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There are no results to display.

Found 47 results

  1. October 2017 PE Results Survey

    After you receive your results, can you please take a few minutes to fill out a survey? This will help the future PE test takers get an idea on the references used, number of hours spent studying and which topics are difficult/easy. Power October 2017 PE Survey Link: https://goo.gl/forms/XseluKZn7dRvCtQi2
  2. Good morning all. I received the green "Pass" for my Power PE exam this morning, so I'm ready to release the write-up of my experience. I will reply to this with an attached PDF for those who want a simple 2-page print-out (the site isn't letting me attach it here). Hoping this is a help to you future test-takers! As a side note, I took (for the first time) and passed the FE exam earlier this year. I have a write-up for that in the FE forum. My Therapist Said I Should Do This for Closure (Joking) I did a lot of research before prepping for the Power PE exam, and many of my resource choices came from input of others in this forum. Thanks everyone! For you future Power PE exam takers prepping, here is an overview of my resources, study plans, and experience (don’t worry – no prohibited exam info in here): Resources Custom 4” binder (had this out and used for ~70% of questions on the exam) Printouts from all sections in Electrical PE Review premium course. Handwritten and typed additional notes and formulas Random articles I expected to be useful (including FE Handbook sections) GRAFFEO’s book (out a few times during the exam) 2014 NEC (whichever version applies to your exam is a must-have) PRM (Camara) (used a few times on the exam) 2017 NESC (no brainer, even though it makes up a small percentage of the exam) Electrical Machines and Drives (Wildi) (fantastic book – out a few times during the exam) Power System Analysis and Design (Glover) (may not be the best book, but I used it in school and it has some helpful sequence network, 3-phase analysis, and transmission model information) (out a few times during the exam) Power System Analysis (Grainger) (usually my go-to for power flow and sometimes transmission) NCEES Practice Exam (was helpful for exam prep) CI volumes 2-4 (was helpful for improving exam-style question speed – does not cover all topics) Spin-Up (was somewhat helpful for exam prep – very simplified questions) I took some extra references with me to the exam, but did not include them on the list since I didn’t use them or see them as worthwhile. Study Plans 6 Months Out: Started researching resources and other engineers’ experiences with study prep. I mostly did this on forums and with engineers at work. 4 Months Out Avoided any practice exams. Purchased and went through Graffeo’s book (except exam). Started typing out custom notes/formulas pages broken down by the NCEES “Power Exam Specifications.” I used Graffeo and PRM as my primary sources for this. Hit rotating machinery and realized a class might be a good idea. Previewed some rotating machinery notes from Electrical PE Review (EPR)…decided to go with that as my class. Signed up for the premium class at the end of the month. 3 Months Out Created binder tabs for each section in the EPR course. Pre-printed everything so I could highlight and take notes as I went through the course and videos. This was a good move…by the end of the course, I generally knew right where to go in my custom book for common formulas and question types. I probably made it through the course in ~100 hours (others would be much faster/slower depending on what they intend to get out of it). There are 100’s of pertinent quiz questions and many helpful videos. I feel like I saved weeks of my life by not having to create more formula sheets and not having to run through tons of questions that would not have been pertinent to the exam. 2.5 Months Out Started taking one practice exam per weekend: Complex Imaginary (CI) Graffeo 2 Months Out Took the NCEES Practice Exam…didn’t cry (high 80’s) Fell into a big project at work that consumed most of the rest of the next two weeks Worked Spin-Up problems here-and-there. Tabbed the heck out of my references. 1.5 Months Out Through Test Day Breezed through all the EPR courses again. Started over on the ‘1-practice exam per-weekend’ cycle. Watched and/or participated in the EPR live classes. Printed articles and just tried to patch holes in my knowledge. Test Day Experience Got a hotel room the night before for fear of a flat tire keeping me from making it on time. Packed a lunch the morning of the exam and packed in coffee and a couple of CLIF bars. Got to the exam site 30 minutes before doors opened (I was not the first there). Took the morning section and found it played to my weaknesses. Had most questions done in 3-hours. Spent the remaining time on a few of the harder questions and checking answers. I use the multi-pass testing approach. For me, this means: with exception of NEC questions, do all questions requiring minimal or no look-ups on first time through (~60%); do all NEC questions on second time through (~20%); do hardest questions 3rd/4th time through (~20%). Felt pretty confident on 30/40. I’m guessing I got 75-85% on the morning. Side Note - I recommend not going in dehydrated – plan for one restroom break. It cost me less than 5 minutes. Had lunch in my car and just hung out until the doors opened for the afternoon section. Took the afternoon section and found it played to my strengths. Had most questions done in 3-hours. Spent the remaining time on a couple of harder questions and checking answers. Felt pretty confident on 35/40. I’m guessing I got 80-90% on the afternoon. As I write this, that experience was yesterday…I won’t know if I passed for several weeks. I will say I felt fairly well prepared. For what it is worth, I feel like a better engineer for the study and experience; now I am ready to move on! Hope not to see any of you in six months…then this really is closure! Good luck in the future, everyone.
  3. Mechanical & Power PE Results Survey

    After you receive your results, can you please take a few minutes to fill out a survey? This will help the future PE test takers get an idea on the references used, number of hours spent studying, cut score and which topics are difficult/easy. HVAC & Refrigeration October 2017 PE Survey Link: https://goo.gl/forms/lhQCu7Z5r6vyjWje2 Thermal & Fluids October 2017 PE Survey Link: https://goo.gl/forms/VrXYXjwsY5Ycpjv43 Machine Design & Materials October 2017 PE Survey Link: https://goo.gl/forms/gVXyLJ7RkJqzrcZB2 Power October 2017 PE Survey Link: https://goo.gl/forms/XseluKZn7dRvCtQi2
  4. GMD for more than 3 conductors

    I've seen 2 different equations from 2 different references for finding the GMD for 4 conductors. -one used (D12 x D23 x D13 x D14 x D24 x D34)^(1/4) -the other used (D12 x D23 x D13 x D14 x D24 x D34)^(1/6) i assume one of them is wrong? which one is correct? im leaning towards the 6 root one to be correct, can someone please confirm? what is the general eqn for n number of conductors? i assume nth root of the product of n possible distances. Thanks in advance for help.
  5. Power Transfer Formula

    Please explain to me why sin(delta2) = (P1/P2)*sin(delta1) I don't understand how it got to that step. can someone please show the steps leading up to how sin(delta2) is determined? Thanks!
  6. Induction Machine

    Hello, What equation is being used in the solution? (question from Kaplan sample exam) Is max torque synonymous to max power? In Graffeo's book I see the formula: Slip at which Pmax occurs at = Sp = Rrotor/(Rrotor + Zeq), where Zeq = Zmotor + Zstator. But this equation seems slightly different than the one used int he solution. Also, if you have good machine references (such as a formula sheet) to share it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Vpp vs Vpn

    I often find myself making the mistake of using Vpp rather than Vpn and vice versa. After I see the solution and realized the mistake I made, it seems so obvious from the start that I should have used Vpn. Question 1: are there any techniques or rules to follow to be sure what voltage potential to use and minimize mistakes? or is it just trial and error learning process? I dont want to make such a simple mistake on exam day. Question 2: When converting from Vpp to Vpn I usually follow the formula Vpn = Vpp/(sqrt(3)∠30°). In the example below, the ∠30° is left out of the denominator. Can someone explain to me why? When to include ∠30° and when to exclude? Thanks!
  8. Graffeo - Single Phase Problem

    Hi, can someone explain to me the whole 'two wires' thing in single phase circuit and why the impedance is 2 times. Thanks in advance
  9. Hello Everyone! New here, but giving back to this forum just as it gave something to me. Resources and hope! I recently moved to the from Canada with a few years of experience in my hands after graduating as an Electrical Engineering candidate in the summer of 2013. While I hadn't been out of school for long, I still lost all hope of being in a school/study environment again and was worried about this FE Electrical and Computer CBT based exam. After looking at resources and forums I decided to start my studying. I moved here in April and with wanting to take my PE Power exam in the April of 2017, I decided to dedicate some time this year (2016) to study and try and pass the FE. So I bought the FE Electrical and Computer textbook by Lindeburg on Amazon for 50-ish $ and started studying by the end of July. I followed the schedule it says and tried to do one chapter a day, and sometimes three-four on weekends. Lindeburg suggests that you could start the course 45 days ahead of the exam and complete all 45 chapters without rest days and pass the exam the next day. I think this is pretty accurate since the exam is not very tough. Along with the textbook, I tried to learn where all the units and equations are in the FE Reference book which is the exact same book given to you on the computer in the exam. I also watched Raiya Energy Academy's Youtube videos online and used it for different questions and examples. I also found some online assessments that started a timer and told you how you did. And finally I made sure to really practice with my calculator and use the special functions like complex conversion, matrices, vectors, equation solving, computer numbering formats, and boolean logic. This last part is really important because doing all these in your calculator, saves you time, which gives you more minutes in the end for harder problems or for reviewing. After I was done going through the book, I decided to book the exam three weeks from finishing the book, and spend these weeks looking at the book and the reference manual again, but this time just doing the problems. I am so glad I did the steps above, because after I did the exam on a Friday, I found out I passed online the next Wednesday. Hope this helps you!
  10. Graffeo - CT question

    Hi, this is a figure in the 2016 printing of the Graffeo book, page 148. Is there a typo in describing the direction of current above the CT on I2 side? The description is the same before and after the fault...why? I tried checking the errata on Graffeo's website but this page is not mentioned. Thanks in advance!
  11. Hello Everyone! After posting my FE exam prep from October 2016 found here: I decided to go strong and work towards my PE Power. Like I mentioned before, I already had the required 4 years of work experience between both Canada and the US, so I decided to apply for the PE Exam and write it in the coming April 2017. I would say, from talking with coworkers, peers, and just overall looking at all the material available it was really intimidating and overwhelming at first. I was very nervous about this exam from the get-go even after studying for the FE and passing it. Having done the FE just recently should help, is what I kept hearing from everyone, but of course I was finding it hard to connect the dots between the FE and the PE exams. Primarily, because the FE really is very basic level understanding of electrical engineering (First and Second year course material from University) whereas the PE is more like the third and fourth year materials + codebooks. In any case, I didn't have a great plan of studying for this like I did for the FE. With the FE I just took the reference material and followed their plans. With the PE, I asked around at work for what was available, and luckily there were a couple folks that had 5-6 different NCEES PE Power Practice Exam and Camara's booklets that combined had over a 1000 problems. I also printed out the NEC 2017, the NESC 2012, the NFPA 70 2017, the ANSI Device Numbers, and had a copy of the EPRM by John Camara. This last book was what I used to start my prep. Similar to the FE prep, I first went through the EPRM entirely and thoroughly. Then I went through a whole bunch of videos on youtube related to Power problems, notable mention Raiya Energy Academy. Again, while I don't always agree with Raiya's solutions, her problems and walk throughs are worth looking into. She gets the steps right 99 percent of the time, but the answer might be wrong in some cases. She corrects herself in most cases. After I finished the EPRM book, I went through the entire NEC 2017 code book and sticky tabbed most of the important and often used artices, (See Raiya's video on Must Know NEC Articles). I have to admit, you are not going to remember where each article is. So heavily rely on the index pages of these code books in the end of the books. After the NEC, I went through the NESC codebook and the NFPA codebooks fairly quickly in order to get the gist of the materials. The last four weeks before the exam, all I did was problems problems problems. I have to admit, after I did the exam, I had a sense of relief, it was either from finishing a long 9.5 hours day (including breaks) or I was fairly confident in what I had answered were correct. For anyone thinking that there isn't enough time in the exam, if you prepared as much as I did, and I think you should, then you should have enough time to write the exam and still have 45 minutes in the end to check everything. I had finished checking and still left a half an hour earlier. Total time taken to study: Once I passed the FE, and got my approval that I had been registered for the PE exam in February, I started studying Mid February. From Mid-Feb to April 19th, I spent 8 weeks studying. Weekends were the busiest (6-8 hours each day) and then 3-4 weeknights of one hour each. Prep Prep Prep, is all I can say. I can usually gauge whether or not one would need to study as much or not for a certain exam, however, both before and even after writing the PE exam, I have to say you must put in your hours to study. It is not that hard, but it is not trivial. So I passed, and the results came out exactly 1 Month and 5 days later. Good luck to Oct 2017s and future PEs.
  12. Yellow fellow engineers!

    I guess I forgot to introduce myself on my first day here (the day I found out my dream of becoming a PE is shattered and postponed to another 6 months... the day of to be or not to be... the day of green or red... the day of passed or fail... the day of tears or tears (this time from joy)... I am a power electrical engineer and will be taking The Power PE in October for the second time. I've found this forum really helpful for both study and emotional support. I hope I can contribute and support others as well the same way I get help and support. thank you, A warrior from Cali
  13. Failing Score on Power PE

    Failed 48/80 first time taker. 48 correct questions out of 80. please share your failing score and if you passed your advice and strategy! Thank you.
  14. 6MS TFS, Problem #67

    I am working the 6 minute solutions problem 67 and I was wondering how they derived the equation for power. I knew to use the isentropic equation with P=mdot*work. I canceled out the densities and almost ended up with their equation. Pth = (k/k-1)*Q1*p1*[(p2/p1)^k-1/k - 1] I don't really need help with the solution method, I just need to understand how they got k/(k-1) as part of the isentropic work equation. MERM 24.118 shows it as 1/(k-1). A previous post said to derive it, but I still wouldn't get k/(k-1) If someone needs I can post a photo tomorrow, but again I just need to know what isentropic equation to use.
  15. Help: Graffeo Ex. 10

    Can someone please explain to me ex.10 in the graffeo EE guide to passing the power PE book? I don't understand how to get 22.78 49.4 degress from Zld = 35(j30)/(35+j30)
  16. I have the following for sale: -NCEES PE Electrical and Computer Engineering: Power Practice Exam (Printed Nov 2014) - Like New. Soft Cover for $30. -PPI Power Reference Manual for the Electrical and Computer PE Exam by John A. Camara (Copyright 2010) - Some Highlights, but like new condition. Hard cover for $150. Or $160 for both. All prices include shipping. Photo's available upon request for proof of version or condition. Feel free to shoot me an email at dcpppf@mail.missouri.edu. Happy studying!
  17. Hello everyone, First and foremost I'd like to thank everyone for the rollercoaster ride while waiting for the exam results. Please list what reference books you used during the exam. I heard "least is best" so I limited myself to a few instead of flipping through too many books: Power Reference Manual - Camara NEC 2014 Spin UP practice exams - practiced 2 of these exams... passed both with 75%. NEC Practice exam School of PE notes and Solutions Graffeo book - I referenced this one the most in the exam but never beforehand I know there are multiple threads everywhere on this but I figure someone has already seen that, so I'll just ask you to list the link here. Thanks for your assistance. MY background : Im not a practicing power engineer, but I do have an electrical engineering education (small circuits). This was the first time I was exposed to Transmission, Generators, and majority of the items on the exam. I took the School PE course and it taught me alot. I figure I need to practice more how "per units" work and get the NESC book. Any advice of yours is appreciated. My diagnostic is attached but I have no idea what to make of it. The topics are so generalized I dont know which problems to practice for each to get better. Any thoughts are welcome Thanks
  18. I am selling the below the items that I used when I took the October 2016 PE Power Exam and passed (first time, woohoo!), since I won’t be needing the PE Prep material anymore (all bought new between March and July 2016, lightly used). The Complex Imaginary and NCEES practice Exams were a huge help in getting myself in the rhythm of working problems in 6 minutes or less on average. It also gave me enough problems that I could rotate through exams without getting that feeling of “oh yeah! I remember how the solution read for this last time...” I picked up the other books (Chelapati Power PE Exam Reference and Grainger’s book) after digging around on the web for good references to have during test time. Chelapati was a good reference to get back into the mode of working problems and thinking them through, though the examples in this book aren’t really set up for a 6 minute solution. I did wind up finding answers to a couple specific problems in this book during the exam. Lastly, I am also selling my copy of Power System Analysis by Grainger and Stevenson because it is more theoretical than I need for the day-to-day work at my job. I came to several answers on the exam that I would have otherwise missed by looking up topics in this book; particularly for sequence components, transmission lines, and the theory behind short circuit analysis. ** Notice: this is an ‘international’, paperback copy ** Contents with links to the correct versions of the books: NCEES Power Practice Exam Complex Imaginary Vol 1-4 (single book) Chelapati PE Exam Reference Power System Analysis; Grainger, Stevenson (paperback international) I am asking $200 + shipping for the whole set. Items shipped from the great state of Oklahoma (Tulsa) after payment is received and/or check has cleared. I accept: PayPal, check, or money order. I can also provide photos of the books to verify quality, edition, etc.; just PM me. For anyone who is interested, the other materials I reference during the exam that I am hanging onto as they were great to have (or were borrowed): 2014 NEC Handbook NFPA 70E 2012 NESC Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Systems by Wildi My 3” Binder full of printouts, handouts, and the hundreds of problems I worked.
  19. Up for sale are the practice exam materials that I used to study for, and pass, the October 2016 electrical power PE exam. I bought each practice exam brand new from NCEES & Complex Imaginary a few months before the exam and all are in "like-new" condition (did not write on any pages, no torn pages, no highlight marks). I would highly recommend using these or similar practice exams while studying for your exam. I found the difficulty level of the NCEES practice exam to be slightly more representative of the actual exam than the CI material. However, the CI provides more practice problems and will serve as a better overall study guide for the exam. The following items are included for a total price of $150 (I'll cover the cost of UPS shipment). Photos are available upon request. Please feel free to respond to this post, PM, or send me an email with any questions, my email is tgale08@gmail.com. Paypal would be my preferred method of payment. 1. Complex Imaginary Practice Exams - Complete Set (vol. 1-4) (retail $150) 2. Complex Imaginary Electrical Code Drill Book - Based on 2014 version of NEC (retail $30) 3. NCEES - PE Electrical and Computer Practice Exam (retail $39.95)
  20. Faulty PE power question??

    Did anyone else find any of the power factor angle questions to be a bit faulty? Without getting into details or nature of the question. Let me just ask this. Is a "coil" at anytime ever just purely resistive? (in this case wouldn't it be just a resistor?)
  21. Ok...So........This was my third try at licensure. I took it in Chicago where Continental Testing Services is the protecting entity. When I sat in my seat I noticed that my test card said "Computer Engineering" "I checked the wrong discipline when I registered! . I panicked and told the one of the reps for CTS that I believe I may be taking the wrong exam. They when elsewhere to discuss with I guess whomever was supervising and said they would allow me take the Power as they have one extra exam of each discipline. They wrote my name and ID on the new test book and cross out C.E and wrote in power on the test card. They, also stated they would write up small incident report to submit to the board. I felt very confident about my test this go round as I studied my arse off. HOWEVER, today I was curious and gave NCEES personnel at call to see if my situation would be honored. Their response was something like "Your test with be graded for whatever exam you registered for"...in this case "Computer Engineering". Major kicked to the face. So I took the Power exam but they are going to grade my scantron sheet as if I took the C.E test!?...wtf.She said that CTS doesn't have authority to change the test. BUT, then went on to say that I need to contact CTS because if anyone can address this situation its them and NOT NCEES, which is confusing...........I emailed someone from CTS and I'm awaiting a response....I'm in EXTREME PANICKED RIGHT NOW.....has anyone heard of a situation like this before
  22. Spin-Up for the Electrical and Computer PE Exam (Power) - Five Sample Exams (Third Edition) - Includes 400 Sample Questions and Solutions - Mixture of Quantitative and Qualitative Sample Problems - Excellent Diagnostic Tool to Identify Areas for Improvements and Gaps in Reference Material - Many Sample Problems Available to Practice with to Build Confidence - Test Taking Strategy provided - Improves Your Process of Elimination for Answer Choices - Includes Questions for the NEC & NESC $ 99.99 www.spinupexams.com
  23. Let's say I have a 120/208V 3Ø 4W 100A panelboard serving an area. On this panel I put a 40A 208V 3Ø motor and the rest of the loads on this panel are 120V single breakers, lets say they're non linear so there is current in the neutral. Per NEC I have to bring 3#3 AWG wires to this panel, but can I technically use a 60A neutral now? My reasoning for this is that 40A is gonna be dissipated into the motor and doesn't have a return wire to the neutral bar, while all the other loads on the panel have return wires. May sound stupid but what is your guys take on this?
  24. Hi, I just passed the April 2016 exam and am selling my books: (1) Power Reference Manual for the Electrical and Computer PE Exam Condition: Almost New, may have some pencil markings Price:$150 + shipping (2)Power Practice Problems for the Electrical and Computer PE Exam Condition: Like New Price:$50 + shipping (3)Power Practice Exams for the Electrical and Computer PE Exam Condition: Like New Price:$50 + shipping (4)NCEES PE Electrical and Computer: Power Sample Questions & Solutions Condition: Like New Price:$30 + shipping (5)Spin-Up for the Electrical and Computer Engineering PE Exam (Power): Second Edition Condition: Very Good, has light pencil markings Price:$60 + shipping All (5) items would be discounted to $300 and would include the customizable tabs usually included with PPI packages. If located in NYC, we can exchange in person and there would be no shipping charges of course. Message me if you're interested in any of the references. Thanks!
  25. how involved are the problems involving these topics? has there been problems involving zeta, correction factors, etc.? Also, will there be anything with root locus, nyquist stability, etc.?