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  1. Engineers matter!
  2. Happy birthday!!
  3. Not as good as Mythbusters, but it is worth a watch.
  4. Travelers is not bad. Dark Matter is also OK too. If you are a nerd than watch the white rabbit project. It's made by the same people who made mythbusters.
  5. 170 BPM heart rate? How old are you? For a strenuous run I try to keep mine around 150 BPM and I'm 39. Then again, with all that I run my resting HR is like 50.
  6. Forget those shakes.
  7. Damn, what a game. The Falcons pulled a Vikings at the Superbowl!!
  8. Shit, I use Kodi on my raspberry pi. Free stuff is going bye bye.
  9. Well, I'm offended now.....
  10. Best movie ever!
  11. lol
  12. Yes, I read that from time to time. Just didn't notice any drama recently.
  13. I guess I missed it. Oh well.
  14. Haven't been to the Dells for a few years, but I do have some advice on those water parks. I was at a water park a few years ago (not the Dells) and nicked one of the knuckles on my finger on one of those water slides. Sure, it bled for a small bit but after it stopped I just swam some more. A few weeks alter it actually got infected like a MF'er. I didn't go to any doctor or anything but used lots of iodine & antiseptic stuff for a few weeks. It actually looked worse than it felt. I won't mind going to those water parks, but I am not going down any of those slides again!