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  1. One of the articles I read made it sound like he wasn't even a real thug. It talked about how he grew up in a normal house mowing the lawn and doing chores and it wasn't until after he started to make it big that he decided he wanted to be a "gangster". Said all the drug dealers he decided to hang out with would make fun of him for being a wannabe.
  2. Meh...I predict the 2017 version of "Al Capone's Vault". They'll drag out a bunch of "research" trying to figure out what ships these might be and then when they finally get in the water they'll find a bunch of rocks, call it ballast, and declare a major find. Finish up with a statement about continuing the treasure hunt and then never hear anything about it ever again.
  3. Are you truly that ignorant? This bozo owns exactly two things on that plane...jack and $hit. It's not "his" seat. When he buys the airplane he can do whatever he wants with it, but until then, it's United's plane and you have to abide by their rules. He didn't get drug off the plane because they needed to free up four seats, he got drug off because he refused to leave. And while his criminal past certainly didn't have anything to do with what happened, kind of gives you an idea of what type of person he is.
  4. Maybe he was in such a hurry to get back because he didn't tell his parole officer that he was leaving town.
  5. No you don't. You're just one more in a long line of sheep preaching how awful United is. Look into it a little more than your Facebook feed and you would know that United has a system in place to figure out who would be the least inconvenienced by having to take another flight. He was going to Louisville, not trying to make a connection in Louisville. They spent quite a bit of time with him trying to explain this to him and get him off the plane. I'm willing to bet they told him they'd get him on another flight at a later time but he preached to them that, how dare they, because he's a doctor. Yeah, United was trying to make room to move their people around. It happens. Get over it. It's their business and that's how things work sometimes to keep the flights going where they need to go. They did what was within their power to try and remedy the situation. Once he refused to leave because "he's a doctor", he's no different than any other unruly passenger who has been forcibly removed from a plane. BTW, if it was so vital that he be in Louisville, then I'm willing to be that the hospital/doctor would have made different arrangements to get him there. Flights are delayed/cancelled all the time.
  6.'s a grey area. Does any of your stuff have an HDMI port where you can plug in an Amazon Firestick? If so get one and then search YoutTube for "Kodi". That's all I'm going to say.
  7. Seriously?!?! All of your Engineering credentials have been revoked.
  8. Watched the new King Kong movie last night. Yikes. Glad it was on Kodi. I would have been pissed if I'd actually paid money to watch it. The were plenty of helicopters and explosions, but other than that...
  9. Those two don't go together.... If you want to add Bluetooth cheap, I used to have one of those transmitters in my car. Wasn't as nice as a built-in system, but it did alright and you can get one for $20.
  10. Haven't used it in a while but was always pretty good for mapping runs either for pre-planning or seeing how far you went after the fact.
  11. FYI, I tried to start watching "Logan" tonight and the stream is awful right now. Not only is it obviously a camcorder job, the guy didn't even do a decent job of it.
  12. There's gotta be something external on the tank where the gas line ties in. It's been several years, but my old house had a gas water heater and it had a little box where the gas line tied in that was basically a regulator/pilot light/thermostat.
  13. I saw last night that it looks like it's finally showed up with an actual movie stream but it was late enough that I didn't want to start a 2:15 movie. I'd really like to watch it but it's usually best to give them a little time to get a decent stream going...unless there was a digital version leaked at some point. It was the same way with the DVD's at the Hadji shops overseas. The first run of DVD's for a new movie were usually pretty rushed camcorder jobs. Once the movie had been out for a while then they'd have a chance to get a better version.
  14. I actually got DirecTV way back in the beginning when I got my first house. Started out great, but over time the signal got worse and worse. It got so bad that you would lose the satellite when it was windy outside. Seemed the only way to do anything was online so I was trying to contact the help desk constantly. When Time Warner started doing their deal to buy your dish for $50 I asked them how soon they could show up. It was only when I called to cancel my account that DirecTV finally decided to talk to me. They put me on the phone with one of their "retention specialists" but I told her it was too late, I'd been trying to get help for months and thatdish was already off the house and in the back of the TW van.