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  1. Happy birthday csb!! Hope it was a great one!
  2. I have some engineer beavers in my backyard, which makes me practice demolition techniques. Maybe i should just cite him for violations instead.
  3. I just finished Split Second by Douglas Richards. Its a fiction drama adventure about a scientist who discovers time travel and is then kidnapped by powerful shady people and the race to figure out who took him and why. It was a quick read and i really liked it. Especially the discussions on time travel which are a different way of looking at it. Also its available on amazon prime for kindle
  4. Based on responses I'd say our collective dating style is NERD.
  5. I loved Fraggle Rock!
  6. Sip of sunshine (sorry no pictures)
  7. Nope
  8. I use mapmyrun. I like it for mapping runs and keeping track of times. I've also started using Motion-X gps for when I'm in the woods and don't have a cell signal (somehow my phone still gets gps??). You can export the tracks as kmz files and map them out.
  9. Is that show really still on? I was way into it about 15 years ago. I may have to start watching it again.
  10. Quick, lets start a company!
  11. To friday!
  12. Cool video. thanks for sharing. I just had a conversation this morning with my son about how to get a job as a lego architect. I gotta imagine it's pretty competitive, so I don't know if I could make a career out of it. But boring?? I could make models all day.
  13. What are coconut aminos?