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  1. You can do it. I remember when my dad failed a professional test when I was a kid, and the excitement, joy, and pride I felt when he passed it the second time. Failure sucks! But you'll pass it in October, and I'll pass it in October. And your kids are going to be so proud of you no matter what.
  2. Hey congratulations!
  3. ::hugs: I'm with you man! We'll crush this in October!
  4. ::hugs:: This test has taken down lots of good folks. You'll be ready in October.
  5. LOL no way, don't feel like that. You earned it! Congratulations!
  6. Awww thanks! Did you pass?
  7. Environmental here...looks like I scored in the 50s? Just judging by the diagnostics. Ooof. Well, at least I didn't fail by a point. I think that would have been worse.
  8. Thanks so much! I really have enjoyed the good advice and spirits on this thread.
  9. Congratulations! You more than earned this!
  10. ::big hugs:: I'm with you. I saw the results, IM'd my team leader that I needed 15 minutes to grieve, then took a long (teary) walk. I'm feeling better now. We got this next time! What was your test in? Mine was environmental.
  11. Thanks so much The camaraderie on here is really awesome, and knowing that I'm not the only person this test has conquered makes me feel better.
  12. Thanks for checking on me I didn't pass, but it's ok. Had to take a moment but feeling good now.
  13. I didn't pass. Super disappointing but not unexpected. Congrats to all who passed! To my brethren who failed, we'll crush this test in October!
  14. AHHHH congratulations! So happy for you!
  15. Holy crap, you guys got your results before Texas did! We're not getting ours until tomorrow :((( Good luck everyone!