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  1. Trolling at its finest... it's scary how easy it is to do this.
  2. Like always in late to the party, Happy belated birthday!
  3. I unequivocally believe sometimes circumstances occur that are more than just random chance or coincidence. To put it simply, sometimes "fate" smiles upon us and sometimes she kicks us in the balls. I believe that there are occasions when her charity or perceived wrath happen for a reason. To push us in a particular direction. A discussion of the events that have lead me to this conclusion would be pointless since most of us are strangers to one another and it would be easy for you to just discount them to the ramblings of just another internet philosopher preaching his version of truth. So as not to enter a metaphysical or philosophical debate, I will just say that during the course of my life I have experienced things that defy traditional scientific explanation or understanding and said experiences brought me to the conclusion that yes, sometimes there is a reason why that particular event occurred. That being said one of my favorite quotes is "luck favors the prepared."
  4. goid for a laugh
  5. I like that but without a like button I can't make it official.
  6. I thought it was hilarious because I've actually heard guys at my old job having a similar argument. Personally I like both so I guess I could find it funny without being offended.
  7. Pics or it didn't happen? Well it's a little late for pics of that bottle but it's twin is ready to do some typing next weekend...
  8. Duty free shops are great. 👍
  9. The better the scotch the more likely that is to happen.
  10. Speaking of sexy outfits who's the pretty girl in all your pics?
  11. The game is I impress you with my magical psychic abilities. But first I need a.volunteer from the audience. Mr Demo can I borrow your phone and go through all your personal stuff?
  12. That's why there isn't a politics section. You don't want to troll around here. The ban hammer is swift. I'm in a mood and have an idea for some excitement...
  13. Working? Sorry to hear that. I've seen it. It just didn't click. Probably the Jonny Walker.
  14. I don't know about you but I'm enjoying some Johnny Walker Blue.
  15. Ahh I get it now. You had me worried.