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  1. Random Thoughts Version 2.0

    Always love the first question on the OSHA medical questionnaire...Can you read (circle one): Yes / No
  2. Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    BBQ pulled pork nachos...
  3. Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    no quiznos around here. I don't like the dressing choices at subway all their salad dressings are fat free and taste horrible. They are overpriced for what they give. the one here only puts a handful of lettuce...so it is smaller than even the mcdonalds salads.
  4. Fudgey's Sister?

    we always substituted ying yang for ass when we wanted to say that phrase of pulling something out of your ass.
  5. Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    local demographics??? not as large of Asian population?
  6. Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    wish there was a place to get a good salad around work. The salads at mcdonalds are small and horrible and wendy's got rid of the salad I got from there.
  7. Fudgey's Sister?

    That stuff rulz!!!! smells horrible though
  8. So...it's been a while...

    You have a lot to catch up on.
  9. Kids of EB

    Minisnick has lost 2 teeth in like the previous 48 hrs along with the SLLLOOWW entrance of his adult teeth his mouth looks like he went a round with mike tyson. A friend posted a good comment it looks like is tongue is in jail when he smiles.
  10. should qualify that to say when related to all things interwebs. The rest of the time we are the upmost trustworthy sort of peoples
  11. Job Leads

    indeed.com, usajobs.gov
  12. Online Tailors

    i've heard that before
  13. What to do with my EIT now?

    a PE is a PE in most states. Your supervisor doesn't need to have taken the same test as you. My boss took the Civil geotechnical exam when he got his license and I took the chemical exam and his PE reference worked just fine.
  14. Online Tailors

    I looked up that mtailor, they basically do a video call/snapchat/FBlive thing with you. whatever computer program they have uses the video footage and measurements to get the best fit. Takes the phrase, there's an app for that, to a whole new level
  15. Online Tailors

    since he isn't on EB as much maybe FB @DVINNY and ask where he finds his suits? He has that big body builder upper body problem too.