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  1. Happy birthday!!
  2. WTF happened? Why did I have to get busy today at work and miss this all?
  3. Fatty money cares not for cold climates.
  4. 5 seconds is too slow, I want my smoothie now!!!
  5. Sorry JR!
  6. 1st time cutting the grass this season. I even sprayed for weeds. Ever notice that the expensive weed killer does such a better job than those cheap ones?
  7. HBD!!
  8. OK? Hey, I was the token white guy at Chinese Language School graduation over the weekend. I had to get up in front of everyone and say "我的名字是 kevo."
  9. TGIF!!
  10. A frozen burrito, some carrot sticks, and a banana. Well, it is a Red's organic frozen burrito. They are yummy!