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  1. HB KF3!
  2. Stupid me waiting until after the first snow to have the snow tires put on the car....
  3. I tore my calf muscle a few years ago, it hurt like hell and I thought it was the achilles at first. It grew back in an few months. It was definitely age related.
  4. I have my pedals set on a pretty loose setting, I would rather pop out than fall over... The clips are really great on longer rides and bigger hills when you appreciate engaging the hamstrings.
  5. the whole country is stepping in poop today, one foot or the other.
  6. Happy birthday, kiwi boy!
  7. This might work: Copper Mtn Employee Housing
  8. Happy Birthday, I hope it was a good one!
  9. down town
  10. Did I really think it wouldn't fly or was I just being a troll? Those were dark times for me.
  11. i cant beleive that crap!
  12. Because Cersie and Jaime get no respect from the small council? Who is the new Hand?
  13. is Tyrion going to be a dragon rider?