charges tons of money. I reached out to PASSPE asking them about their course. Before fully signing up and because i was referred by former student, Dr. Mansour mailed me a comprehensive reference summary that is prepared by him for his students. (YES! very comprehensive and it includes the most important sections of all the references that NCEES requires for the transportation depth). I was very amazed by the his work and it was worth the price to sign up (discounted rate for referenced and early sign up). To be on the safe side, i did take the other required references to the exam room. However, I heavily used his reference summary book. As a result, I'm now proud to say that I passed the PE and free to practice in VA. Here is a link to their website. Check them out.
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  7. Hello. I am retaking the structural PE exam. I am looking around and I am seeing a lot of material for the PE EXAM. any recommendations from there? specifically for structures, even tho if you guys came across a very good practice / study book in amazon for the morning part please let me know. tHanks,
  8. I just passed the power PE in NYS and I have been checking everyday as well. I didn't understand what it means that the applications have to undergo a "status review". On the application they ask all of the pertinent questions such as education, experience, etc. So, my understanding was that if you can sit for the exam and pass then you're pretty much good to go. As others have said, I guess it takes time to input the information into the database to issue licenses. I remember when I passed my FE it took about 4-5 weeks to get my certificate in the mail. Could be the same amount of time for the actual license. We'll see. Until then I'll just keep the refreshing the site daily just in case but I expect the wait to be no less than 4 weeks.
  9. @tj_PE, If I had been referring to them, would they have been bigfeet? I'm curious to the plurality there as I've never thought of the Sasquatch as more than a solitary blood thirsty undead demonic vampire ape with a hatred of mankind and a lust for world destruction by any means necessary (To include holding SE results until the very L A S T moment).
  10. Waste of time, I took a lot of material and 8-10 books, it did not help me answer one question. Of course, each one is different. Doesn't mean one shouldn't take reference material at all. There are people who can't do things such as PU, MVA , power factor formula from memory and if you ask them, they might say oh books helped me answer 4-5 questions. For those who can do a lot of stuff either from memory or little cheat sheet , if you really need help with obscure topics...I did not find reference material to be very helpful (code books are not included in this discussion)
  11. Is anyone selling the EET structural depth binder? I am willing to take it off your hands 😃
  12. I got 91 for MDM. 47/80 is about 59% so if your Texas score is 66% then that means there's a 7% curve? 7% of 80 is about 6 questions dropped from the exam.
  13. Agreed but participated in the survey regardless.
  14. jasonah

    Cut scores

    51/80 Civil:Geotech
  15. All of these books are still for sale, going to throw them up on Ebay today.
  16. I don't think the spin offs will be able to compare, unless they really secure some good writers - to me the one spinoff Id like to see or read would focus on castle black - i think you could do a main story line of the wall and then allow a lot of other side stories between the rest of the kingdom south of the wall and adventures north.
  17. NikR

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned for being indecisive.
  18. Although I passed, I felt the practice exams I did, even the NCEES practice exam, only prepared me for portion of the exam. There was at least one subject that appeared on multiple practice exams that did not show up on the test. When it came to the topic of the code, though, The Engineer Pro Guides Code practice exam was great preparation for the code questions. Taking the practice exams and reacquainting myself with complex imaginary math was very important to quickly working those types of problems. If I had to take it again, I would make sure to take a lot more references on a wider array of subjects. Some things didn't even require a deep understanding of the topic and could easily be looked up - if you brought the correct reference.
  19. Congrats again and thank you for being part of our online program!
  20. tj_PE

    Cut scores

    there's lots of threads about review courses, too. I cannot speak for WRE but for SE Vertical, EET was amazing!
  21. Banned because attitude won't unlock the spam thread... well actually it might...
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