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  1. NFL 2017

    Did it work? I was outvoted - we watched Mazerunner instead.
  2. Movie thread

    My 13 year old really wants to see it. I've never read it so I dont know what its about. We watched the Shining together and he did ok with that. Maybe i should read the book but its like 6" thick!
  3. Flat Earthers

    Well everyone used to think the earth was flat, so I definitely think their numbers are on the decline. As far as other conspiracy theorists, I really think the reason they seem to be increasing is because of social media. We never used to hear about them or from them - now they have a platform to get their message out. The solution may be in the messenger. Scientists aren't always the best ones to try to convince skeptics. I saw a cool video about a scientist who convinced the Pope that climate change was real and worth doing something about (Scientist gets the message out). He is someone that many trust and believe in and will listen too, and it made a difference. You have to convince a leader in their community to believe and he or she will do the rest. But don't waste your time on the Flat Earthers...they're just stupid.
  4. NFL 2017

    Amazon Prime - TNF
  5. NFL 2017

    Just found out I can watch Thursday night football on Amazon Prime.
  6. NFL 2017

    Lucky break...
  7. NFL 2017

    They like being scratched on the belly. That's ok.
  8. NFL 2017

    What's wrong with actual GOATS?
  9. Happy Birthday NJmike

    Happy Birthday Mike!! Hope it's a good one!
  10. Happy Belated Birthday snickerd3!

    Happy Birthday Snick!!!
  11. Thats really cool mgx. I have a friend who was also in casper. Glad it was a good show.
  12. D. WRE Anyone?

    I thought it was just an honorary designation. I didn't know you could apply for it.
  13. We're also near the region of totality for the next one (Vermont). I'll start renting out tent spaces in the field now.
  14. Happy Birthday Frazil!,

    Thanks! Pretty low key and great.
  15. Happy Birthday CSB!

    Happy birthday csb!!