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  1. Another self-entitled ass hat coming out of the woodwork after Dr. Douchebag opened the floodgates. Shouldn't matter if you think it's another passenger or not. If someone is knocking on the door you don't just sit there in silence and ignore it. I'm sure she feels so offended that she will be running to a lawyer to try for her big payday.
  2. I was able to get a thermal image from GIS when I was working as a consultant for the sewer district. Makes it look like Mars, but it's easier to see stuff. Short of a forest fire, I don't think there's a whole I can do. There are plenty of mature trees, but also a lot of honeysuckle. Not climbing vines of 3-4 inch "trees" that is almost impossible to get rid of even if you cut it down..
  3. The 80's era is already here....
  4. Ah, the duck butt. Very popular when I was overseas.
  5. I'm not sure what kind of pressure the pump up sprayers work at, but I always though it would be nice if they had valves so you could pressurize them with an air compressor. The in-laws were getting a new mower so they offered to sell us their "old" one. Zero turn John Deere that was only a couple years old. Would have been nice, but as I was bouncing around the backyard whacking away on roots and branches, I'm glad we didn't get it because it would have too nice for that kind of abuse.
  6. The problem is that now everyone is a spoiled entitled prick. They all think they own the airplanes and can do whatever they want because if the airline doesn't give in they'll start screaming for a lawyer. If I read it right the a-holes coming from Hawaii a few weeks ago decided to send a kid home on a different flight and then decided they were going to let a different kid use the original ticket, but they're entitled pricks, so they don't need to follow any of the security protocols. Family shows up for flight, has someone using a ticket who's name doesn't match up with name on ticket and gets booted off. Entitled pricks go running to the media and lawyer about how they were unjustly dragged from their flight.
  7. I've thought about ordering some of these and putting them out in a bowl up at our reception desk. As someone who did the whole Atkins for a while, I can say that, once your system is used to the sugar alcohols it is fine, but getting there is "fun"...the description is pretty spot on.
  8. Not sure about the Roku or Chromecast, but I know the Fire Stick has the HBO Now app and it also has the potential to run "other stuff" that makes HBO Now unnecessary.
  9. I can't believe they would let her practice with a real lightsaber. Shouldn't she be practicing with a stick or something first?!?!
  10. When I was a kid I started reading the "Dark Tower" series but I got through the books faster than they were coming out so I only read the first 2 or 3 and then quit. From what I understand, the movie is supposed to be almost like a compilation of the whole series. I'm sure there'll be stuff in there that reading the series would have been helpful, but I'm guessing it's mostly going to be people bitching about how it isn't like the books.
  11. When I got my Ryobi trimmer I almost got the standard version that came with the battery and charger because the difference in cost wasn't that 'yuge so I figured, if anything, I'd have one more battery to use with all my Ryobi stuff. I think I ended up finding my trimmer w/o the battery on eBay ridiculously cheap, which is why I got it sans battery. I have to admit, I find myself keeping up with the trimming and edging a lot more than I used to with the cordless trimmer because it's so easy.
  12. We've got a local channel, ME TV, that has started airing the OG MacGyver every night at 5:00 and again at 9:00. The new MacGyver blows.
  13. I've got a 18V Ryobi trimmer I really like. I already had the Ryobi batteries cause of my cordless tools so adding the trimmer was only like $40 (to get one without batteries). Obviously not as powerful as a gas trimmer, but it is infinitely more convenient...just plug a battery and go...and it works well for basic trimming and edging.
  14. Sorry, I work for the Gov't...what is this "color printer" everyone keeps talking about?