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Electrical PE Exam - Apr. 2017

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BigWheel    44
On 6/5/2017 at 3:14 PM, Taim said:

Hello All,

I need a help to pass my next PE Exam, i did this exam twice at last October and this last April, i feel i did better at April comparing to last October but still did not pass, i used as much as i can from the above mentioned references but now i am disappointed and need help to get properly prepared to the exam by organizing the references and books and some extra drills, both exams i did poor at 35/80 for October 2016 and 34/80 for April 2017 which surprised me!

Your help highly appreciated.


10 hours ago, Mobius said:

Here's some off the wall things I also did.  Go to Youtube.  Seriously.  Search subject matters that you struggle with.  It's amazing how much information you will find.  Not because it's the best information, but because it's often the stuff you already know presented in a different way.  Everyone learns in different ways.  Absorb as many different explanations of a subject that you can find.  Electrical PE Review on YT is a great source for material.  But I also found Learn Engineering has some great visuals on concepts that help make things click in your head.  Their series on induction and synchronous motors is incredibly helpful.

I've said it a couple of times already, but I recommend @Electrical PE Review for a review course. I took his online review course leading up to the PE. Passed it on the first try.

The material is presented in a very concise manner and Zach is very responsive via email. The videos are top-quality and he has an excellent introduction that really puts the exam in perspective.

I made a 1" three-ring study binder from his course and never once referenced it...not because it wasn't useful, but because I was able to retain the information much better since I wrote it down myself instead of just highlighting another person's material.

He has a pass guarantee - if you take his review course and you don't pass, I believe he lets you take the course again for free, so you really don't have anything to lose.

I spent approximately 8 to 10 hours per week and finished his course in 11 weeks, so lots of great information to cover.

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