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  1. I don't go to bars, so it's ok. I get drunk everywhere else.
  2. Every spam is precious.
  3. spam sucks. But SPAM is delicious.
  4. 15k threads suck!
  5. I left my kid home, alone, and sick. How's that for parenting?
  6. Just make sure you drink plenty of water during the exam, or else you'll have a killer headache when you leave, and the real drinking won't be any fun. Trust me on this!
  7. I dropped about 1 more pound since last week, on average. BUT my belt is tighter by 1 notch, and I can see my face getting less fat. So maybe I'm getting somewhere. Just got to keep it up.
  8. Umm put that same money into more mental health services? Maybe even full time suicide counselors on the bridge? Otherwise all this potentially does is just take away one option, when there remains countless other ways to do it.
  9. Thanks @DVINNY! That's what I was looking for, like a calibration of expectations I guess. Sounds pretty good, actually.
  10. Thanks - good reference.
  11. Hey @DVINNY, could you give some examples of foods (and quantities) you eat on a daily basis to meet your protein and clean carbs goals?
  12. ^Nice work, @MetsFan! I've dropped 10 lbs in a month before, on careful avoidance of fat and sugars, and total elimination of beer (ugh). The weather has finally broken here, and once the dirt roads in my area dry out a little from all the melting snowbanks, I can get back outside (too muddy/slushy and wet right now). I'm running in a 5k this weekend, though, so that will be nice (temperature will probably be in the 30s at that time of the morning)
  13. ^Cool. 6 weeks is a good time frame for me. I need to be in my dress uniform at a conference by about then. I can fit in it now, but it was sized based on a skinnier version of me...
  14. Ha! I should have known this topic would lure you out of the woodwork!
  15. Nope. Raisin Bran + 2 cups of coffee every morning = regular as a clock!