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ERRATA - RUWAN Construction Module Practice Problems

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Overall a very good text. Some rough patches, but lots of good depth for us Construction people.

Here is what I found so far

  • Page 33. PP 15. I'm not sure if the Author's solution is correct - Mmax should be a function of the axle location relative to the midpoint of the beam. It might be oversimplified here.
  • Page 47. Problem 31. Solution should be $660,000 for 3 years, not 4.
  • Page 188. Ex. 4, Formwork Labor Hours (LH) should be 12 x 75/100 = 9 LH's, thus total cost should be $771 (not $936).
  • Page 188. Ex. 5. Should specify Hrs/day for Grading production. Assuming 8 hour days is probably not realistic.

Feel free to add more as necessary.



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