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  1. well that's something new. Just when I thought I had this whole scoring thing figured out...
  2. Common misconception. I actually read through the entire CERM pre-amble and it explains it in there. From my understanding they determine the number of questions that you must get right to be considered competent and it really has nothing to do with the percentage.
  3. I felt very confident going into the exam as I passed the practice exam with flying colors, however, after the exam I felt like I would be right at the cut off but wasn't sure which side of the line I would be on. I fluctuated quite a over the last few weeks and deep down I thought I had failed because the exam just wasn't what I was expecting. I did end up with a pass but I'm still certain it was only by a point or two.
  4. I got the e-mail and waited a good 3 mins before I could work up the nerve to check.
  5. Thank you so much! I hope you aren't kept waiting much longer!! Thanks!!! Congrats to you too! I'm feeling so relieved right now!
  6. I don't think so. I refreshed mine, still said April 21, 2017, got the e-mail about 30 seconds later and had the result when I refreshed again.
  7. PASSED as well (can't figure out screenshots lol) I got the results almost 25 mins ago but I've been too busy celebrating!
  8. PASSED (20 mins ago, I've been celebrating lol)
  9. GPD?
  10. thanks for a bit of a laugh while waiting for OH to post
  11. How do you know?! I know OH typically posts same day as NCEES release, but did you somehow get it confirmed?
  12. I might as well just go home now.... No more work is being done.
  13. according to the other topics started... I think it's true. Or maybe I'm a giant sucker
  14. Yup. It's already happened 3 times today.
  15. That really sucks. I work in Transportation as well and it seems like at least half the people who have taken it at my company have failed and no one really cares. My company doesn't really care either as long as you get it eventually. As anxious as I am knowing that my company doesn't care, I can't imagine how you feel! Good luck!