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  1. I was going to say those don't look too bad. looks like they don't recline so the person in front of you can't jam your knees, plus in my book. a little more robust so when the person sitting behind gets up and uses your chair for leverage it isn't going to move. Those stupid headrests are gone which were designed for short people. they never sat right for my neck. looks like seats on a train. short trips wont be too bad. not sure I would want to make a cross country trip on one though.
  2. being the guinea pig always sucks. it sounds like a good plan. I imagine a lot of the information need to solve the problem will be included in the problem state. the reference guide looks to be the basic refresher information to give one an idea if they know what they are looking for. I would start practicing on an 8.5x11 piece of white board or wipe sheets with marker you wont get paper at the test site.
  3. and the closed book format...
  4. i guess that depends on how you define beneficial. The topics aren't changing. the way the questions are asked is really the only thing changing. so the info/material on the topics is the same, but a sample test isn't going to be indicative of how the questions will be asked. but they would still make good practice problems.
  5. Apparently the daycare ladies missed Her Royal Highness Queen Snickette's morning I must sit on the potty time yesterday. She threw one huge tantrum in the middle of breakfast. She demanded a diaper change right there and then since she missed her throne time. As soon as she saw them retrieve a diaper from the other room she stopped the fit and was happy. I didn't know the morning throne time was an everyday occurrence. This potty training thing might happen sooner than expected with this one.
  6. the girl scout one is similar On my honor, I will try: To serve God and my country, To help people at all times, And to live by the Girl Scout Law.
  7. the most is probably the oath that they will do their duty Boy Scout Oath or Promise On my honor, I will do my best To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; To help other people at all times; To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.
  8. they really need to have two races. boy scout and a separate one for the parents so the kids are really the ones making the cars
  9. this is very council dependent. I went to girl scout camp twice (week long), cots on wood platforms with canvas sides. we also did local campouts and day trips to local forest preserves.
  10. depends on the sponsors. ours is sponsored by the local catholic church if i remember
  11. In a way I am glad minisnick isn't doing the whole cub scout thing. meeting times just don't jive with our work schedules
  12. I hate valentines for school age kids...those SAHMs are crazy with their pintrest handmade valentines. minisnick's valentines for class consisted of him writing the to/from on package of fruitsnacks. On FB I saw what some of his classmates are bringing...HFS people, it is a piece of paper that will be thrown out by this evening. I don't have the time to get that creative, nor would I spend that kind of money on a holiday like Valentines day. Daycare valentines were limited to a printed from on colored paper (label like size) and taped to a piece of candy.
  13. according to FB they are official New Zealand residents now