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  1. Hey, one you can put a leash on. The other you can't.
  2. Sike!
  3. Oh Baconator, why do you taste so good?
  4. Mini-Kevo found some of her old (unused) diapers buried in the back of her closet the other day. She asked why we still had them since she did not need them anymore. I simply said "just in case" and she gave me one of those teenager looks. I suppose it is already starting.
  5. School. Did I just say that out loud?
  6. Shit. .... Oh wait.
  7. Shit. I would save someone's life. Would you rather only eat your favorite food for the rest of your life or never be able to eat it again?
  8. I will admit if you go outside major cities with T-Mobile then you'll have less than ideal coverage.
  9. T-mobile prepaid plan user here. $30/month. 100 minutes of talk time per month, unlimited texts, unlimited data. Love it.
  10. ^^ I beat Fester's Quest once. I think I needed to use a turbo controller though. (Is that even cheating?)
  11. A hammer.
  12. Hardest game ever? Hasn't anyone here played the old school NES game "Battletoads?" HFS that game got hard after a few levels.
  13. Still getting a kick shouting people off a cliff in Skyrim.