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Found 89 results

  1. We have about 29 days left to go before the exam! How does everyone feel at this point? Have any of you done a mock exam yet? I'll be taking the Civil Structural depth exam and doing my mock exam next weekend.
  2. If anyone can help me, it is much appreciated. I contacted the board and their answer was very vague and I don't want to have my application kicked back. Here is my situation: I graduated in Dec. 2014 with my master's in civil engineering. After graduation I worked at a construction project management firm where I was not doing design work (no qualifying experience). After that, I was hired as a civil engineer. I have been at this company for currently 18 months (enough qualifying experience to apply in California). I have been on the same project for 18 months, with the same supervisor. All of my other references will be co-workers that I work side by side with. 1) Do I have to write about the non-qualifying experience in Section 2 of the application, or should I just mention it in the blank space below? It says there should be no gaps except for unemployment. Again, it was not under a licensed PE and does not make sense to me if I have to get a reference from my previous supervisor. And as it says on Section 2 of Engagement Summary and References, "All the names of your reference must be listed on this page". If I have to write my old job as engagement 2 and list my old supervisor, do I have to use them as a reference? 2) Does the qualifying experience (18 months) only get listed under my current supervisor's engagement form/section of the application? i.e. Do I put 0 months under my other references? FYI, this was the board's reply, " The engagement record portion of the forms must be completed in sufficient detail to allow the Board to determine that the nature and the extent of the engineering work claimed to have been performed by the applicant has indeed been qualifying . " Thanks for the clarification California... Thank you.
  3. Anyone know a good site where I can go to get problems for the depth portion of Civil Transportation? I'm all set in the AM portion, but I need more questions similar to the ones I'll find in depth to practice with. Thanks!
  4. I have posted this before, but I think I am getting more serious about taking the Civil PE so I can become licensed in CA. By degree I am a Mechanical Engineer (BSME) but my experience from graduation (2006) has been structural. I took and passed the 16-hour structural exam in 2012. Now I want to take the civil exam so I can get those states that will not license me by reciprocity (i.e. CA). So now I have some questions that hopefully the community will be kind of enough to send me in the right direction. I plan to take the civil with structures depth. I work with wood, HRS, CFS, and concrete regularly in my business in the modular world which is why I collect multiple state licenses. Since I am a mechanical engineer by degree, I don't have any experience in civil but on the other hand, "all" I have to do is pass the AM breadth portion. Is the CERM the only reference material needed for the AM section? I do plan on getting some practice AM exams and "try my luck" by taking the exam once before I decide if I need a review course (physical or online). Again, reading through some of the threads on here, it sound like the AM section isn't "too difficult" if you are able to find the equations you need in the CERM. I assume the pm depth structures won't be a problem unless they still throw in some other subjects. I don't want to sound conceited, but I'm really expecting the pm section to be easy compared to the SE exam. Maybe someone with experience with both exams can let me know? Is there a list of reference materials to bring for the pm section? I'm in northern Indiana and IN won't let me sit for another exam. They say they don't have the resources to keep records of multiple exams for people. So, I need to take this exam out-of-state. Does anyone have any experience taking an exam out-of-state in a state that surrounds IN? Am I being too nonchalant by relying on my unfounded comparison with the SE exam? Again, anyone who has taken both can let me know. Thanks -jfluckey
  5. Hello all! I'll start by introducing myself. I'm Kris from San Diego, CA currently in the coast guard stationed in Wi. I did about 2.5-3 years community college in So Cal focused on transferring to a california university to study engineering. I basically got all of my math, physics, chemistry and general requirements out of the way. I was getting kinda wore out and depressed feeling like I wasnt getting anywhere in my life sitting in classes all day every day and wanted to get out and explore so I began the enlistment process for the USCG and dropped out. About the same time I had finally sworn in to the military I had gotten my Acceptance letter from UCSD to study Mechanical Engineering at their university (DOH!). So I'm about 2 years into my first contract right now, getting ready to leave for 6 months of additional military schooling where I will be required to re-up another 2-4 years. After that I will be located within the US at a base, hopefully in california again (no deployments, no bs) perusing my coast guard career in aviation maintenance. When this time comes I would like to get back to school to finish out what I had started. I know it will take quite some time balancing a (more than) full time job and getting an engineering degree (Have not decided between Civil and Mechanical) but this is what I truly want in life and I cant wait to get started. While I wait I am currently trying to review/relearn all the math and sciences which I had picked up along the way. Its amazing how much you can forget in such a little amount of time lol. This brings me to my question... What kind of schools can I attend (names, locations, etc) that will A. Accept my previous college credits, B. Be flexible with military (lock into degree programs, etc) *OPTIONAL-C. Offer distance, and/or online courses. D. What should I be looking for as far as accreditation, what is more universally accepted by employers, etc. - I had read that ABET is probably the most acceptable accreditation. E. What kind of hurdles can I expect trying to peruse this degree given my circumstance? Also, any other ex-military folks here have any advice on how to get there and what I need to do?
  6. Time Left: 13 days and 17 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    2008 NCEES Sample questions and solutions. Older version but still found useful last fall.


  7. Time Left: 13 days and 17 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Bought this practice exam last fall (2016). Past the test on the first try with help from this book. Asking half of the bought new price.


  8. Time Left: 13 days and 17 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Bought this practice exam last fall (2016). Past the test on the first try with help from this book. Asking half of the bought new price.



    • FOR SALE
    • USED




    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Bought this for $250! selling for $125!! Includes the following items: Mansour Transportation AM and PM Module Transportation Depth Supplement (4) DVDs - (Surveying + Transpo AM+PM + Construction, Transpo PM, Concrete + Steel, Soil Testing)


  11. Hi All. I've retaken the Civil PE Exam with the Geotech depth 3 times now. Every time I change my preparation and, after this last time, my test score did not improve. This leads me to believe I am making a common mistake I can't figure out. I have never been a great test taker, but I study hard, have multiple binders of problems, and never feel stressed on the exam (until my results come). In college, we could review exams to see where we are messing up. NCEES won't let anyone review their exam and, if you live in a certain seven states like me, you can't even have your exam manually re-scored. I was in an email correspondence with a member of the NCEES organization concerning changing policies to better assist those retaking the exam. They basically said I'm out of luck and closed the matter on me without addressing my concerns. Here's how I see it. 1. The diagnostics do little good at showing areas of improvement. I switch on doing good and bad on the same subjects with every exam. Also, I do not know if I am doing worse on computation problems or theory-based problems. That is important to me because one is solved through more problems and the other is solved with experience. What if NCEES provided a better break down of computation and theory-based problems on the diagnostics? 2. There needs to be a general civil option for the in-depth section. I worked as a Geotech for a year and a general civil for almost 3 years now. My firm is a land development firm and, thus, provides an overview of every civil discipline. I, therefore, am not obtaining the necessary in-depth professionalism the NCEES organizations says I should because my civil career is not one set discipline. When I asked why NCEES does not offer a general civil discipline, they refused to answer my question. What do you all think? I've taken the Geotech depth and even if I had stayed at my first firm, I would not be at the level of most of those questions that are asked. I think an extension of the morning exam should be offered for the afternoon as well to support all civil disciplines. The EIT exam offers a general option, why not the same for the PE exam? 3. By not reviewing the exam, I feel like I am going in blind with every test, hoping my new study preparation works better. I was told the questions are intellectual property. What about signing a document stating we won't share the questions with anyone else? All three exams I have taken have been completely different. I was told people who continue to fail are not making a change to their "material preparation." I strongly believe most people are like me and continue making significant changes each time they study for the exam, but are making mistakes they have no idea about. I need to see my mistakes to be able to adjust them. Reviewing the exam I guarantee would lead to me passing it. I am not sure if anyone has taken their concerns to NCEES or questioned about reviewing their exam. I know there are ranges of people from passing the first time to taking 5 tries to pass. I'm tired of spending the money and dealing with the headache and frustration wit re-taking this exam, especially when it seems like NCEES could assist better at providing us with the keys to success. Thoughts?
  12. I passed.......!! : ))) Here is my background. Long story short, I graduated 5 years ago and didn't put effort to pass EIT when I was in school. Now I need to pass this EIT for my career and I decided to take review class. If you scroll down in this forum, I asked about review class back in January/February. I was on fence between School of PE and EET, and I decided to go with EET. I can't speak of School of PE, but I highly recommend EET FE CIVIL review class. (They have demo sample video if you want to see how it's like, but you need to ask them). I enrolled in Sameh's on demand online class. (Link is here because I can't commit class's schedule due to my baby and family. Here are the reasons why I gave EET's FE review class 4.5 starts out of 5. 1. The class format is very easy to follow and well structured. Sameh goes over a little bit of equations and concepts and he shows you where you can find that equation in NCEES's reference manual. Then follow by examples and quizzes. The class is heavily based on practicing problems than a lot of theories. Keep in mind that we are not trying to get Engineering Degree here, but we are trying to pass FE exam which you need to do a tons of practice problems. 2. There are a lot of problems available for you to practice. The level of difficulty of the problems is a little bit below Michael R. Lindeburg but harder than actual NCEES’s problems which i found it very well prepared for actual test. It’s mixed with easy, medium and hard questions. 3. There will be HW assignments for all subjects. Then timed section exams to test your speed and knowledge of subjects. Finally, you can have timed 110 NCEES’s alike final test. 4. I can’t conclude without talking about Sameh. He’s a very caring and positive person. I told him that I had to stop studying for 3 months due to my family circumstance and he’s very understanding. His responses are very prompt and you can ask him questions any time any day. The reason I am giving 4.5 is that there are a few things they can be improved on. The lectures are based on NCEES’s reference 9.0 version, not 9.4. Changes from 9.0 to 9.4 are very minor. NCEES just added a few transportation (2 pages) in 9.4 from 9.3, and a few deflection formulas changed in Mechanic of Materials. Their review is great for someone who got civil engineering background and needed review to recall what you have studied before. It's not designed for someone who needs to understand fundamental of civil engineering from the scratch. Here are the study materials that I have used to pass my 1st attempt (with real study): 1. EET FE Civil Review (Approximately 1000 problems with both examples, quizzes, HW, section exams, final exam) 2. NCEES practice problems 2014 (50 questions) 3. NCEES practice problems 2009 (60 morning / 30 afternoon questions) 4. Utlimate Civil FE practice problems by Isaac Oakeson (110 questions) (Do only after you completed your review to practice your speed) 5. Michael R. Lindeburg’s FE Civil Practice Problems (I did around 200 problems out of 466 in the book in Math, Hydraulic, Environmental, Geotech, Materials, Transportation, Construction, Computer) (I glanced through Statics, Mechanics of Materials, and Structural and skipped problems that required more than 4 steps which won’t be on test). My Strategies on Exam Day 1. Light review or no study at all on a day before exam. 2. Make sure you have enough 8 hours sleep on a night before exam. 3. Don’t build up your stress and go into exam room. Just relax and have a little bit of worry to maintain your energy throughout 6 hours. 4. During the exam, if you don’t know how to tackle problems within 15 seconds, flag and skip to next. Save your brain juice for problems that you know how to do. 5. Educated guesses are very critical in the exam. You will find yourself with 10-20 questions that you have no idea or you are not sure how to do. Try to eliminate 1-2 impossible answers and make a choice of the remaining 2-3 possible answers. You will gain this skill once you did a tons of practice problems. I put in around 200ish hours for the exam. I'm glad handwork pay off finally, and i don't have to do FE again. Now on to the PE and I'm heavily leaning toward EET's review class for my 8 hours and seismic exams. Finally, I thank and awesome fellow engineers here for making this happen. Without you, i can't imagine what i'll be studying for FE or how many more times i need to attempt. I'm so glad this forum exists. If any of you have any questions about anything, just ask me here.
  13. Hello, I am currently studying to take the NCEES PE Test in April 2017. I was wondering if anyone had any sample study schedules or guides that helped them organize their study approach. Thank you in advance.
  14. Regarding the Transportation PM Section of the exam, what are everyone's thoughts? Colleagues of mine in the Transportation Field thought the test was difficult. People in my office are concerned about the results, how do you think you did? And if you were in the Houston section, how about that proctor?
  15. Hi everyone: I took the Civil PE several years ago. At that time, the breadth section included questions regarding wastewater and water treatment and processes such as determining BOD and hardness. However, in my current review course for civil - construction depth, and in the NCEES civil PE exam specs, it appears those topics are not part of the test and have been moved over to people taking the environmental PE or civil - water resources depth. Of course, we are still tested on hydraulics and hydrology, but I was wondering if you may know if water and wastewater treatment are still covered in the morning section of the civil PE? Thank you, John
  16. Recently passed the Civil PE Exam for Water Resources & Environmental (WRE). Tim's books were essential to studying and passing the PE Exam on the first try. Both these books are in great condition and provide 151 study questions to help you prepare and pass the Civil PE on the first try too! Check out Tim's website for other books and videos too.
  17. Pass the Civil PE Exam by studying with these materials. All items are like-new. This bundle includes: - Practice Problems for the Civil Engineering PE Exam: A Companion to the Civil Engineering Reference Manual, 14th Edition - Civil PE Practice Examination, 5th Edition - Civil Engineering Solved Problems, 7th Edition - Engineering Unit Conversions, 4th Edition - PE Civil: Water Resources and Environmental Sample Questions and Solutions, 2011 - PE Exam Civil Engineering Video Review DVD - Civil Engineering PPI Flash Cards
  18. The start date for the next PE (Civil) Review Course (February - April 2017) is February 7, 2017. 1. You are welcome to use either Goswami’s All In One 3rd edition (2015) or Lindeberg’s CERM as your primary reference. 2. The first 10 lectures (out of 21) of the course will be devoted to AM (breadth) topics, and the following 10 lectures will be devoted to the 5 depth areas. Emphasis will be on problem solving in all the sessions. Approximately 20 problems will be discussed in a typical 3-hour session. 3. Lecture 21 will serve as a capstone review session where ‘last minute’ questions from all 5 subject areas will be discussed. This session will also allow us to address queries about the end-of-course practice exam which will be sent out a week before this session. This has the potential to become a student-led session, where the class participants ask questions (either broad subject based, or specific question based), to be addressed by the instructor. 4. The cost to enroll in the 63-hour course is $850, which can be lowered by $100 if registration is completed early. The anticipated start date is Tuesday February 7, 2017 and the last lecture is scheduled for Tuesday April 18, 2017. The deadline for early registration is December 23, 2016. The PE exam is Friday April 21, 2017. 5. Candidates who are unsuccessful in the PE exam (the one administered immediately following the conclusion of the review sessions) are welcome to attend the next course sessions at no xt charge. 6. All lectures are taught by Dr. Indranil Goswami, who has taught the PE Review for over 15 years. In that time, there have been over 350 successes at an overall passing rate of 75% 7. Course delivery is via live online WEBINARS. The meeting time is Tuesdays and Thursdays 6 pm – 9 pm Eastern Standard Time. Lecture 1 is a Tuesday. So is Lecture 21, which is a capstone review. 8. Lectures will be recorded and archived on Google Plus. Lecture videos are uploaded to Google Plus within 2 hours of completion of the live lecture. Lectures are archived for the duration of the course. Never miss a lecture! 9. Approximately 600 pages of course notes (PDF) are shared with students upon registration. With early registration, you can start your personal review ahead of the course start (recommended). 10. Approximately 300 practice problems (PDF). These are organized into 10 sets – one AM and one PM set or each subject. These are also shared with students upon registration. CONTACT For more information, or to request an enrolment form, contact Dr. Indranil Goswami at COURSE SCHEDULE (21 sessions = 63 hours) Lectures 1-10 (AM topics) FEBRUARY: 7, 9, 14, 16, 21, 23, 28 MARCH: 2, 7, 9 Lectures 11-20 (PM Topics) MARCH: 14, 16, 21, 23, 28, 30 APRIL: 4, 6, 11, 13 PRACTICE EXAM sent out following APRIL 13th lecture LECTURE 21 APRIL 18th – Capstone Review – all 5 subject areas COST The enrolment cost for the course is $850. Early registration (before December 23rd, 2016) will reduce this fee to $750. Included in this fee are course notes and practice problems as well as a full-length, self-managed practice exam (in the depth area of the candidate’s choice), which is given at the end of the course. REFERENCES The recommended references are Civil Engineering All In One PE Exam Guide, 3rd edition by Indranil Goswami (McGraw Hill, 2015) and/or Civil Engineering Reference Manual, 15th edition by Michael Lindeberg (Professional Publications, 2015). Students are urged to utilize all relevant codes and standards as well as any supplementary materials, particularly for their depth area. PASS GUARANTEE Candidates who are unsuccessful in the PE exam (the one administered immediately following the conclusion of the review sessions) are welcome to attend the next course sessions at no charge. Payment Information Payment may be made via personal check, corporate check or PAYPAL™ (enquire for details). The regular fee for the course is $850. If enrolment is completed by the early bird deadline of December 23, 2016, the fee is $750
  19. Hi everyone, I took and passed the Construction Civil PE Exam back in 2014 and am just now getting around to selling the references. Reference Title / Amazon or other vendor price / my asking price 1. ASCE 7-05 (ISBN 0-7844-0809-2) / $15 / $10 2. Standard Practice for Bracing Masonry Walls Under Construction / $85 at MCAA / $40 3. ASCE 37-2 / $26 / $10 4. Fundamentals of Building Construction: Materials and Methods, 5th Edition (ISBN-13: 978-0470074688) / $27 / $15 5. Formwork for Concrete Seventh Edition / $260 / $130 6. Mike's Civil PE Exam Guide: Morning Session / $30 / $15 - written solutions on the questions 7. Goswami Civil Engineering PE Practice Exam / $30 / $15 8. NCEES Civil Construction Sample Questions ISBN-13: 978-1932613513 / $80 / $40 9. Goswami Civil Engineering PE Breadth and Depth Second Edition / $16 / $10 Six Minute Solutions for Civil PE Exam 10. Transportation Problems – 4th edition – $2 11. Construction – 2nd edition - ISBN-13: 978-1591263708 / $60 / $20 12. Geotechnical – 2nd Edition / $60 / $20 13. CERM 13th Edition / $200 / $100 14. Steel Construction Manual / $130 / $70 15. Construction AM and PM Problems and Solutions for Civil PE License – Shahin Mansour / $70 / $35 16. Handbook of Temporary Structures in Construction Second Edition – $10 17. Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures – 14th Edition – $5 18. US Army Corps of Engineers – 15 September 2008 – $20 19. 318M-08: Metric Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete & Commentary 2008 / $180 / $90 20. ACI 347-04 Guide to Formwork for Concrete / $64 / $30 21. 29 CFR 1926 – Construction Industry Regulations – 5$ Around 1300$ worth of books if bought on Amazon (looked on 20NOV16). All items are in at least Acceptable condition (Amazon/Ebay standards) and are not missing any pages, and include all my tabs and notes for the exam. I can send individual pictures on request, package picture attached. Selling whole lot – around $700 + shipping if bought separate – I prefer to sell the entire lot for $650 + shipping (can do USPS or FedEx), O.B.O. Payment via PayPal prior to shipment. If bought as a set I will package all items in a large rubber tote with packing material (no charge for the tote). I did a cursory look at USPS and it'll likely cost around 100$ for shipping (give or take). I lugged all this stuff in a suitcase to the exam and am just now cleaning them all out! After taking the exam I’ve moved onto another field so do not require the resources. I’m hoping they will go to the next Engineer and serve them well during the exam as they did me! Thanks for looking! Andrew Hill
  20. ...just kidding with the dramatic cry for help. But I do have a question for the PE-knowledgeable: what is an "engagement," with respect to the CA Civil PE Engagement Record and Reference Form? It was explained to me this morning at work that you need 4+ engagements, each with an associated reference, but that they can all take place in the same job under the same employer. Therefore the employment dates can be the same for all 4 engagements (in my case, just over 2 years of employment). Only the "total time worked" and "qualifying work" will be shorter, and specific to each engagement. I've gotten mixed messages elsewhere, so... Is that correct? Thanks!
  21. {advertisement=”TOP70”}​ civilcivil

    Wanted to see how everyone felt about Saturday's PE Civil Exam. For me, it was rough in the afternoon (wre) but the morning felt like a breeze.
  22. I am doing QA on stripping of "A" horizon on a mine site. Part of the site is two wetlands in which the EOR wants to decommission. As per discussion with the contractor, contractor said that they can only strip the wetland with an arm reach of an excavator. The rest will be just covered with soil, with the water being pumped elsewhere or squeezed by the material placed on top. Site will be a plant site once the mine gets fired up. Just wondering what is the standard decommissioning of wetlands? Is covering the area with "C" horizon enough?
  23. A new 40 question practice (breadth only) exam written by Indranil Goswami will become available on Amazon around September 30th, 2016. Questions are all different from previously published (2012, 2014 and 2015) practice exams. They are also consistent with the latest official NCEES syllabus.
  24. Hey I just found that beautiful forum while i was searching for some engineering community , I'm new here in manhattan I hope I find a good friends here
  25. Hi All, This question might have been addressed, but I couldn't find any updated info on this. As a Masters Degree holder (UK) in Civil Engineering, I am allowed to take the FE exam and PE exam in: 1. Texas 2. South Carolina Q1. Any other states? Q2. Do I need to take the FE and PE in the same state? (Maybe I can take the FE in any test centres, only when I go for the PE, then I need to be in Texas?) Q3. How long is the FE score valid for? Q4. I need to be a US resident to sit for the exams? Thanks in advance for any info