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Found 160 results

  1. Registration for our fall PE courses has opened. Sign up today to take advantage of our early registration discount! 🔩 School of PE - PE Exam Review Courses
  2. Celebrating our 20th Anniversary, Lowest Prices Ever! Offering 2 for 1*and Huge Promotional Discounts 5% and 10% discount for multiple courses Hundreds of dollars in savings! Live Civil Breadth, Workshop, and Practice Exam 100 hours, 3 books for $850 Live Transportation PM Module,Workshops, AM & PM Exams 86 hours, 4 books for $750 Live Construction PM Module, Workshop, and AM and PM Practice Exams 100 hours, 3 books for $850 Live CA Surveying with Workshop & CBT 55 hours, 3 books for $500 Live CA Seismic with Workshop & CBT 55 hours, 4 books for $500 Our Guaranteed Free Repeat Policy Any participant who doesn’t pass the exam(s) may repeat the same live or on-demand course(s) for free, within ONE YEAR of the initial purchase date. For complete terms and conditions, please read repeat policy on our website We have been honoring our repeat policy for more than 20 years.
  3. Hi, can someone explain to me the whole 'two wires' thing in single phase circuit and why the impedance is 2 times. Thanks in advance
  4. Time Left: 25 days and 6 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    I purchased all of these brand new for the April 2017 exam which I passed so I am ready to pass on some of the helpful material! I am hoping someone will buy all of these at once to help on the shipping cost since the HCM is big and a touch heavy and the others are slim to fit in, but will consider piecing it out. HCM2010: Bought new for $232 with shipping from TRB, like new condition, Selling for $200 shipped to US48. NCEES Practice Exam - Transportation Depth: Bought new for $52.56 with shipping from NCEES, like new condition, Selling for $37 shipped to US48. Goswami - 2 Breadth Practice Exams written in 2013 - Amazon Link: Bought new for $28.20 with tax from Amazon, like new condition, Selling for $23 shipped to US48. Goswami - Breadth + Transportation Depth Practice Exam written in 2015 - Amazon Link: Bought new for $30.57 with tax from Amazon, like new condition, Selling for $25 shipped to US48. If you buy all 4 items I will drop this from $285 total down to $270 shipped to US48. If you are in AK/HI I will have to see what shipping is and might need you to cover a portion. I can also toss in a spiral bound copy of the CERM Table of Contents and Index if you buy everything (with minor highlights). I will have to add a HCM2010 photo later as I left it at work.


  5. Which states have issued License Numbers?
  6. Hello Everyone! New here, but giving back to this forum just as it gave something to me. Resources and hope! I recently moved to the from Canada with a few years of experience in my hands after graduating as an Electrical Engineering candidate in the summer of 2013. While I hadn't been out of school for long, I still lost all hope of being in a school/study environment again and was worried about this FE Electrical and Computer CBT based exam. After looking at resources and forums I decided to start my studying. I moved here in April and with wanting to take my PE Power exam in the April of 2017, I decided to dedicate some time this year (2016) to study and try and pass the FE. So I bought the FE Electrical and Computer textbook by Lindeburg on Amazon for 50-ish $ and started studying by the end of July. I followed the schedule it says and tried to do one chapter a day, and sometimes three-four on weekends. Lindeburg suggests that you could start the course 45 days ahead of the exam and complete all 45 chapters without rest days and pass the exam the next day. I think this is pretty accurate since the exam is not very tough. Along with the textbook, I tried to learn where all the units and equations are in the FE Reference book which is the exact same book given to you on the computer in the exam. I also watched Raiya Energy Academy's Youtube videos online and used it for different questions and examples. I also found some online assessments that started a timer and told you how you did. And finally I made sure to really practice with my calculator and use the special functions like complex conversion, matrices, vectors, equation solving, computer numbering formats, and boolean logic. This last part is really important because doing all these in your calculator, saves you time, which gives you more minutes in the end for harder problems or for reviewing. After I was done going through the book, I decided to book the exam three weeks from finishing the book, and spend these weeks looking at the book and the reference manual again, but this time just doing the problems. I am so glad I did the steps above, because after I did the exam on a Friday, I found out I passed online the next Wednesday. Hope this helps you!
  7. Time Left: 20 days and 22 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Selling the following review materials that helped me pass the Electrical Power PE Exam: 1) NCEES Electrical Power Practice Exam (NEW, UNUSED) - $25 2) Complex Imaginary Vol 1-4 (Used, very few marks - I solved the problems on a separate notebook. Great exercise tool to help you solve problems and get familiar with the basics) - $115 3) Graffeo's "...Guide to passing the power PE..." (Used, very little marks, same reason above. Excellent reference with a practice exam in the same format as NCEES) - $80 4) Theodore Wildi Book (Like new. Soft bound. Great book, covers lots of theory. Helped me solve at least 2 questions during the exam) - $130 I prefer to sell ALL as a package for $350, but you may buy separately. Prices negotiable, just contact me. Thanks!!


  8. Hi, this is a figure in the 2016 printing of the Graffeo book, page 148. Is there a typo in describing the direction of current above the CT on I2 side? The description is the same before and after the fault...why? I tried checking the errata on Graffeo's website but this page is not mentioned. Thanks in advance!
  9. So, I was curious what the probability of someone passing the PE exam based on completely random guessing (because it seemed feasible), so, I did some math. The probabilities are based on an assumed passing score of 70% (56/80), using the binomial cumulative probability... that is, for randomly guessing all 80 questions, what's the probability of guessing at least 56 correct? Thus, calculate the binomial cdf for (n=80, p=0.25, and x=56 + x=57 + ...x=80) For all 80 questions, the probability of guessing at least 56 correctly turns out to be 3.64 x 10^-17. That is, 1 in 27,500,000,000,000,000 test takers will be likely to pass the exam with random guessing. However, if a test taker is 100% confident that he worked out half the questions correctly, and wanted to simply guess on the other 40 questions, he would only need to guess 16 problems correctly out of the remaining 40. The probability is calculated similarly, with a binomial cdf of (n=40, p=0.25, and x=16 + x=17....x=40). This turns out to be a probability of 0.026. That is, 1 out of about 50 test takers who definitely answer 40 questions correctly can expect to pass the exam by guessing on the remaining questions. Here's the breakdown: 0 definitely correct, Guess 56/80 correctly to pass : 1 in 27,500,000,000,000,000 will pass(1 out of 27 Quintillion) 10 correct, Guess 46/70: 1 in 1,170,000,000,000 will pass (1 out of a trillion) 20 correct, Guess 36/60: 1 in 103,000,000 will pass 30 correct, Guess 26/50: 1 in 26,300 will pass 40 correct, Guess 16/40: 1 in 50 will pass. 50 correct, Guess 6/30, 4 in 5 will pass. 60 correct ... pretty sure you passed!
  10. Hello Everyone! After posting my FE exam prep from October 2016 found here: I decided to go strong and work towards my PE Power. Like I mentioned before, I already had the required 4 years of work experience between both Canada and the US, so I decided to apply for the PE Exam and write it in the coming April 2017. I would say, from talking with coworkers, peers, and just overall looking at all the material available it was really intimidating and overwhelming at first. I was very nervous about this exam from the get-go even after studying for the FE and passing it. Having done the FE just recently should help, is what I kept hearing from everyone, but of course I was finding it hard to connect the dots between the FE and the PE exams. Primarily, because the FE really is very basic level understanding of electrical engineering (First and Second year course material from University) whereas the PE is more like the third and fourth year materials + codebooks. In any case, I didn't have a great plan of studying for this like I did for the FE. With the FE I just took the reference material and followed their plans. With the PE, I asked around at work for what was available, and luckily there were a couple folks that had 5-6 different NCEES PE Power Practice Exam and Camara's booklets that combined had over a 1000 problems. I also printed out the NEC 2017, the NESC 2012, the NFPA 70 2017, the ANSI Device Numbers, and had a copy of the EPRM by John Camara. This last book was what I used to start my prep. Similar to the FE prep, I first went through the EPRM entirely and thoroughly. Then I went through a whole bunch of videos on youtube related to Power problems, notable mention Raiya Energy Academy. Again, while I don't always agree with Raiya's solutions, her problems and walk throughs are worth looking into. She gets the steps right 99 percent of the time, but the answer might be wrong in some cases. She corrects herself in most cases. After I finished the EPRM book, I went through the entire NEC 2017 code book and sticky tabbed most of the important and often used artices, (See Raiya's video on Must Know NEC Articles). I have to admit, you are not going to remember where each article is. So heavily rely on the index pages of these code books in the end of the books. After the NEC, I went through the NESC codebook and the NFPA codebooks fairly quickly in order to get the gist of the materials. The last four weeks before the exam, all I did was problems problems problems. I have to admit, after I did the exam, I had a sense of relief, it was either from finishing a long 9.5 hours day (including breaks) or I was fairly confident in what I had answered were correct. For anyone thinking that there isn't enough time in the exam, if you prepared as much as I did, and I think you should, then you should have enough time to write the exam and still have 45 minutes in the end to check everything. I had finished checking and still left a half an hour earlier. Total time taken to study: Once I passed the FE, and got my approval that I had been registered for the PE exam in February, I started studying Mid February. From Mid-Feb to April 19th, I spent 8 weeks studying. Weekends were the busiest (6-8 hours each day) and then 3-4 weeknights of one hour each. Prep Prep Prep, is all I can say. I can usually gauge whether or not one would need to study as much or not for a certain exam, however, both before and even after writing the PE exam, I have to say you must put in your hours to study. It is not that hard, but it is not trivial. So I passed, and the results came out exactly 1 Month and 5 days later. Good luck to Oct 2017s and future PEs.
  11. Let me first start off by outlining my thanks for the forum, as I have read without joining the community. However after years of taking the PE exam, I am at a cross-roads with certainly my career and prospects of passing this examination. I have taken review classes ((AM and Construction) Dr. Tom/ (Construction) EET), I have organized my materials (as expressed by these entities and others), and I given each exam a full effort. However, after taking the Civil-Construction for the 4th time, I can't seem to jump past 50 questions correct, and my mood and morale is at an all-time low. I don't know if I should surrender and fall on my sword or to continue. As I have spoke with my wife, at what point can a person keep running into a buzz saw with out changing the results. I have attempted to study both the morning and afternoon with vigor, however there are some things that don't seem to translate either from preparation to the exam or the exam to preparation. I wish I could go back in time and stay within one forte of engineering as a career path but for one reason or another I have moved around. And honestly, each time was for the right reason but looking back on it, it was a mistake. It is probably true, 'renaissance man, but master of none', but I have sincerely shifted gears for reasons that I won't disclose. However along the way, I have missed my mentors and that is the worst of all. As I am currently unemployed, it does not bode well for me- in general. Outlining to potential employers that you are at the cusp of a PE breakout is a good talking point, however they only care about the paper in hand vs the hand that holds the paper. Certainly, I am open to recommendations however I am not interested in your response if they are to tell me how much I am a failure (because at this point, I know what and where I am). I don't like to give up, but a steady fall into the abyss has been ongoing for me and I wish to find a rock to grab on the dive.
  12. Hi, My challenge is Ex. 53 d) of the Graffeo book, 2016 printing. see attached photo. The part where he says "now square it to get rid of the j" Why is it not (3Rg)^2 = (0.48-j0.38)^2 ?? am I an idiot? Im being serious.
  13. Five Reasons Why You Should Take a PPI Prep Course: 1. View Free OnDemand Lectures While You Wait for Your Course to Start 2. Gain Access to the Syllabus Immediately After Signing Up 3. Risk-Free Enrollment and a Passing Guarantee. Retake a Course for Free if You Don't Pass Your Exam 4. Increase Your Chances of Passing Significantly 5. Master Your Calculator With Free Calculator Lessons
  14. *** I make no guarantees this is accurate. ***
  15. I wanted to see if someone can take a look at my Diagnostic report from April 2017 for the Civil/Structural PE and recommend some study material for me in order to help me raise my score the next time around. In the attached Diagnostic report I put what I believe was the national passing score average next to my results. The items I show in green are the ones that I did better or equal to the national average. The items in Blue are the ones where I did slightly less than the national average but I have the material to better prepare myself for the next exam. The items in Red are ones where I did not do well and where I am a little lost on where to find sample exams problems for them so that I can better my score. Basically I scored a 45/80 and I believe that if I raise this score to a 56/80 I will pass the next time. I realize that this is going to be a difficult task because it is an approximately 20% increase. However, I just want to be able to see an improvement each time I take the test so that I do not get discouraged. I believe I was below the national average on Breadth by 3 problems and I believe I was below the national average on the Structural Depth by 8 problems. To give you a little history on my background, I am an Electrical PE and I spent the last 5 months before the Structural PE Exam in April studying about 45hrs/week. I went through the following material: 1) CERM, 2) PPI Practice Problems for the Civil PE, 3) Goswmi two breadth exams, 3) Civil Engineering Academy breadth & structural Depth exams & Youtube videos, 4) Mike's Civil PE Exam Guide. I am looking for practice problems in the following topics: 9) Analysis of Structures: Loads & load applications, 11) Design & Details of Structures: Material properties, 12) Design & Details of Structures: Component design & detailing. I learn by doing practice problems. Thank you in advance for your support.
  16. Firstly, I thank EB for all of the info throughout the PE exam process and into the results stage. I found out last night that I passed the PE exam in Illinois! Now, the confusing part for me begins because I passed the exam under decoupling and I am not totally certain if portions of my work experience count towards the four years required to obtain a license. I live in a different state that seems to allow more freedom with regards to work supervised by a PE, however the Illinois application states: "The supervisor must be licensed as a Professional Engineer or one who is legally practicing professional engineering, pursuant to Section 3 of the PE Act; who is in direct control and supervision of the applicant, in the jurisdiction where the engineering activities are performed." I have approximately a year of experience at one company where my direct supervisor was not a PE and was located in a different office. The only PEs we had at my company were Structural and for my first three months, any designs that needed further structural review were sent to PEs at another office in a different state. After three months, a PE came to work in our office and supervised our designs with respect to structural work (the only PE stamp our designs required). My question is this: does Illinois allow a "professional supervisor" to be someone other than my boss so that the structural PE (never my boss) could vouch for my experience?
  17. Gentleman, April 2017 PE results are out. How much longer would we say for SE results to be released? Does anyone have any historical data to make a determination based on trend? I understand a lot of you are banking on mid-June. Also, I have seen that results are usually released around a week or so after the SE scoring workshop, but I have not seen the June Licensure Exchange published yet (see below for link) so that date is unknown at this point.
  18. According to my coworker who passed the IL PE in April '16, the email was sent around 3:19 PM. Another who took the same exam in October '15 got it at 11:15 AM. However as we are 34 days just as in April '16 hopefully we'll see some results in the next 1-2 hours!
  19. I Passed PE Civil Construction exam under TBPE decoupling which I hope it will help to find job. Now I'm thinking how to add this to strengthen my resume to find any engineering job. Can I add the title PE (Decoupling) after my name in LinkedIn or resume or ... Did you update your resume/card/signature ?
  20. Time Left: 16 hours and 50 minutes

    • FOR SALE
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    I have the following study/reference books for sale. All are practically brand new. I literally received these 3 weeks prior to the exam, do they are very lightly used. Some highlighting done, but no torn or worn pages. Like new out of the package. * Civil Engineering Reference Manual, Construction Depth Reference Manual, Construction Depth Practice Exams I paid $495 new for these not 2 months ago. Willing to sell for $300. I will cover shipping cost.


  21. Has anybody heard anything about Montana?
  23. Direct from the Home Office, The Top Ten Reasons a PPI Prep Course is for You: 10. OnDemand lectures are now included when enrolled in a Live Online course. Start studying early. 9. No need to cram - Courses are spread out over multiple months. 8. Multiple schedules are offered to fit your busy life. 7. Homework. Our prep courses ensure that the work is put in. 6. Personal attention from instructors outside of class, via forum, or email. 5. Risk-free enrollment for students. We guarantee you'll pass or retake a course for free. 4. Pass rates for PPI prep course students are over 83%. 3. Courses are updated to the new exam specs. 2. Courses include all the books and materials at one low price. No extra purchases needed. 1. Take the course from the people who wrote the #1 prep books for your exam Plus, starting May 1st they will be the LOWEST price of the year. Find your course -
  24. Unfortunately today I learned that I failed the PE MDM exam with a score of 46/80. Wondering if others would mind sharing their scores. This being my 2nd time failing it I need to re-evaluate what I'm doing wrong, or if I was close enough to where all I need is more practice. After the first time I changed several things: new instructor, spent an inordinate amount of time doing extra problems, found a study-buddy, but apparently all that wasn't enough. Maybe part of my problem is that I graduated 20 years ago and I honestly don't do any of this stuff in my day-day job. The class that I took was PPI and really liked my instructor. Any comments, suggestions would be appreciated. Also, not sure if I want to put myself through all that studying again this summer to take the exam in Oct'17, or if I should wait until April'18. Thank you.
  25. Don't know if this map is old news. This is from 2012, but at least gives a rough estimate of which states come out when.