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Found 212 results

  1. Mithrandir918

    WISCONSIN PE Licensing

    Has anyone had any experience trying to get license approval upon passing their PE exam in Wisconsin? I have been trying to contact their Licensing Board all week with absolutely no success.
  2. civilpe_const

    Civil PE Resources - Construction Depth

    I have the following for sale. Please click on link to see their prices on amazon. Buy everything for $450 + Shipping ACI MNL-15(16) Field Reference Manual - $180 (Purchased it a week before the test, and used it once during the test). ACI SP-4 (14) Formwork for Concrete - $160 (Purchased it a week before the test, and used it twice during the test). CMWB: Standard Practice for Bracing Masonry Walls Under Construction - $100 ASCE/SEI 37-14: Design Loads on Structures during Construction - $50 OSHA Construction Standards and Regulations (29 CFR 1926) - $20 Thanks.
  3. matt267 PE

    RI Exam Results!!

    Post your RI results here.
  4. notengineeringanymore

    Oct 2018 Environmental

    This thread is specific to the Oct 2018 ENVIRONMENTAL PE Exam. *** DO NOT discuss specifics (exam questions, answers, problems, or solutions) of the Oct 2018 Environmental PE Exam. *** Some hindsight questions for you: As soon as you walked out of the exam room at 5 PM, how did you think you performed compared to how you thought you would prior to walking into the exam room? Did your results confirm what you felt walking out of the exam room? Did they confirm how you felt before you took the exam? After I finished for the day, I felt extremely well prepared with the three reference materials I studied with and brought into the room. I brought only a backpack with the three references, and a clear gallon-sized plastic bag of toiletries/necessities (one ruler, one TI-30X (I loathe it), floss, mouthwash, chocolates, tissues, earplugs, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, tampons, eyeglass wipes, etc.) and I just found out I passed yesterday. I was able to do a first pass on both the morning and afternoon sessions in <1 hour, then did a second pass in another ~1.5 hour, then a third, detailed review for the remaining ~1.5 hour. Overall, after the exam was completed, I felt extremely confident. Which is NOT how I felt walking into the exam room that morning -- I thought I was screwed. What about you?
  5. John A. Camara's PE Electrical Power books from PPI have been updated for 2019! New editions include: Power Reference Manual for the PE Exam, 3rd Ed. Power Practice Problems for the PE Exam, 3rd Ed. Power Practice Exams for the PE Exam, 3rd Ed. Power Quick Reference for the PE Exam, 3rd Ed. Updates include: Updated codes to include NEC 2017, NESC 2017, NFPA 70E, NFPA 497, 499, 30B New content covering new exam topics of hazardous area classifications and ladder logic Thousands of equations, hundreds of figures, and a wide range of tables Don't wait. Click the link below to learn more. View Now
  6. Hello Everyone! New here, but giving back to this forum just as it gave something to me. Resources and hope! I recently moved to the from Canada with a few years of experience in my hands after graduating as an Electrical Engineering candidate in the summer of 2013. While I hadn't been out of school for long, I still lost all hope of being in a school/study environment again and was worried about this FE Electrical and Computer CBT based exam. After looking at resources and forums I decided to start my studying. I moved here in April and with wanting to take my PE Power exam in the April of 2017, I decided to dedicate some time this year (2016) to study and try and pass the FE. So I bought the FE Electrical and Computer textbook by Lindeburg on Amazon for 50-ish $ and started studying by the end of July. I followed the schedule it says and tried to do one chapter a day, and sometimes three-four on weekends. Lindeburg suggests that you could start the course 45 days ahead of the exam and complete all 45 chapters without rest days and pass the exam the next day. I think this is pretty accurate since the exam is not very tough. Along with the textbook, I tried to learn where all the units and equations are in the FE Reference book which is the exact same book given to you on the computer in the exam. I also watched Raiya Energy Academy's Youtube videos online and used it for different questions and examples. I also found some online assessments that started a timer and told you how you did. And finally I made sure to really practice with my calculator and use the special functions like complex conversion, matrices, vectors, equation solving, computer numbering formats, and boolean logic. This last part is really important because doing all these in your calculator, saves you time, which gives you more minutes in the end for harder problems or for reviewing. After I was done going through the book, I decided to book the exam three weeks from finishing the book, and spend these weeks looking at the book and the reference manual again, but this time just doing the problems. I am so glad I did the steps above, because after I did the exam on a Friday, I found out I passed online the next Wednesday. Hope this helps you!
  7. I've been searching these engineering forums trying to find someone who has shared their experience preparing for the Structural PE April 2018 and have been unsuccessful ... I would really appreciate If anyone could share their experience and would also be willing to provide ANY advice as to: 1) What PE prep course to take? One that has a good breadth review as well as a structural depth review. 2) What study materials did you think were good to use while preparing for the exam? 3) What books did you take to the exam and use while taking the exam? ANY HELP WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED!!
  8. Stephen2awesome

    Power PE Review materials for sell

    Looking to sell my reference items. - Printed out 2017 NESC in 3-ring binder - $20 - Art and Science of Protective Relaying printed/binded - $20 - Protective Relay Principles by Sleva - $20 - 2011 NCEES practice exam with no marks - $15 - GT Binder - $300 - PE Review course notes and hand written reference notes - $300 - Wildi book (no marks-paperback edition) - $30 - PPI practice exam book (no marks) - $20 - CI Volumes 1-4 book (no marks) + Drill book - $90 - Graffeo (lots of markups in it) - $15 Everything - $700 Make reasonable offer if you want to bundle up different items.
  9. Selling all 6 volumes of the Testmasters review course. The books are from the spring 2018 class. I took the course in Houston and thankfully was able to pass the exam. The books have content on the topic followed by review problems along with the solutions. Only wrote on 2 pages in volume 3. Selling them for $200 OBO. Will only accept PayPal. Will ship same day. Let me know if you have any questions regarding the books. If you send me your email address I can send you pictures of the books. Volume 1: Water Resources & Environmental I Volume 2: Water Resources & Environmental II Volume 3: Transportation I Volume 4: Transportation II Volume 5: Structures & Geotechnical Volume 6: Construction
  10. I'm now applying for Civil PE registration in CA (I have all my qualifying experience). One year of my qualifying experience was in MA under a licensed Environmental PE. Obviously Environmental is a subset of Civil, but since there's a specific Environmental PE title in MA, I'm concerned about whether his reference will be valid for my civil app here in CA. From the CA PE application FAQ, for an applicant seeking registration as a civil PE, "all references must be licensed engineers authorized to practice civil engineering." From the Code of Massachusetts Regulations 250 CMR 5.01(3) "Engineering Registrants must restrict engineering practice to areas of competence based upon their education and experience qualifications." The way I read this, if my former boss is competent to practice civil engineering in MA, he's a valid reference for my CA civil PE app. Do I need to have him write a letter in addition to stamping my engagement form stating the above to the CA Board? I'm applying my Master's Degree in Civil Engineering as part of my qualifying experience. CA states that a reference is required for all qualifying experience. Does that mean that my grad school professors registered as PE's can serve as qualifying references for me? Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any help you choose to give me!
  11. The start date for the next PE (Civil) Review Course (January - April 2018) is January 30, 2018. Course delivery is via live online WEBINARS. The meeting time is Tuesdays and Thursdays 6 pm – 9 pm Eastern Standard Time. Lecture 1 is a Tuesday. So is Lecture 21, which is a capstone review. The cost to enroll in the 63-hour course is $900, which can be lowered by $100 if registration is completed early. The anticipated start date is Tuesday January 30, 2018 and the last session is scheduled for Tuesday April 10, 2018. The deadline for early registration is December 17, 2017. For more information, or to request an enrolment form, contact Dr. Indranil Goswami at civilpereview@gmail.com
  12. Hello, I have passed my PE construction exam and barely touched this book. Crazy expensive online for over $200. I am selling for $175 with free shipping at the below ebay link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/173412836527
  13. Hi. I'm getting my license, but I'm in the new process. in which you have to pass the PE before you submit your application, and then you are authorized to take the State Specific. As stated in: http://www.bpelsg.ca.gov/applicants/applying_for_ce.shtml I already passed the PE filled my application got a response and passed the 2 state specific tests. ( I took the last test on May) So I thought I would get my license number on the next go around which just happened June 22. But it turns out I didn't So I email the board and apparently I should have submitted a Notice of Successful Examination form to state that I already passed the PE. Wouldn't that be implicit since I was already authorized to take the State Specific? It doesn't make sense. Anybody has some experience regarding this?
  14. matt267 PE

    RI Exam Results!!

    PASS October 2015
  15. The start date for the next PE (Civil) Review Course (February - April 2017) is February 7, 2017. 1. You are welcome to use either Goswami’s All In One 3rd edition (2015) or Lindeberg’s CERM as your primary reference. 2. The first 10 lectures (out of 21) of the course will be devoted to AM (breadth) topics, and the following 10 lectures will be devoted to the 5 depth areas. Emphasis will be on problem solving in all the sessions. Approximately 20 problems will be discussed in a typical 3-hour session. 3. Lecture 21 will serve as a capstone review session where ‘last minute’ questions from all 5 subject areas will be discussed. This session will also allow us to address queries about the end-of-course practice exam which will be sent out a week before this session. This has the potential to become a student-led session, where the class participants ask questions (either broad subject based, or specific question based), to be addressed by the instructor. 4. The cost to enroll in the 63-hour course is $850, which can be lowered by $100 if registration is completed early. The anticipated start date is Tuesday February 7, 2017 and the last lecture is scheduled for Tuesday April 18, 2017. The deadline for early registration is December 23, 2016. The PE exam is Friday April 21, 2017. 5. Candidates who are unsuccessful in the PE exam (the one administered immediately following the conclusion of the review sessions) are welcome to attend the next course sessions at no xt charge. 6. All lectures are taught by Dr. Indranil Goswami, who has taught the PE Review for over 15 years. In that time, there have been over 350 successes at an overall passing rate of 75% 7. Course delivery is via live online WEBINARS. The meeting time is Tuesdays and Thursdays 6 pm – 9 pm Eastern Standard Time. Lecture 1 is a Tuesday. So is Lecture 21, which is a capstone review. 8. Lectures will be recorded and archived on Google Plus. Lecture videos are uploaded to Google Plus within 2 hours of completion of the live lecture. Lectures are archived for the duration of the course. Never miss a lecture! 9. Approximately 600 pages of course notes (PDF) are shared with students upon registration. With early registration, you can start your personal review ahead of the course start (recommended). 10. Approximately 300 practice problems (PDF). These are organized into 10 sets – one AM and one PM set or each subject. These are also shared with students upon registration. CONTACT For more information, or to request an enrolment form, contact Dr. Indranil Goswami at civilpereview@gmail.com COURSE SCHEDULE (21 sessions = 63 hours) Lectures 1-10 (AM topics) FEBRUARY: 7, 9, 14, 16, 21, 23, 28 MARCH: 2, 7, 9 Lectures 11-20 (PM Topics) MARCH: 14, 16, 21, 23, 28, 30 APRIL: 4, 6, 11, 13 PRACTICE EXAM sent out following APRIL 13th lecture LECTURE 21 APRIL 18th – Capstone Review – all 5 subject areas COST The enrolment cost for the course is $850. Early registration (before December 23rd, 2016) will reduce this fee to $750. Included in this fee are course notes and practice problems as well as a full-length, self-managed practice exam (in the depth area of the candidate’s choice), which is given at the end of the course. REFERENCES The recommended references are Civil Engineering All In One PE Exam Guide, 3rd edition by Indranil Goswami (McGraw Hill, 2015) and/or Civil Engineering Reference Manual, 15th edition by Michael Lindeberg (Professional Publications, 2015). Students are urged to utilize all relevant codes and standards as well as any supplementary materials, particularly for their depth area. PASS GUARANTEE Candidates who are unsuccessful in the PE exam (the one administered immediately following the conclusion of the review sessions) are welcome to attend the next course sessions at no charge. Payment Information Payment may be made via personal check, corporate check or PAYPAL™ (enquire for details). The regular fee for the course is $850. If enrolment is completed by the early bird deadline of December 23, 2016, the fee is $750
  16. I'm taking the PE exam for Industrial Engineering next week and freaking out. I don't know anyone else who has taken it, and can't find anyone online either who has. Was only able to find one study guide and practice exam. Has anyone here taken it, or going to take it? What study materials are you using? How many reference books are you bringing? Any feedback helps, thanks!
  17. matt267 PE


    Today's the day. Congrats to those that passed. If you failed, good luck next time.
  18. CTOD


    Redacted Sincerely, CTOD
  19. #149 says Continuous duty (not load) , but the solution considers 1.25. Is that correct? #105: When the question states 4 conductors, I assume 3 current carrying conductor and 1 neutral. Here again, the solution consider all 4 conductors to be current carrying. Is that correct?

    Mechanical PE & FE Books for Sale

    Hello. After passing the FE and PE I'm offering a few books for sale. Books are in good/excellent conditions with few markings. Prices include Priority Mail shipping to the lower 48. Send me a PM if interested. PE Mechanical 1. Six Minute Solutions - 2nd Edition - HVAC & Refrigeration. $110 2. NCEES - PE Mechanical - HVAC & Refrigeration 2016. $25 3. Practice Problems for the ME PE Exam with solutions. 12th Edition. $25 FE Exam 1. 999 Nonquantitative Problems for FE Review. $20 (SOLD) 2. NCEES - FE Mechanical - 2010. $20 (SOLD) 3. 1001 Solved Engineering Fundamental Problems - 3rd Edition. $40 (SOLD)
  21. Hi, I am from CA and I am planning to registrar as a PE in the State. While I think that I have qualifying experiences (engineering work for more than 3 years after completing my Civil PhD), the people I worked under did not have a PE license. Now, as CA board wants at least 4 reference letter with at least one from your supervisor (PE), I need your help with how to proceed. I am wondering if you all good people have any advice for me. Thank you!
  22. Hi All, I saw 2 conflicting answers on this, so wanted to confirm which one. When I convert from Delta transformer to Wye, does my voltage across line and neutral (Vln) in wye remain the same as delta phase voltage (Vab) or does it get divided by root 3 (Vln= Vab/ root 3). Also do the phase angle get shifted by -30deg? Any reference will also help. Thanks in advance.
  23. Below is the list of books I'm selling. I took the test in October this year and passed using most all of these. I also have the current Civil Engineering Reference manual Listed on Ebay but will sell outside if wanted, forgot I had an account here when I started the listing. I put together the list of books I had and searched the web to see what the cheapest prices out there are right now on amazon or ppi or where ever and I have tried to list mine a little cheaper. The CERM is listed on ebay for $200+Shipping right now. Below is my book list and asking price. All of these are cheaper than I found anywhere on amazon or PPI or ebay. If someone wants it all we can work out a better deal and I'll throw in the NCEES Construction practice exam that they sell for like $30 or $40 with the package. It has some pencil marking on it, but still in great shape. Quick reference for Civil PE 9th edition $70.00 Construction Depth Reference manual 2nd edition $145.00 6 minute solutions Civil PE construction Depth problems 2nd edition $55.00 Construction Depth Practice Exams 2nd Edition: $50.00 Civil Engineering Solved Problems 8th $45.00 Civil PE Practice Examination 6th Edition $75.00 Engineering Unit Conversions 4th Edition $20.00 April 2017 Edition 29 CFR 1926 OSHA Construction Industry Regulations $25.00 ASCE 37-14 Design Loads on Structures During Construction $50.00 ACI SP-4 Formwork For Concrete 8th Edition $200.00 All my books are in great shape, some paper back books may have a light crease on the cover from being opened and used like any paperback. In a few of the books there is some very light pencil marking, but that's only on very few pages and only a few of the books. If I get time I may even clean it up, just trying to represent it all accurately. I have pictures but they are on my phone not on my work computer, best advice is pm me with your email and I can email them to you of any books you want to see. Prices are OBO but do not include shipping. I'm guessing shipping to be between $2-$4.00 but I'm not sure until have envelopes and zip codes. I'm in Hampstead NC(near Wilmington NC), open to local pickup, or will ship. Thanks!
  24. They changed the refile date for the Civil PE Exam to "continuous filing". I emailed the Board and they have not gotten back to me. Does anyone know what this means as far as the last date to go onto NCEES and register for the exam?? Surely you wouldn't be able to pay the day before the test (April 13th, 2018). There must be some kind of cut off right?? I would like to register on the later side... because life is always throwing me loops and I've had to "No Show" before and lose my 350 bucks. Thanks for any help!
  25. (1) The Electrical Engineer's Guide to Passing The Power PE Exam; Alexander S. Graffeo Condition: Good, some handwritten notes, all pages are bound Price: $75 https://www.amazon.com/Electrical-Engineers-Guide-Passing-Power/dp/0988187612 (2) NCEES Power PE Practice Exam Condition: New, no handwritten notes Price: $25 https://www.amazon.com/PE-Electrical-Computer-Engineering-Practice/dp/1932613560/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1517953630&sr=1-1&keywords=NCEES+Power+PE+Practice+Exam (3) Complex Imaginary Practice Exams (Complete Set Vol 1-4) Condition: Good, some handwritten notes, all pages are bound Price: $130 https://www.amazon.com/Complex-Imaginary-Power-Practice-Exam/dp/1495169596/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1517953656&sr=1-1-fkmr0&keywords=Complex+Imaginary+Practice+Exams+(Complete+Set+Vol+1-4) (4) Complex Imaginary 2011 Electrical Code Drill Book Condition: New, packed Price: $30 https://www.amazon.com/P-Electrical-Computer-Power-Drill/dp/145073636X/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1517953694&sr=1-4-fkmr0&keywords=Complex+Imaginary+2011 (5) 2014 NEC Code: Condition: New Price: $40 https://www.amazon.com/NFPA-70®-National-Electrical-Code®/dp/1455906727/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1517953745&sr=1-1&keywords=2014 NEC+Code&dpID=51qTE18sjAL&preST=_SX258_BO1,204,203,200_QL70_&dpSrc=srch (6) EZ tab for NEC code Condition: New, packed Price: $10 https://www.amazon.com/Color-Coded-Tabs-National-Electrical/dp/1285200365/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1517953779&sr=1-2&keywords=EZ+tab+for+NEC+code&dpID=51XE2rYDv5L&preST=_SY291_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch Buy any one, add $5 for shipping ALL 5 Books plus EZ tab: $270 (inluding shipping) Make reasonable offer if you want to bundle up different items.