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  1. Yeah, I had an inspection (by a civil engineer). He looked at the panel, plugged the GFCI tester in several outlets, looked at the wiring in the crawlspace but that was about it. He didn't go around and determine how many outlets were on each circuit, etc, although as I mentioned he did discover the strange combo of areas that were connected to the garage circuit. The circuit never trips out, even when we run a vacuum or iron on the big circuits, so I am not worried about safety or anything (this house was build in 86, so pretty good record of trouble-free operation). I just would like to see a few more circuits so i can have a more logical layout and some more capacity. for example when I installed my new bathroom fan a couple weeks ago, it took me switching about 8 breakers until I found the right one (labeled garage), and then half the lights in our living area and kitchen were off for ~4 hours while I did my work. That just doesn't make much sense to me - I'd like to see a bahtroom on its own circuit, with its own GFCI.
  2. I'm hoping things eventually start to break free in upper management as the baby boomers finally start retiring, as we've been warned about/promised for so long. But in many of the organizations I've worked for or with, it seems like they just keep hanging on into ripe old age, camped out in their upper level positions even though many of them are already augmenting their income with a pension or retirement fund from previous careers (and continuing to drive up housing prices because of it, but that's another story). It is starting to seem like by the time they're gone, all us older GenX people will be ready to retire, ourselves, after spending 20-30 years in the trenches, burning out in project management. Maybe the Millennials will get the big break that we've been waiting for.
  3. Yeah, I am not intimidated at all about running the new Romex and/or modifying circuits in the crawlspace, or hooking them up to a new sub-panel. I think I know enough of the relevant Code to do that properly. But seriously, the number of outlets and lights on some of my circuits is way beyond anything I thought was OK by Code. I think this was done by the original contractor to accommodate some special owner requests for multiple woodworking equipment circuits in the garage (3 separate circuits in addition to the garage lighting / openers), and oddball stuff like a fishpond, hot tub, and sauna that are no longer there, but whose circuits were re-purposed for an addition to the kitchen and master bedroom. I have something like 3 separate circuits for my master bedroom, and 4 or 5 for my kitchen, while the garage, lower bath, and kitchen lights are all on one shared circuit (with a GFCI in the garage that took my inspector forever to find), and the lights and outlets in the rest of my shared living space are all on one circuit.
  4. That's not bad. My main disconnect/main breaker is located at my service entrance, and needs replacement - as I found out when I added a simple little transfer switch for my boiler last year. I shut off the main breaker to do the work, and when I turned it back on, I had no power. My neighbor is a retired lineman, and I called him over to take a look. He switched it on and off a couple of times, moving it slowly, and finally got it to engage and turn the power back on. That kind of worried me... Yeah, I will probably not mess with this myself. I thought about adding a sub panel, but I like the thought of replacing with a right-sized, new panel. But you're right, there's too much that can go wrong and leave me without power for several days while i try to correct stuff (or worse).
  5. I need a new electrical panel and some re-wiring of circuits in my house. I have no idea what the original builder was thinking, but there are some screwy circuits in my house, and the panel is so full I can't do anything about it. I feel like I probably should use an electrician for that work, but a part of me thinks I could do it myself: most of the wiring is Romex and easily accessible in the crawlspace. I'm mostly afraid I'll do something not to code and then not be able to pass a home inspection when it's time to sell.
  6. Change jobs? Move to a new state or overseas? Join the military? Take 2 years off and join the Peace Corps? Lots of ways to shake things up and stay awake.
  7. Not a bad idea, provided you know what you want to do for the rest of your life...
  8. I hope so, because there are other things that one could conceivably be given at a bachelorette party, for which 36 inches might be a bit much.
  9. I've been to both Sam's Club and Costco (and the old Price Club, then Price Costco), and they're more or less the same. We only have a Sams Club where I live now, and it's been well worth the membership for us.
  10. Yeah, turn that plateau upside down!
  11. My kids went through various movie and TV show obsessions growing up, and since they were spread so far apart, it really covered a lot of years. For my daughter it was mostly Beauty and Beast, Mulan, and Spongebob. For my son, there's a bigger list with highlights for Thomas the Tank Engine, The Incredibles, and a host of NOVA space-related episodes but mostly the one about the Mars Rovers (the old ones - Spirit and Opportunity). We still have many of these DVDs, but I got my ass chewed out yesterday for apparently giving away my daughter's Disney-girly DVD collection, including Beast...
  12. I took the family to see Beauty and the Beast this weekend. I used to watch the animated version over and over again with my daughter, who is now pretty much grown up. So my opinion of "pretty good, but I'd prefer to see the cartoon again" needs to be viewed with some suspicion for the nostalgia I obviously felt watching it with her again. Some weird PC stuff that didn't seem all too fitting, as well, but you know....
  13. Nope X2. You need to get moving and switch jobs, move somewhere, change careers or something.
  14. We have a few indoor tracks around here, similar to yours in that they take many, many laps to make a mile. I opted for the treadmill in the garage with Netflix, mostly because of the time it saves me not driving to a gym. The gym on post is free for me, too, but it's in the opposite direction from my house, and would add about 30 minutes total to my daily driving. I should just get some yak tracks and go running out in the real world, and get used to the cold before everything turns to slush and mud next month and sends me indoors for a few more weeks. Generally it's been above zero after work here lately.