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  2. $300 Discount for Spring FE Review Courses!

    School of PE offers: 1. Ondemand, Live Online, and Onsite classes to meet your learning needs 2. Risk-free enrollment 3. A free repeat option if you don’t pass your exam 4. Free basic calculator training with any review course 5. Free basic engineering math with most review courses Visit our website for more information: http://www.schoolofpe.com/
  3. Jackie Chan! Nice. Always wanted to meet him in person...
  4. Lyric battle!

    That's when you turned and said to me, I don't care babe who's right or wrong, I just don't love you no more... You made it clear when you said I just don't love you no more
  5. The Running Thread

    Sprint tri, there ya go!
  6. Today
  7. The Running Thread

    Everything in moderation. I like @kevo_55's plan above in only running for 30 min. Anymore than that has the potential for long-term damage due to the excessive impact.
  8. I was very fortunate to meet this guy. In my view, he's a nice and intelligent guy.
  9. The Running Thread

    Orrrrr do both! And throw in swimming, and go for a tri!
  10. The Running Thread

    That's the plan B @knight1fox3, however, I do like running and find it more fun than biking.
  11. Fellow Engineering brothers and sisters, If you have any Civil AM and Structural PM sample test files (even an older version of NCEE test) that you can share, please post a file sharing link below. Kristine's blog and CE Academy's videos are good resource, but I am looking for a sample test. Elon Musk bless you.
  12. Yes, but it only works if you chase it with a liter of Sprite. Please video for science.
  13. Bumping a post etiquette

    I don't think the mindset around EB.com is that strict. Some of us find it a bit humorous when various threads are bumped that are say, 3-5 years or older. But that's more the case that someone was diligent enough to actually find an old thread of that nature. If a thread is truly closed for commenting for whatever reason, it will be locked accordingly by the admin/mod staff. Post away Scrappy!
  14. Bumping a post etiquette

    What is the proper etiquette when bumping a post? Year since last reply? last Decade? Non-current Exam cycle? If you have to ask, you should not reply to an old post? Is it okay to bump an old thread if the topic is still relevant or new current event makes the old thread relevant or should you just start a new thread?
  15. The Running Thread

    Or perhaps switch to a different outdoor exercise/activity that is less impact like biking.
  16. The Running Thread

    Thanks @leggo PE and @kevo_55 for the suggestions and encouraging words. I intend to start again this Sunday after a week of rest and hopefully the shin splints would have healed by then.
  17. Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    Not sure. But you should experiment and report back to us, for science. A YouTube video to supplement would also be helpful to document the process.
  18. Inspirational Quotes

    Clients "Choose clients as you would friends." - Charlie Munger
  19. Holy schmoley this post started in 2009 (and I replied back then)
  20. Is it true that you can get some sort of "high" from eating too many dried banana chips?
  21. It varies across disciplines and industries. I've read numbers ranging from 10-20% for all engineers.
  22. Banana's are the devil's schlong. I dry heave just from the smell of them. Have ever since I was a kid.
  23. Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    Quite happily, actively, and healthily!
  24. Winter Olympics 2018

    Yeah crazy things happen when you're moving at 60 miles an hour on ice I had an app that I used to use that will track your elevation gain and speed while skiing and I think the most I ever got up to was around 35 miles an hour and that was for a very short distance, the TV doesn't really translate how fast they are going but I think the men get up into the 70 range?
  25. How do you live with yourself?
  26. Did you receive an email when your application was first sent to technical review? If so, how long was it between getting that email and this one that said your application was incomplete?
  27. The Running Thread

    About 14 years ago I weighed in at 205 lbs. One day I simply said I'm changing and I cut the crappy food off cold turkey. To this day, I run 30 mins a day and trade off with some push ups, crunches, and some planks every other day. Now, I am 40 and I weigh 164 lbs. It is never too late to change things around. For your shin splints, try running on the grass. Try also to almost run on the front part of your feet rather than always landing on your heel. It really does help.
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