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  1. so we had the award thing this morning. He got a framed certificate and a small collapsible fabric bin full of summer related toys from the $ store....color book, squirt gun, waterbottle, jump rope, box of flavor ice, playdough, etc. About $10-15 worth of stuff. There were 3 kids that got the award.
  2. those are all pretty cool but high maintenance and breeding grounds for thanks. I don't have the $$ to pay a gardener.
  3. happy birthday
  4. Yeah!!! friday is here.
  5. This morning I ordered a plain bagel toasted with butter at panera. When I opened my bag at work to eat it, I got a plain bagel toasted with a container of cream cheese and a whole banana....hate to be the person that got my order.
  6. left over tacos
  7. sugar free candy...I'd rather just not eat candy.
  8. I love Haribo gummy bears!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or any gummy bear in general
  9. awesome!! They look so weird with teeth missing. minisnick's second front tooth has finally started coming in. he lost his two front teeth late nov/early dec.
  10. On Tuesday minisnick said his teacher told him he was 7 books away from the 100 pt club (basically 200 books read) and the AR program ends on the 16th. Hopefully he reads&tests at least one additional book during the school day every day this week and the book he brings home and he should make it. It earns him a picture in the paper, a prize, lunch with the principle and a coupon for a free pizza to one of the local pizzerias. at least that is what the captions have said in the newpaper clips for those that have already reached this point.
  11. why is it always move the person bringing issues to attention and not dealing with the issue?! and that's not limited to just school, but life in general
  12. lovely...such nice bus ride conversations.
  13. Minisnick's principle called me during lunch today. When he identified himself, I thought great what did minisnick do that merited the principle to call. He was just calling to invite mr snick and myself to their morning meeting on the 19th so we could see minisnick get an award, picture for the paper etc...
  14. got the game schedule last night...holy cow!!! at least we only have to travel 1.25hrs one time. The rest of the away games are 30-45 minute away
  15. That has to be like a lockerroom team award for the player who made most errors in a game or some other lost the game for us shtick