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  1. The app worked very well for my team training today! I give it two "thumbs up" although it was not seamless - my presenter had to log in as an admin to accept presentation rights and install the app, which was not required for the folks at our office (even though we don't have admin rights on our PCs). But all the non-presenter participants were able to view the slides and hear the audio without any problems.
  2. Awesome! I finished in under 2 hours.... My wife wanted to go, I didn't really want to run, so I agreed to walk it with her so she could have some fun, too. We met a couple of co-workers and walked with them, too. It was fun! I think next year I might walk it again, but with a cart full of beer like all the "smart" people.
  3. I just discovered today that my account also allows me to screen share, record, and swap presenters with any participants. They don't even have to download the plug-in; only me. And all for free (you have to pay if you want more than 1 GB of storage). Up to 1000 attendees on a conference call, not sure how many on the screen share. I am going to give it a try tomorrow for a real training session, and see how it works for my federal team members.
  4. ^Is that image supposed to be a persuasive argument? Or just a big F U to everyone who is not an athiest? I'm not exactly a very religious person, but that just screams "I'm an asshole so don't listen to anything I have to say".
  5. Homemade moose and caribou chili from a co-worker. mmmm!
  6. Well that's a relief. Only 6 more months and my daughter will suddenly start listening to my advice and stop doing dumb stuff!
  7. Yep, pretty awful. Yesterday another guy was killed by a bear, a mine worker about 2 hours from here. Killed at the jobsite.
  8. Dang I'm gonna have to run 5.0 miles this year...
  9. That's what Carhartt jackets are for.
  10. @Saraaaaaaaaa - please post this in the main body of the forum. This thread is for advice only - I will remove your post in a couple of days to keep this on topic. Thanks!
  11. Wow, I've never run on just one leg at a time. that must have been hard!
  12. I think everything is random, but I also believe that for reasonably capable people (like most of us are), things always work out because we make sure they work out. I'm the poster child for this - I've missed many opportunities and taken many that I had second, third, and fourth thoughts about. But things have worked out just fine.
  13. LOL!!!!!
  14. I think I will. My in-laws are here, so as long as I can get out of the house i will go. But I will most likely walk a lot of it. I've only been running 5k lately and been on the edge of shin splints. Drinking beer and spraying runners sounds like more fun.
  15. You doing the Midnight Sun 10k, @akwooly?