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  1. Happy Birthday!!
  2. ^^ I don't know about AK but in MN you can do all of your own wiring but if you want to hook a circuit up to the box, you need a licensed electrician.
  3. I need to have my driveway resealed this year. I'm also looking at getting an upgrade with my electrical service.
  4. My "bad neighbor" at my old house had a dog that barked 24/7 and lived outside. We got something like that and I don't think that they work. I'd try to talk to your neighbor about the issue. If they are good people they will do something about it.
  5. We had friends buy some of Costco's rack of lamb a while back. They put it in their chest freezer and forgot about it for 8-9 months. When they found it they decided that they didn't even want it so they returned it. Costco took it back, no questions asked.
  6. Aren't most guys?
  7. My wife has a Fitbit Charge HR2. It will connect to your phone via bluetooth, use your phone's GPS for running workout distances as well as a few other things. I'd get one myself if I didn't already have a Fitbit One. My wife just bought it at Costco. It came with 2 wristbands. Congrats on making it to the track before work!
  8. ... anyone named Tiffany.
  9. Happy birthday guys!