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  1. You can transfer a WA PE (with a civil endorsement) to HI. There aren't any additional tests that you need to do. One item of note, HI is a structural discipline state (only SE's can do structural work). You need 16 hours of SE exams to get a structural license there. But if you just want a civil license, then you're good.
  2. Well, they are $10 for one par, $15 for 2 pairs, and $20 for 3 pairs on Amazon right now. Just make sure you use the EB link when you buy them.
  3. Don't stick it in there then.
  4. ^^ Most hams don't use those anymore. This would be used today
  5. x3 on go to meeting. I use that for my teaching side gig.
  6. Aren't most wives like this? If not, I can relate because mine was as well. Good luck!
  7. LOL!
  8. Great game yesterday. It went down to the last 15 seconds!!
  9. I just got the image of Ble running from lava just now.......
  10. Pfft, self driving cars have been around since the '60's. Everyone knows that.
  11. Still on the kung fu fighting trip. Here's another good one. Happy FSF!!
  12. If you want to gain endurance you can do a few things. Hills are good. They can help but you must run them several times in a row if you don't have many. Run with a group. In a group you can do something called an "Indian run." All runners run in a line and the one in the back must run past everyone and get into the front. Just keep repeating that. Sometimes the best thing to do is to simply run a long slow distance. Maybe just run slow but go for 1.5 or 2 hours. I did that quite a few times in my HS XC days.
  13. Merrell has some pretty nice trail running shoes.
  14. Them be fighting words!