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  1. Got mine!
  2. Just one so far today.
  3. Congrats! Still waiting on mine, but good to see they're on to the test takers now.
  4. No idea. I simply (using rough numbers) divided the population of NY divided by the population of the US (all based off wikipedia), and multiplied that by the number of test takers that passed as provided by NCEES. Knowing NY, I would guess that we had a disproportionately small number of PEs due to the overwhelming number of people taking social justice basketweaving.
  5. I've just been typing in the next sequential number to be released. Currently, 097857
  6. This batch appears to be PEs from other states getting their NY license.
  7. Yeah, it's a rough guess. I'd assume that we have a disproportionately small number of Aggies and petro engineers in ny, but who knows.....I believe Cornell has a pretty good AgE program.
  8. Looking that way. By my math, ASSUMING a distribution of those who passed the PE that corresponds to each state's population/US population, there are around 1000 newly minted PEs in ny. At yesterday's rate, we have about 20 days of this.
  9. I wish that were the case. Pretty sure I was the first one to leave in Rochester.
  10. Nope, another round is coming out now. Had one from East Aurora (near me in Buffalo). No pattern based on what I can see about the newly minted PEs. Possibly it's based on grade, or possibly just whoever ends up at the top of the pile.
  11. The most recent number issued as of early this morning was 097789. It's now at 097805
  12. NY is starting to roll out numbers. About 20 have come out this morning so far.
  13. I just took it to weeks ago and passed with endorsements for civil and transmission/distribution. Work made me do it, and they paid for no big deal there. I was just wondering if anyone has ever heard of it and whether or not they feel it has any real value
  14. Forgot to mention I also had the FE reference with me. I preferred the layout of vert/horizontal curves there.
  15. Civil construction. I used the Lindberg practice problems and ncees practice problems to guide my studying. I had the CERM and all recommended references. I'd work each problem both to test my ability to do it, and to become familiar with the texts....very little tabbing. In areas I didn't understand, I'd often turn to youtube to find a lecture or a review. There's a civil pe review channel on youtube....I think it's learncivilengineering. I'd watch a bit of that every night before bed in the weeks leading up to the exam.