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  1. TGIF. 我需要一杯啤酒
  2. Not to really add to this conversation, all I can say is that it is not recommended to call yourself an SE unless you hold that title in a state that allows such a thing. If you can, great. If you can't, that's ok too (You are an adult after all.) Now remember the board rules and everyone play nice.
  3. x3, and x2 on the beer.
  4. Happy birthday!!
  5. I was walking around a hospital that was in use.
  6. ^^ Eventually you'll get an ID card that is the size of a credit card. KEEP IT. I had to wear mine in a lanyard when I inspected Kaiser Oakland last year.
  7. Happy belated birthday!!
  8. ^^
  9. Sweet tape deck!!
  10. Who are you kids talking about!? Damn, I finally sound like my dad.
  11. Congrats again Leggo! TGIF! And another week survived, it's time for a beer.
  12. All I can say is that the CA PE/SE is more valuable if you live outside CA.
  13. Let me clarify: Top Gun (The original)= Kick ass. Iron Eagle= Pretty good. Top Gun 2= ?? Iron Eagle 2= What did I just watch? Iron Eagle 3= Direct to DVD. (Enough said....) I hope that Top Gun doesn't repeat this.