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  2. @JPMCL @krisEng did you guys get your permanent pocket id? I got it yesterday in the mail and it appears to be a paper pocket id same the temporary one and different that the plastic fancy pocket ID that my colleague got last year! I wonder if the board has adopted the paper instead of the fancy plastic ID that looks like a credit card.
  3. I agree. You don't want the rebar to be exposed. Ideally, you don't want the rebar to be exposed in the first place. The cover requirement is for potential crack that could expose the rebar. If you seal the core, corrosion will more than likely not happen. I would still be very careful with the letter and specify it's a repair and corrosion can still happen but this repair will significantly reduce the likelihood.
  4. Whenever this happens, and it happens often, I always specify an appropriate seal to the penetration on both sides of the vault. Take a look at products like Flexicraft or others to make sure the penetration is done well. Is the vault going to be below a water table? If so, I recommend using a hydrophilic seal around the pipe on each side of the vault (assuming no finishes are placed over the seal). You may also want to look into the Concrete Repair Manual by ACI as their should be good information on an appropriate approach. I wouldn't allow the concrete coring to stay exposed. Make sure the penetration is sealed. This is my take, others may have different opinions. Below is the ACI Clear Cover requirements by ACI 318-14.
  5. I second all of this. I took the PE construction depth course and the only reason I did not take the breadth is because I had already signed up and paid for an in person weekend breadth course. If I were to go back I would take both the morning and afternoon with EET. The on demand feature is great, the binder was the best and most heavily relied on reference I had and Professor Ead goes above and beyond to ensure you are prepared. Luckily I do not have to worry about how I would do it again, because I passed first try in large part to this class! Complete the lectures, tab the binder they provide and complete all of the homework questions. This class is more affordable that everything else I have seen out there and the results are proven. Highly recommend.
  6. Late to the game too, but I started playing Witcher 3 last month. I don't get much time at it so I haven't gotten too far, and I don't know what level I am yet. All I know is I took a side quest to find some dude's brother and ended up in some shitty mine where a giant spider keeps killing me. But the really cool thing is I started reading the books, on the recommendation of a friend, and that has really made the game seem so much more immersive, and given me the right mindset/ethics etc needed to "be" Geralt, and to appreciate his friends etc.
  7. Actually i just bought your full exam practice and Holy cow i printed it in the office and it become like a thick book im looking forward to solve and get more information. I just dont know if i have the will power to do this again in October... im drained financially and emotionally from this last exam..
  8. I have a hard time believing the cut score was that high. Especially since the pass rate was still very low compared to other exams. That means someone got over a 70% and still failed. I could see the cut score being that high if say the pass rate was in the 80% range. Idk I just can’t believe it would be that high.
  9. @Mechanical Ryan A 51 out of 80 is a good score and I am rooting for you to pass in October. One suggestion that I typically recommend is to go back to the NCEES HVAC practice problems and try to decipher why the other 3 solutions are incorrect. If you felt like you understood the concepts, then you could possibly be falling for one of the "trick" answers. For example, one trick that I like, is to give both sensible heat and total heat and ask you to find temperature. If you use total heat, then you will get the wrong answer. In my opinion, a lot of the difficulty with the HVAC problems is due to the extra information. I often hear from those that have passed, that the exam seemed super easy. But they were worried because they didn't use all the information in the problems.
  10. Interesting. All I know is that I was told to take it in state for power.
  11. Thats what I told my wife i know i answer correctly all that psychrometric chart questions thats why im confuse i only get half right. During practice exam with PPI and ncees sample exam i got that everything right because most of it is pure look up and plug in the numbers off the chart. Thanks I will look into those ASHRAE charts because during exam i was scared to use my own charts thinking i might accidentally write something on it so I only use the chart provided during exam.
  12. That’s great! Congrats!! Just checked mine, and still waiting!
  13. Mine says the same thing. That was what I had talked with them about, which lead to the 2 week comment. My understanding is they are both covered by the exam we passed.
  14. Please see the links below for the results of the April 2019 HVAC, Machine & Thermal PE Exam Surveys.
  15. Please see the link below on the results of the April 2019 Power PE Survey. My biggest takeaways. 1. This exam has a higher cut score than the October 2018. 58 as opposed to 51. 2. This exam was geared towards electrical engineers with more experience. 3. The number of study hours is increasing. More people passed with less study hours in October 2018. In this exam, more people passed with more study hours.
  16. So this thread is not about athletic underwear?
  17. You can take it in another state, but you have to get licensed first before you can transfer to CA to take the seismic and survey
  18. Yesterday
  19. My company recently hired a metallurgist, and before we hired one, we employed one of two local firms that have multiple metallurgists on staff.
  20. I got this answer before the last administration as I am an OH resident going for a CA license. You must take it in CA.
  21. @Kara_ENGRI'm going to be taking the exam in NY as well - just wondering when you scheduled your exam through NCEES, did you have to pay $375? Because I thought the fee that we already paid to the NYS board ($377) would cover for the first time we take the exam. Please advise - thanks!
  22. I am looking for people who passed PE test in Oregon. Let me know if you have any study material that you can share.
  23. rude. not the same year tho im sure
  24. How many more years, if ever, do you think it will be before they update these concrete tech notes for ACI 318-14?
  25. @RBHeadge PE I agree and yes they were the first this time around huh? California just couldn't do it in the first day. Maybe it's the time change. Seems like GA takes forever to release results these days so no thank you to that lol
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