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Important software for civil engineers

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suhasj123    0

It is good to have the knowledge about important software for civil engineers at least you should know the applications of this software. I am mentioning few of important that are widely used in civil engineering for various purpose.

Most Important Civil Engineering Software:

  • AutoCAD :

Application: Modeling, Drafting , Architectural Drawing

  • Revit :

Application: Construction Software(Instead of AutoCAD Revit is been used in Many Industries) and Building Information Modeling Software used in Structural Engineering.

  • 3D Home Architect :

Application : Powerful and Flexible 3D home Design

  • STAAD Pro :

Application: to analyze the response of Wind, Earthquake and moving load.

  • Mathcad :

Application: Numerical Analysis and mathematical operations.

  • 3D Max software :

Application: 3D visualization of designs.

  • Microsoft O7ce: Excel, Word, Power point

Application: Generating/writing reports and creating presentations.

  • Etabs :

Application: To calculate all the moments like shear force and column moments easily and make Big building designs with much ease.

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ptatohed    583

Hmmm.....   trying to figure out your agenda.  Do you work for Autodesk? 

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