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  2. If I knew how to post gifs, I'd post that HP gif of "TROLLLLLL IN THE DUNGEON!"
  3. just for kicks I just checked if anything was available. Nope, mostly sold out, or 1 lone seat in the front corner
  4. Ohh, I didn't check if tix were still available per se, or even desirable seats, just what times they were being shown.
  5. If you spam more, you'll get more opportunities
  6. I could be wrong on this, but...I think he’s requesting a...”retweet”?
  7. Isn't troll a bad word? Should I be even getting anywhere near PE if that's what I want to do in life? 😅
  8. Today
  9. Yeah, everything here is pretty much sold-out until Wednesday. So I'll just wait. No biggie for me.
  10. Sold out early here for tonight, DD has play tomorrow night....going Sat. No spoilers ....I’ll hunt you down!
  11. I won't be seeing it until tomorrow at 2 (I wake up at 4:30 am so I start drifting off pretty early), so no spoilers from me. I ain't that mean. I am giving myself a 2 week spoiler blackout to let everyone see it.
  12. The other thing I like about the machine craps table is it shows you the last couple of rolls, so every now and then that may give me a motive to put some money on the hard 4 or hard 8, etc. (If it feels like its its "turn") I cant keep track of it on the real table. They have $1 and $3 bets at the BJ tables in Blackhawk, but Ive only been there a few times, I am going to try and get some folks from work to go now that its warmed up some. The rooms at the renovated tower were really nice, not Cosmo nice but a close second. I did like being right in the middle of the strip. and it was a short walk to In&Out Burger. We ate at Joes Seafood, Prime Steak and Stone crab one night (not "Joes Crabshack"). There main dishes were excellent but there sides were all pretty terrible!! I got the large stone crab legs and they were delicious!
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