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  1. It's a daily occurrence to see at least one person fiddling with their cell phone and not paying attention to the road during my commute. I think the worst I've seen was the woman who had attached her iPad to her steering wheel (over the airbag) and was watching a movie while driving. Maybe we'll read about her one day in the Darwin awards as it's only a matter of time before she rear ends someone and is impaled by her iPad.
  2. ^^ I know some vehicles allow you to have some flexibility with how "aggressively" the auto cruise control follows the car in front. Allowing the driver to select how closely the car follows would cut down on that I don't know how soon, or whether cars are ever going to be totally autonomous but I am impressed with how quickly a lot of these driver aids are being implemented. Automatic braking, blind spot alerts, auto cruise control, lane departure warnings, etc. are all becoming more and more common on cars today. And given how many people I see texting while driving i am all for more and more automatic safety equipment on cars.
  3. I would argue there are plenty of people who aren't up to that task either.
  4. Most of those are retired running shoes. They are only good for around 300 miles of running at which point I get a new pair. I typically go through 3-4 pairs a year, so when I find a pair on sale I tend to buy multiple pairs at a time (hence the multiples in the same color). This "collection" was amassed over several years of running, and I was really only wearing a few of these at the time of the picture. The oldest ones (at the top left) are my yard shoes now. The newest ones (bottom right) are my current running shoes. In fact at the time of this picture the two newest pairs hadn't logged a single mile. The photo was taken prior to donating most of the shoes in between, just to document how much money I've wasted on running shoes. Then again, I'm sure there are more expensive hobbies.
  5. I still contend I only have three pairs of shoes. A black pair, a brown pair and my running shoes.
  6. Those are actually the 18's (all three pairs). I think the blue and gray pairs are also 18's. To prevent from going broke buying shoes I wait until the new show comes out and then buy several pairs of the "old model" shoe. I started wearing the Wave Rider when they were on the 12's and loved those shoes. The 14's had a smaller toe box which I wasn't a fan of and had to go up half a size. I think the 15's came out with a bigger toe box, so I dropped back down a half size. Since then I haven't noticed a lot of variation in the feel of the shoes. The uppers have changed materials over the years, they have gone with less material which has made the shoes lighter, but to me they still feel the same to run in.
  7. I'm also a fan of Mizuno Wave Riders, I've had a few more than four pairs though.
  8. To be fair, they shut down the plants during the earthquake 5 years ago too. I'd be curious to know if they've moved their backup generators since then.
  9. DAMMIT!!! I'm eating lunch! This thread has made me lose my appetite.
  10. It's been unusually warm this fall, we routinely had highs in the upper 80's through October. It also hasn't rained much during that time. We haven't had significant rainfall in two months.
  11. Smoke was even worse here today. Some rain would be nice. :\
  12. The smoke from those fires has made it's way down to Atlanta. It was really hazy this morning and it's not the normal "big city" haziness.
  13. Long time no see dude, nice to see you back.
  14. Happy birthday!!! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  15. We have an antenna for OTA channels and use Sling for a for sports (ESPN). Sling does offer HBO for an additional cost.