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  1. According to Mr. Antenna,, there are 41 channels available over-the-air in Cincinnati. With my outside antenna I get all of them. The antenna works so well that if I aim it a little further to the north I get all the Dayton channels but they are basically the same. There are websites that will tell you where the transmitters are in your area. I took my iPhone up the ladder with me and used the website and compass to point in the best direction. Those flat sheet antennas really aren't that bad if you don't mind looking at them. I've got one on the TV upstairs in the bedroom. I used to have it taped on the wall up at the ceiling and I was getting all the Cincy stations and some of the Dayton stations with that one. Once the wife moved it down to the wall behind the TV, it still gets most of the Cincy stations. The flat antenna that was originally on the TV on the 1st floor didn't do much. There was a window right next to the TV so I was able to tape it up at the top of the window so it was hidden behind the curtain and I still only got a fraction of the local channels. Even the big network channels would lose the signal once in a while. To be fair, the window was on the side of the house facing away from downtown do it may have worked better if it was in a window on the opposite side of the house.
  2. I may have gotten a lead on doing a little side work at, of all places, softball. There's a guy I know down at the ball fields, we play on different teams, but we've both been playing down there at the same place for years. I know he owns a blacktopping company from idle chit chat over the years. Last week he got a hit and ended up on 1st base which I was covering. Through the course of a little more chit chat we started talking about work. He asked what kind of Engineer I was and when I told him Civil he asked if I could do drainage/storm calculations. Now, even though we all know that stormwater is the most difficult of all the Engineering disciplines, I told him sure. Turns out, his company might be getting some work downtown tearing out old parking lots and vacant buildings for parking lots so they'd need someone to do the stormwater calculations. As it just so happens, I used to be the guy that reviewed the stormwater calculations for MSD several years ago so that'd be right in my wheelhouse.
  3. There, I fixed that for you. Wouldn't surprise me a bit if his "people" were shopping the idea of a reality show around at different channels as soon as they found out he was getting out. I was reading an article with info from various guards where he is currently residing. Apparently he started binging on junk food and became quite the fat ass when he first got to prison. Wasn't until fairly recently that he started getting back in shape. The article made it sound like he was getting paroled more so because they wanted him gone rather than because he was rehabilitated. Apparently he is a bit of a premadona and they're tired of having to deal with him. They said he has no remorse, still doesn't think he did anything wrong, which would have kept just about any other prisoner from getting paroled.
  4. On Kodi/Exodus, there's an option to list movies based on what people are watching, basically a snapshot of what is popular right that minute. It's always funny to see how the list changes when new movies come out. A lot of times older movies will shoot to the top of the list when people start watching them before going out to watch the latest sequel, i.e. the first POTA movies will be on there because everyone's going back and watching those before seeing War.
  5. I am lucky in that the house had a central vacuum in the basement. There's a 2-inch PVC vent running from the basement up to the roof. My initial thought was to mount the antenna up on the roof by the old vent and then run the cable down the PVC. That ended up being a no-go so it went on the eve on the corner of the house and the cable runs down the corner of the house and into the basement via an existing vent. The cable is hardly noticeable...the 2nd floor is vinyl siding so it's tucked into the corner trim and it blends in pretty well with the brick 1st floor.
  6. Ended up using the holiday as an excuse to take off work last week. The weather didn't exactly cooperate though so I was able to catch up on some movies I'd been wanting to see. "Wonder Woman" - was pretty good. I liked it just as much as the first time I saw it when it was called "Captain America". (for those with Kodi, the "Wonder Woman" feed is actually really good, although it must be a downloaded bootleg from Asia somewhere because it has the Chinese subtitles) "Fast & Furious 7 & 8 or 17 or 32 or whatever the last two are" - you can group these together because they are both more of the same...ridiculously unrealistic cars/driving while Vin Diesel and his band of misfits save the world. The last 10 minutes of the 2nd-to-last movie very much came across as something Vin made them tack on to the end in tribute to Paul Walker. Yeah, it's sad that he died, but it seemed a bit corny. "Fist Fight" - was surprisingly good. Certainly not going to win any awards, but it actually had me laughing out loud a few times. "Chips" - kind of like "Fist Fight"...entertaining and funny but nothing to write home about. It does have several naked boobs and explosions for those keeping score.
  7. I got one of these from Walmart when I got tired of messing with the "sheet" antenna: It's not nearly as big as I pictured...I was picturing one of those old '70's things...only about 2-3 feet long. I mounted it up on the eve of our 2-story house. Because of our proximity to downtown, it's on the back of the house, but even if it had been on the front, it isn't terribly noticeable. Cincinnati has 41 over-the-air channels and I get all of them. I actually ended up clearing out some Dayton channels because they ran duplicate channels. Far superior to the sheet.
  8. The other night at softball I dropped my keys. Before I could turn around to get them one of the other guys had picked them up and started joking about stealing my motorcycle. Me: That's fine. Do you know how to drive a stick? Him: Uhhh... Me: With your feet? Him: Fine, here. [gives me my keys back and shuffles away while those of us who are over 30yo laugh at him]
  9. I just finished "The Ranch" yesterday. Didn't watch the whole thing in one sitting, but it was a good one to watch a few episodes if there wasn't anything else on, so it was pretty close. The wife wants to watch "Glow" but we haven't had a chance to sit down and watch it yet. I remember when I was a kid watching "Glow" on TV...young enough that I thought it (and WWF) was actually real wrestling).
  10. Just being able to take the doors off and fold the roof down doesn't count.
  11. I'm still trying to figure out why the eyes move on the suit. It's just a suit, it shouldn't have expressions.
  12. Got around to watching "John Wick 2" this weekend. Entertaining enough to watch, but it's pretty much more of the same stuff from JW1.
  13. Based on your screenshot, I'd say the easiest thing to do is stop looking at so much porn.
  14. The way things work here, this is something that they would have had to push to my computer. I get the little "do you want to install Google Chrome" all the time when I go to Google to search for something but I'm never allowed to actually install it. Sad thing is, they've got Chrome so neutered that I'll probably just keep using IE.
  15. Well, we still have Windows 7 but, miracle of miracles, they updated us to Office 365 a few weeks ago. To be honest, doesn't make any difference to me because for what I do there's not that much difference from Office 2013 to Office 365, but one of the things it did do is get rid of Lynx and changed us over to Skype for Business. Seems to work the same though...IM's, share screens, online meetings, etc. Yesterday I was even shocked to find a shortcut for Google Chrome pop up on my desktop.