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  1. ^ that barn wood looks nice, but isn't it sort of like kindling?
  2. I was reading the books after binge watching season 1-4 and during season 5, it got pretty confusing at times.
  3. better than a brown star
  4. what's the break-in period for a new job before spamming?
  5. go midweek to avoid the crowds
  6. we stream HBO Now using chromecast to watch it on the tv or just direct from the ipad if the internet in the hills has gone to sh#t. there's some good stuff on there. Got it originally for Game of Thrones, watching Veep which has really creative cursing, and now The Leftovers which is by the folks that did Lost and I hope to hell it has a logical ending. Watched Westworld and Deadwood, Six feet under, I have no use for Curb Your Enthusiasm though. There's a bunch of movies available on there.
  7. whitewater rafting in Maine. No banjos present.
  8. this is what happens when you don't have adequate quality control / quality assurance.
  9. I've just got a road bike, and the shoulder on US 40 down Mt. Vernon Canyon is less than a foot wide. I'll ride that when dry, but i'm just not as badass as CSB in this weather.
  10. Boreas Pass Road, not far from Breckinridge
  11. It's Winter Bike to Work Day here in Colorado! I'm reading 7 degrees and we had a nice freezing rain/sleet/freezing fog event yesterday, so I'll be thinking about work on my stationary bike...
  12. HB KF3!
  13. Stupid me waiting until after the first snow to have the snow tires put on the car....