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  1. Congrats to all who passed. Ill check later in afternoon after i drink a few cold ones. Gotta control the urge to check til then
  2. Ok so texas not out yet. Ill continue praying. I did dream last night and saw red fail box. Hopefully its not true
  3. Not sure i want to check results im so nervous. Today seems to be the day!
  4. OK just refreshed for the last ten times. Nothing changed so I guess it's time to call it a day. Have fun everyone!
  5. He probably wasn't paid too well considering he doesn't seem excited or happy in the video.
  6. Do we keep refreshing the dashboard or refresh within the exams tab?
  7. the link video is so big I just hope I don't accidentally click the video to listen to Justin.
  8. yeah everytime I refresh NCEES webpage you see that guy. We need random videos that modern websites have.
  9. Ok spam leggo has taken over.
  10. Maybe its time to start a new thread, but what should the title be? This thread is starting to get spammed by legos.
  11. Most of the safety videos that I've watch through the years have been real people acting out safety scenarios/events. I find that more believable and trust worthy even though you know its just acting. The simulation videos make me focus on other aspects instead of the important safety points.
  12. "Greg has cool lime green shirt that is also puffy"
  13. Im enjoying this ice cream cake from a co-worker birthday today. woohooo!
  14. We are just trying to shoot the breeze and trying to lessen the stress and agony. Maybe pick up some scratch off tickets during lunch to ease the nerves. There is plenty of activity in this thread even though we have had no indications of results coming soon.
  15. It's nice to stay at home sometimes. I don't visit this EB site at all when I'm at home.