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  1. Stupid Washing Machine

    Yes, my staff are also responsible for repairing washers and dryers in village "washeterias" and they speak very highly of Speed Queen. I didn't know they made units ofr household use - I will have to check that out when our Samsungs crap out!
  2. I've got a hydrogen alpha solar telescope I can rent for the bargain price of $2,000 for the event, and a regular telescope fitted with a white light solar filter for $1,000 . Way better than welding goggles or cheapo solar glasses!
  3. ^I'll have to check that out, too. We're in a Netflix slump right now. Started watching "Longmire" because my Mom said it was good, but, my Mom likes it... it reminds me of an 80s detective show. Each episode is a stand-alone mystery, always involving a murder, which at this pace seems like the entire small town will be depopulated by the end of Season 3 and it already goes out to 5! Definitely not up to modern TV standards.
  4. The Automotive Thread

    ^Cool. Ble, my advice to you once again, is to get what you want and don't start cheaping out because your local dealer doesn't have what you want, etc. You're spending so much anyway that it really doesn't make that much difference on the monthly payment to spend a little more and get what you want, vs. regretting it later on. I have been leaning toward a Tacoma myself, but I went down to the dealer a couple weeks ago and the Tacomas that were in the mid $30s a few months ago are now all over $40k. WTF!!!!
  5. I think one is just the most recent edition of the same book. The one I have is titled "... treatment and reuse" which I think is the 2004 edition, so the other one might be newer? I am not sure if the newer edition would give you any more value, but if the price difference isn't much, I always recommend the newer editions (especially if you will ever actually do wastewater treatment design). If you can get the older edition significantly cheaper, I think it would be just fine for the exam.
  6. No it's just because the sun is dangerously bright all the time, even if you can only see a sliver of it.
  7. I've seen several 80-90+ percent eclipses and they aren't anything like 100%. I've even seen a 100% "annular" eclipse, where the moon is a little too far away and lets a whole ring of sunlight around. They're pretty lame, actually. IMO you should really go see this, as it might be your best chance. I am not sure I will ever get a chance like this, and if I was in denver I'd be on the road.
  8. Quality of Online Graduate degrees

    I did a fully online masters degree, but in enviro eng./sci. through Johns Hopkins. And I am starting courses again later this month to work on a graduate certificate in public health, through a different school. I really enjoyed the online learning environment, especially the forced interaction with your classmates. That added a whole new dimension that I have never gotten in a regular classroom setting. I am sure that all schools will be slightly different, and in my experience every course was different, too. Some courses had pretty much no "lectures" and only assignments followed by discussion, and others had pre-recorded lectures you could watch whenever you wanted. Some used live sessions as well, but only as optional "office hours" but these were often very useful. Some courses used them to provide additonal lectures, and others required attendance and student presentations. I have non-engineer coworkers who are currently taking online courses and one school (Tulane) requires live "attendance" at online lectures, and another (George Washington) is all pre-recorded. But I think all of them require discussion posting in a forum-type setting. So yes, I think online master degrees are very much worthwhile, but you should do your homework and make sure the program you enter will fit in with your work schedule and lifestyle. Online courses can be quite time consuming with the discussion addition, compared to in-person courses. I had to work 4 weeknights plus both weekend days every week to keep up with 2 online classes, while I only needed 1 weeknight and half a saturday or sunday to keep up with an in-person graduate engineering course I took last year.
  9. If I was in the lower 48, I would definitely take the kids out of school to go see it.
  10. Share your InspiroBot quotes

    This would be a great album cover.
  11. North Korea

    Well now, even more evidence to suggest this is all just bluster: NEWSWEEK EXCLUSIVE: NORTH KOREAN MISSILE CLAIMS ARE ‘A HOAX’ http://www.newsweek.com/trump-north-korea-missiles-nuclear-scientists-649702