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Transmission Line Question Short Line Model: Power Flow

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snerts50    1

I haven't posted here in a while, but hello!

I am now under taking my masters and have run into a conundrum.

We are working on transmission line modeling, and I have the following homework problem:

2) The per-phase impedance of a short three-phase transmission line is 0.5∠53.15◦ Ω. The tree-phase

load at the receiving end is 900 kW at 0.8 power factor lagging. Draw the phasor diagram with the

line current I, as a reference and for the line-to-line sending end voltage is 3.3 kV, determine:

a. the receiving-end line-to-line voltage in kV;

b. the line current;

c. the sending-end power factor;

d. sending-end three phase complex power;

e. the three-phase line losses.

typically, these problems give load (sending or receiving) values for one side or the other. And using the short transmission line model of Vs=Vr+ZI, you solve from there.

But I was given sending voltage, and receiving load. So I cannot figure out, really, how to start. I need to find Receiving Voltage, and based on the sequence of questions, I can do so without the line current.

Does any one have any thoughts on this?

I am attempting to build the vector diagram to figure out voltage at the receiving end, so that I can work backwards. Since I am given load and pf, I assume those are key, but cannot think of how to use them with the remainder of the given information.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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sunbeam667    0

Hello everyone! Maybe someone good at this topic or met this problem before, because I was really confused reading about this: 


Can someone tell me: does it actually work? And how terahertz radiation can influence on the human body, considering that THz waves passing through variety of things, such as plastics, ceramics, composites etc.? Thanks in advance!

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