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  1. That would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Sparkly underwear!!!! That is awesome
  3. happy birthday @TehMightyEngineer
  4. new driveway and back patio are our home improvement plans this year. the 30+ yr old concrete is literally crumbling and in many places sunk leaning towards the house so when it rains it puddles/flows near the house.
  5. they clipped its wings!!!!?????
  6. i shocked the dog hasn't taken care of the problem for you...
  7. Dude!!! I can hear dog whistles and those bark boxes....those things hurt!!!!
  8. you mean that's not the kid's fork?
  9. sick little ones are never fun to deal with
  10. i've never been to a costco, so i can't help you there.
  11. i don't have a 93" teddy bear but I do have one that is probably 34-36" tall that I got from Dave and busters for my bachelorette party
  12. If there were such a thing as a Genie in the bottle that grants wishes you would all be $100 richer, complements of minisnick. The radio was talking about genies and he said if they were real he would wish for a dog, everyday being a holiday, and a $100 bill for everyone.
  13. we don't have that option...those are comfy though!
  14. I have a sam's club membership only because even with the annual fee my OTC allergy meds are still WAY cheaper than buying from a regular store.