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  2. Tennessee and Kentucky added. I included a note for the $400 annual privilege tax which is being eliminated in 2020. I just paid mine for 2019. Note: When did the Capital of Tennessee move to Memphis? I was not aware of this.
  3. @ ND engineers... Wow... what does your Board do with all the money it collects? @ Grady Hillhouse... Really!? TX makes you renew the license every year? I hope at least they accept electronic payments.
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  5. Hi all, I already accepted my fate with regards to the last exam. I just want to pass like everyone else. if you guys could take a look at my diagnostic and see if you could recommend any review material / 's. Last exam I use the MERM 13th edition NCEES sample exam and ASHRAE books as reference. Looking forward to this next exam and not failing anymore. I appreciate any help with this.
  6. I read that NCEES distributes the exam answers to an equal distribution of A's, B's, C's, and D's so there is no advantage in guessing all A's for example. Have no idea if this is actual correct though.
  7. There is a "Yard Sale" page for you to sell them.
  8. I would love to find out how many of those "A"s was actually correct, but I couldn't. I did the same thing for my FE exam on paper (last one in 2013) as well, "B" for AM and "C" for PM, also passed.
  9. Just by looking at your AM scores, 24 isn't good enough at all. You should target at least 30-32 for AM. I found the topics on Project Planning, Means and Methods, and Site Development very general for all Civil disciplines. Anyone that has engineering work experience should be able to answer those relatively quickly with appropriate study and practice problems. On your second attempt you only got 5/12 on those 3 topics, which if you were able to answer them all correct, it would have brought you to 31 instead of 24 for AM. Continue to sharpen your strengths and don't let it go down again. Also I am not sure what your exam strategy was. I have said elsewhere on this forum that I spent the first 5-10 minutes reading through all the 40 questions and determine the order I will go with. I was only able to answer around 55 questions with confidence, guessed educatedly with around 10, and literally putting all "A"s (for PM) or "C"s (for AM) down for the remaining 15 questions I had no idea with. The ABCDs are equally distributed (10 each) so you should have an idea on what answers choice would give you the best chance to win the lottery.
  10. Well if you circled any answers, I’d submit you took the wrong exam.
  11. I took PPI for Civil Transpo and passed. No data points from EET but it never hurts to do practice problems. Practice more and often.
  12. Leftover homemade yellow curry & rice with chicken, carrots, potatoes, and onions.
  13. No one really knows. I suggest you could join the NCEES Board of Directors and then tell us.
  14. Yes John. It was the easiest man. I circled 10 "A"s in the last minute of my PE depth session and still passed. Rumor has it.
  15. MspSdf

    Cut scores

    Nah... 52 at most.
  16. Yes. Allison is out of office this week, probably she needs a break from our daily calls in the last few weeks.
  17. In general you should be able to see your license number in the database before you get your mail with your number. Also bear in mind the website only updates once per day, so you’re not going to gain anything by continually inputting your information.
  18. Hi everyone I have brand new 3 exam EET CBT book if anyone is interested. New never used. 50 dollars. it is 85 dollars i believe on EET website. Thanks
  19. Yesterday
  20. Not sure about the video loading. I had to use Firefox to get the pdf's to load. Try switching browsers?
  21. Hypothetically speaking, let's say I wrote April exam and sat for Oct exam and all the questions were repeated. 1st of all, I won't remember those questions because when you sit for the exam, you are so occupied with doing your test then memorizing the question. So I think it will be of no use to know whether a few questions will be repeated and it will be of no use even if all questions will be repeated.
  22. Does your lisence number pop up within their online database before they email you? Ive only sent in one application and that was for my work exp and to get acceptance to sit in for the PE. Not sure if there's any other paper work. I keep inputting my name on their website to see an update, but that darn EIT status won't go away.
  23. Hey everyone, I currently using EET for a PE review course, but am having problems with getting the adobe connect videos to buffer. The slides never load but I can see the video, which freezes every couple of seconds. I currently live in Beaufort, South Carolina and have internet over 200 mbps. I was wondering if anybody else had a problem like this. Thank you and cheers
  24. That's gotta be for the PE exam... sorry
  25. To your original question though, it's determined by test (i.e. electrical power, mechanical HVAC, mechanical MDM each have their own) and not by state (i.e. CA electrical power has the same cut score as FL electrical power). It is definitely not a flat 70%, some tests have consistently higher/lower cut scores than others. Power is usually on the low end of cut scores (low 50s). I think (although haven't checked to confirm) that there are some reports of failed tests out there at a 56 (i.e. 70%). That seems like a pretty rare occurrence and the majority of the time, a 56+ passes.
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