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Help Me Pass Survey

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Guys- i was wondering if someone had difficulty passing survey who eventually did pass can shed some light on how they eventually passed.. I unfortunately work in a section where I don't see plans that often, and on the test I have difficulty understanding the figures and then figuring out what they are asking and what they showing.... I have studied through the reza book, have the chelpati book, mansour book also which is almost the same as reza.. I am considering buying mansour dvds and besides that I am not sure how else to prepare for this test...

Can someone also explain what does Mansour cover in his DVDS? is it just his books? or he goes in theory and has other sample problems in the dvds. and if you recommend purchasing them..

Last time I failed more miserably than the time before, and this sucker is the only one I have left, and I am not sure what else to do.. loosing patience... ahhhhhh...HELP!

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If you've never taken a class in surveying in college or familiar with the process at work, then starting from stratch is a challenge. It's mostly about geometry so it will be to your advantage to understand horizontal and vertical curves, open and closed traverses, cut and fill quantities, and the fundamentals of using a level (backsight, foresight, instrument height). The rest of the exam is more qualitative and involves surveying practices.

If you've never heard of the terms above, I strongly recommend going online and learning as much as possible about what surveyors do. The exam is about solving problems quickly (3 minutes per problem) which implies you would already have a handle on the purposes of surveying.

Good luck!

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EnvEngineer    1

I really struggled with the survey exam, study, study study. then manage your time. There are several problems you must skip, it is not an option to work these unless you are one of the super text takers that do all the problems and pass. There are at least 7 that do not deserve your time, skip them and spend more time getting through the test and getting more right,, they are all 1 point no matter how difficult

See my survey books for sale in the swap meet

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ptatohed    570

Here's a link to a review course that a lot of my co-workers had success with. I am using him as well.


I like the [Previous Partidipants] button. ;)

I let him know and he fixed it. :)

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monkeywinky    0

I used the Cuomo book and Mansour book. I read through the chapters and did the problems - twice. Then I did practice problems.

Practice problems:


120 solved survey problems

mansour's practice exams at end of his book

sample survey exams, by boniface

The thing with survey is to try and really understand the concepts and not just mindlessly crank out problems in hopes that on the test you can see something similar so you could plug and chug. There are usually multiple ways of getting the right answer so if you focus on really understanding what they are asking, you'll do fine.

A few of my friends would just do problem after problem and then bring them all to the test to refer to - unfortunately you don't have time to do that.

Oh, and speed. What I suggest is "saving" the sample exams by boniface til the end and do a timed test to see how you do.

Then do everything over again - the second time will really reinforce your grasp on the subject.

Best of luck.

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