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  1. Yes it was. Was the Steelers vs Chiefs as close as the score shows? It was 18-10, early in the 4th Q, when I went to bed so do not know how was the flow in those last minutes. Did KC score and fail a 2 pt conversion?
  2. MA, I get you do not like the Cowboys but there is a line that should not be crossed. That pic was Thanks Envirotex for making Texas Cheerleaders great again....ehr...look nice again.
  3. I have to say this but am not impressed by that pic csb. I would look exactly the same. Just need to photoshop the head, the body, and the rest.
  4. Heck of a game!!!!! Am glad I did not go to sleep when it was 0-14 Bama. Told my son that one more Bama score and am going to bed. Instead watched the whole game. Glad I did.
  5. The guy is a beast. That play when he sacked Eli and then went and recovered the ball 5 or 7 yards away after it was touched by more than one was epic. Talk about playing until you hear the whistle.
  6. Giants vs Packers was a good game. Interesting how the cheese heads overcame a not good at all start. #12 looked confused, overwhelmed, and clueless. Then it happened. They switched to the next gear in offense, even loosing Jordy Nelson, and that was it. Aaron Rodgers, who with Russel Wilson are my two favorite QBs to watch, stepped up and boy oh boy...that was it. In my no so expert opinion the Packers is the team to beat right now.
  7. Only the ones who dare to go far will know how far they can go...or something like that meaning GO FOR IT!!!!!!!
  8. I failed a couple of times before passing a little more than ten years ago. Cannot say one test was harder than the other or if one was more formula or theory driven than the other. What was different was my preparation. The first time did not study at all. I went there with a mentality and had my rear end handed to me. The second time studied as hard as I could. If it was only because preparation should have passed that time but there are other factors. Bottom line...had to go for it a third time. For that one worked with the diagnose sheet and studied more on the areas I was weak, always refreshing the areas where I was strong. That worked for me or maybe am the luckiest SOB alive.
  9. Go for it again!!!!!!! The diagnose sheet they sent can help you ID the areas you have to focus. Be sure you do not neglect your strong areas. Study smarter, not harder, and you will pass next time.
  10. Was last night's game a signal that the Packers are still alive or was it an illusion. Wentz did not look too bad against them though and Rodgers just abused their defense. Is it a Philadelphia thing or are the cheeseheads still in the hunt?
  11. There is no way to make people happy. Years ago they were screaming, begging for a playoff system. They got it but nothing has changed. Maybe because the playoff system is based on the ranking system? I would say...if you do not win your conference you have no business playing for the national championship but then we have college basketball...and that is how the fight started.
  12. Over my head. Will have to turn on the KFox signal on this one.
  13. OK. Great responses. It is good to have geeks geniuses as friends.Am going to try Sling to see how it goes. We have Netflix so am out to explore Amazon Prime and Roku(???) to see if it would be good for us. Thanks folks.
  14. Me. Beats watching Univision's soap operas.