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  1. Ask the owner if he would. Google and or linkedin isn't your friend to find the person?
  2. we were talking about you...
  3. mr snick and minisnick play the new zelda what seems like all the time. They play "together", minisnick basically works as a scout looking for things in the background and provides constructive criticism on mr snicks battle tactics
  4. The bracelet on the bottom!!!!!
  5. Georiga gives(at least they used to) a 5 pt veteran preference for the PE, not sure about the SE. THat could be difference btwn P/F for different states that don't give the bonus pts
  6. That's going to leave a mark snowwhite's reaction is hilarious...typical disney princess "Oh my" with the hand over the mouth.
  7. Turkey bacon is not bacon period, but it can't even claim being cut from the same areas on a turkey as from the pig to claim bacon like substance. just processed to look like bacon.
  8. yep it was already talked about in the chemical area. I think I remember reading within the next 6 yrs, it should be complete. THey are going to phase it in with a couple at a time.
  9. hells no!!!
  10. ^always good to see that!! That's how our town works too. Other towns we have played however use a parent or adult. minisnick's team had a big win yesterday 12-3. They could have gotten a couple more runs but they ran through the lineup completely during 2-3 innings without reaching 3 outs and had to stop per league rules. That makes 3 wins in a row and a complete improvement from the first 4 games of the season. It finally clicked. 3-4-1 is the current team stat. Minisnick got a hit on every time at bat, but he is in a point in the line up that he gets more RBIs than scores by him.
  11. Our league rules punish the kids for when parents make those requests. Parents ask/push for their kids to play more or a specific position and the kids will be benched for the next game.
  12. You know you are a helicopter parent when the police get called to the baseball game when you assault the umpire over the strike zone of an 8yr old. Happened last night. The cops were called over when the visiting team on the other field had a parent start verbally assaulting the umpire (high schooler) over the strike zone of their 8yr old kid. The visiting team had to forfeit during the top of the first inning because of it.
  13. they are sticklers about it. The first review is a check the box sort of PE to confirm it, it will likely not pass muster and letter sent back saying you are lacking the required experience
  14. official "boss" not so much, but would definitely have to be someone who oversaw your work product. BUt they are very strict in the experience requirements.