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  1. ...says the person with the dancing Hermione Granger avatar.
  2. And now a different Atlanta interstate has exploded.
  3. This is the image that is being circulated that is prompting the "rolls of conduit" theory. The conduit wouldn't just spontaneously combust so there had to be something else that sparked the fire. My guess would be urban outdoors-men... GDOT stores a lot of crap under this bridge. I know they park HERO (Highway Emergency Response Vehicles) under another portion of the bridge. When the fire was initially reported I assumed it was those burning. I'm betting there will be a new directive from GDOT soon dictating that nothing should be stored or placed under bridges.
  4. No, it sounds like a Pterodactyl
  5. I can't recall ever seeing the parrot, so I don't have a clue what it is. Even if I could see it I probably couldn't identify it. I doubt it shows up in my "Birds of Georgia" book. It's really really loud though. I have seen the large cage they have on their back porch for it. My best hope is that a hawk will swoop down and take it one day while it's being transported to or from the cage. But then I hope for the same thing when my in-laws bring over there stupid little yappy dogs and that hasn't happened yet either. :\
  6. With my luck the parrot would be some sort of endangered species... the fine would probably be doubled or something
  7. This has crossed my mind, but I'd be one of only three suspects in the parrot murder so my odds of getting away with it aren't good.
  8. yes, when you do that all the dogs in the neighborhood will start barking.
  9. Unfortunately 25 acres parcels are prohibitively expensive near me. My 3/4 acre lot is more than 3 times the size of most parcels in our area.
  10. The people with the barking dog behind us also have a parrot. That's worse then the dog. The parrot is only let outside during the summer months, so it's a seasonal nuisance whereas the dog is a year round one. Fortunately the parrot and the dog annoy another neighbor more then they bother me, so I don't end up having to call the doggie/parrot police because I know they will.
  11. I could use something like this too. The neighbors behind us have a dog that barks at everyone constantly. The reviews are mixed.
  12. We don't have a Costco that is convenient to us. My wife used to share a membership with her mom, but we found we almost never went so it wasn't really worth it to us. There was a BJ's nearby but it closed. Not long after that it was converted to a "Costco", but only as a movie set (for a terrible Ben Stiller movie). People were so disappointed when they found out it wasn't going to be a real Costco. It's now an indoor go-cart track.
  13. no offense taken. Just wanted to point out that it's a pretty good car (if you can look past the appearance). Maybe Scion should make that their slogan.