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  1. Trump is officially president so hell has frozen over?
  2. this time i was sort of thinking for me. I have bought these same shoe many times but somehow the laces this time are way longer than previous versions. If I am going to replace them anyways I would contemplating the tieless variety
  3. i basically just wanted to know if it was worth pulling a Mommy needs some alone time so she is going to the movies this afternoon sort of thing.
  4. bumping this to see if anyone else has any experience with these
  5. anyone seen that Hidden Figures movie yet? The previews looked interesting.
  6. holy basketball players are as big of drama queens and divas as soccer players!!!!!!!!!!! Tried to watch the florida/S.Carolina game yesterday. Ball in bounds, 2 secs later a foul, ball makes is across the floor another foul. There wasn't a consistent period of longer than 10 secs of play for at least 5 minutes. How it took more than half the first period for anyone to score was crazy.
  7. this might be the better way to go...he likes watching youtube videos, this way he can do it all by himself.
  8. there has to be one on will be remembering to do it.
  9. hmmm, 7:30 pacific 9:30 central...even I will be asleep by then.
  10. I need to find a basketball game on tv tonight and have minisnick watch it. The coach sent out a booklet for plays with the xx and oos but minisnick is visual person. He wasn't grasping what the point was on paper. He needs to see it.
  11. whatever the AT&T program is, is what works for us...which i mean is one of the few that will download to the computer without needing admin permissions
  12. lactose-free ice cream rulz!!!!!
  13. i'm shocked they kept score...they don't in tball or soccer
  14. snickette is obsessed with cars...I'm thinking she might be one to try that line with guys when she is older
  15. I know how, its been years since I have driven a manual car, but I could do it