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  1. 20 years of engineering

    OMG I really am old as dirt, I've been an engineer for 27 years (11/1983) working for both construction companies and engineering firms.
  2. Where to download free NAVFAC DM 7.01 and 7.02?

    Go to vulcanhammer.net They have what you are looking for. DM 7.1 has been replaced by UFC 3-220-10N, however they are identical. DM 7.1/UFC 3-220-10N is at http://www.vulcanhammer.net/geotechnical/g...l_mechanics.php DM 7.2 is at http://www.vulcanhammer.net/geotechnical/foundations.php
  3. PE Requirements in New Jersey

    I think I can help you as I passed my EIT in Michigan and took the PE exam in New Jersey. 1) Do I have to pass the NJ Law Examinations first prior to taking the PE? No. When you get our admission package for the PE exam they will send you the NJ Law Exam. You complete the exam and mail it back. Yes it is an open book at home exam. If you pass the Law Exam it will be recorded so you don't have to retake it if you don't pass the PE exam. 2) Do I have to send my 'Professional Engineer Application' to the board without any other forms attached before they could send me an application number? Submit the completed application including your experience. Once they deem your application complete they will send you a letter with your application number and the required reference forms, as well as requesting verification that you passed the EIT. I can't remember if NJ has a form for your EIT verification. Be prepared for NJ to "not recieve" your EIT verification at least the frist time it is sent. I had to get Michgan to send my EIT verification 3 times before NJ acknowledged they recieved it. 3) Do my references send the completed reference forms straight to the board or do they send it back to me? Your references will complete the forms and mail them directly to the NJPE Board. It is advisible to provide your references with an envelope that is already addressed and stamped, with your application number on the front of the envelope. 4) Does foreign experience count? I don't know about foreign experience. I would expect it to be acceptable only if the work was performed under the supervision of a PE from the US. I hope this helps.
  4. July 4, 1976

    I was hiking over Baldy Mountain with a 70 lb pack at Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron NM. What a sight
  5. Letter substitution thread

  6. Experience Requirements for Delaware PE App

    I know someone who took the EIT and PE exams back to back in Delaware so I assume they will accept experience prior to passing the EIT.
  7. A man walks into a tatoo shop and asks for a tatoo of a $100 bill on his manhood. The tatoo artist said he will do it only if the man tells him why he is want the tatoo. The man said I have 3 reasons The first is I like to play with my money, the sencod is I like to see my money grow and the trid is I want to see how long it takes my wife to blow this 100 buck.
  8. Old Beam Sizes

    Sorry, forgot to post the link http://www.slideruleera.net/miscellaneous.html
  9. Old Beam Sizes

    I don't know if this is what you are looking for. In our company library we have a copy of the 1926 American Bridge Company Engineering Standards. They don't specifically call them S-beams, it looks like the engineering properties are for Carnegie & Illinois beams. Anyway here is the info 9x21.8 Ix=84.9 and Sx=18.9 15x35 Ix=368 and Sx=49.0 I looked in 7th & 8th editions of AISC and could not find the S-beams you listed. Here is a link to a guy that has a 1923 Carnegie Pocket Companion that you can down load. I hope this helps.
  10. Construction Studying

    Starkman I looked at the NCEES specs for the construction depth module and it is easy to see why it is hard to figure out what to study. I would think the exam would have a trench shoring question. This type of question could combine geotech info, surcharge loads and timber design. With all the crane failures the last couple of years, a crane selection question would also be a good choice, but they would have to provide you with a crane load chart. As for equipment production earthwork is always a good choice, as it would combine mass haul diagrams with geotech info and cost of operation. A dewatering question would involve soils and hydraulic/piping info like head loss, pump curves etc. I would recommend going to the CalTrans site and print the shoring manual. There is also a bridge false work manual there too if you are interested. Check out my post regarding construction references for the CalTrans web address and a great recource book for equipment production. If you can get your hands on a Caterpillar Performance Handbook, it is a great resource for determining earthwork production and cost of operating equipment, and it has worked examples. I don't know if this is any help, it is only a guess on my part. Old as Dirt Geo
  11. Construction References

    Well I'll try and get the list of good references started for the construction depth module. A really good reference text for equipment selection, production and cost is "Construction Planning, Equipment and Methods" by R.L. Peurifoy; ISBN-13: 9780072964202. I got the 2nd edition of this book for my heavy construction class iwhen I was in college and have used it during my 18 years in heavy civil construction. Also the Caltrans web site ( http://www.dot.ca.gov/manuals.htm ) has some good free manuals. If you scroll down to the "Engineering Service - Structure Construction" section there are 2 good manuals, one for design sheeting and shoring and one for design bridge falsework. OADG
  12. NCEES Specification on

    Well I'll try and get the list of good references started for the construction depth module. A really good reference text for equipment selection, production and cost is "Construction Planning, Equipment and Methods" by R.L. Peurifoy; ISBN-13: 9780072964202. I got the 2nd edition of this book for my heavy construction class iwhen I was in college and have used it during my 18 years in heavy civil construction.
  13. NCEES release updated calc list

    After almost 30 years of using an HP calculator with RPN, I can't use anything else. My daughter laughs at me because I can't use her TI-83 when I helping her with her physics or pre-calc homework. I'm so happy that HP has come out with a new traditional style calculator. My first intro to HP was in high school chemistry in 1978 when a friend of mine brought his father's HP35. His dad was an engineer for RCA and my friend told me a HP calculator was state of the art computing for engineers. I remember I could wait to get an HP. Today I own a 41CV, 32sii, the dreaded 33s and I'm buying a 35s. One good thing about owning a RPN calculator is nobody ever borrows it.
  14. PE Requirements in New Jersey

    ME I was very lucky in the fact that I have 24 yrs experience when I applied for my PE and had a number of PEs to choose from for references. I assume that you have had only one place of employment. I would ask other PEs in the company if you can use them as references, even guys or gals that many not have reviewed your work but do know what you have done. If you list engineering experience during your MS degree work then list those PEs as references too. Remember that a masters counts as 1 year of experience on your application. As for the reference letters from the state, if I remember correctly, they mail them to you and ask you to distribute them to your references. I will check to see If I kept a copy of the blank reference form and let you know what they ask. I remember that I provided each reference with a self addressed stamped envelope to help speed the process in having them return the form to the NJPE board. Remind them that they need to sign the form and return it to the board. I had 1 reference that forgot to sign his form and was return to him for signature, and my application was not considered complete until he return the signed form. OADG