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  1. if found to be true, they will basically get something close to the death penalty. or the death penalty itself. look what the NCAA did to Penn State (way overboard in my opinion) and NONE of the football players at Penn State knew anything about it. This would be much different, as it is implying a culture among the football players.
  2. I'm not even sure where I've been. But the only thing I would have added to this thread this year would be that WVU was not a great team, and I'm very proud of them for going 10-3, considering I wondered if we'd get 6 or 7 wins. We won all the games we should have, all the close games, and totally got beat down by the teams that we weren't supposed to beat. I love that Penn State was back and relevant. They played "above themselves" all year too.
  3. #NotMySuperBowl
  4. Thanks all !!!! Although I am a horrible member and don't deserve it. I just don't get much computer time anymore, I need to find a way to easily surf EB on my phone, as I know it can be done.
  5. I read online that Japan is doing one, and if you are over 30% of the recommended weight for your height, that you are not allowed in. I find that hilarious. Even though I'd not be allowed in.
  6. I am wanting Denver to win, I like to see Payton get one more, and I don't want to see Cam Newton get one.
  7. I was also in 5th grade, and watching it live in class. It was devastating at the time, that's for sure. Although, not quite at the level of 9/11, it is still one of those events/moments that you remember where you were when it happened.
  8. True. But she is always asking for me to take her to the games at school, and for some reason I do. We live 1 mile from the school, she runs 5 to 7 miles after school for cross country practice, then calls to come pick her up. WTH? I'm the idiot for doing it.
  9. Thanks again everyone.
  10. What an exciting finish to the Pats/Broncos game. The last 2 minutes were great to watch, the rest was ho-hum. I'm not sure what to think about SB50, I'll just be watching it for the commercials.
  11. damn, started the thread off with Hookers 'N' Blow. It doesn't get any better than that. Thanks!
  12. I test drove 3 different 4-door Wranglers over the last week. One had the 6 speed. Too much shifting IMO. I don't think I'm going to do it, but still haven't ruled it out.
  13. my STEELERS really stunk it up yesterday, but were somehow in the game all the way. Too many injuries to think we could have made it too far into the playoffs. Had to end sometime. Since we stunk bad last night, Denver stunk it up equally as bad. It appears they will get creamed by New England this weekend, although I hope not. I just do not want to see New England in it. I hope it's Denver vs. whoever. I may route for Arizona in the other game, undecided on that yet.
  14. bastard.
  15. DK, I know what you are saying. I've been a STEELERS fan since I could walk, but I'm no longer a Roethlisburger fan. I think where there is smoke, there is fire, and I don't like rooting for a person like that. He and Cosby belong with each other.