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  1. I use mapmyrun. I like it for mapping runs and keeping track of times. I've also started using Motion-X gps for when I'm in the woods and don't have a cell signal (somehow my phone still gets gps??). You can export the tracks as kmz files and map them out.
  2. Is that show really still on? I was way into it about 15 years ago. I may have to start watching it again.
  3. Quick, lets start a company!
  4. To friday!
  5. Cool video. thanks for sharing. I just had a conversation this morning with my son about how to get a job as a lego architect. I gotta imagine it's pretty competitive, so I don't know if I could make a career out of it. But boring?? I could make models all day.
  6. What are coconut aminos?
  7. No snow here though
  8. Whoa, 300 pages added
  9. I'm not even on the list! Time to catch up.
  10. Someone 10 pages back set a 6k goal for today
  11. Success!
  12. Almost pizza time
  13. Woohoo
  14. Almost there