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  1. I'll just drop this right here...
  2. I agree. Weather will be an unpredictable contributing factor. Especially since there is no way to really plan for it since it takes so long to get a permit. From what I understand you have to apply for it a year or two in advance. I'm sure when I'm done a month on a boat in the Caribbean will sound pretty damn good. I'll bring the rum.
  3. Everyone has bucket list items like skydiving or visiting a certain place or whatnot but what is your big ticket item? Mine is to climb Everest. Yes, I know it's insane. The permit from Nepal is 11k all by itself. Then around another 20-25k for everything else. Then there is the actual climb and the possibility of your body being forever frozen up there. (Google "green boots Everest") On the climb up you pass by bodies of people that didn't make it. I want to try it though. With great risk comes great reward. So what about the rest of you? Anything insane on your list?
  4. If that was a real thing I have a friend I would buy it for. He's a prepper.
  5. Error message
  6. Unnecessary spam since the goal was achieved.
  7. I was late to the 15k celebration. This the story of my time in this thread.
  8. Phone call ruined my mojo spam
  9. Interrupted by phone call spam
  10. The power spams
  11. Scooby spam
  12. Dora the spammer
  13. Cartoon spam...
  14. Captain spam
  15. Spider spam