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  1. This is awesome! Thank you!
  2. You are awesome! Thank you so much!
  3. Oh wow, that would be awesome! Thanks!
  4. I'm with you guys! I'm in Texas but maybe we can do a virtual study group on here? The air section murdered me.
  5. Meeeeeeee.
  6. Haha I'm so excited! Went to Half Price and discovered a trove of books! Probably from a new PE! Got Metcalf and Eddy for $5 and Cooper and Alley for $10, along with a couple of other references! These are older editions, but still! Can't beat the price.
  7. Thanks so much guys. This is really helpful.
  8. 69% pass rate for environmental? I remember it being lower during previous exam cycles...my ego takes an additional bruising...
  9. Congratulations and major props for passing, especially with a kid to take care of. I can't imagine doing all that studying with a baby!
  10. I'm so sorry guys. That sounds way stressful. You're at least being mature about it, I probably would have pitched a tent outside the Board office by now.
  11. Nope, nope, nope. You're not a loser. One thing I've found really comforting on this board is seeing how many people didn't pass the first time. I failed yesterday too, so I completely understand the disappointment. Hey, we got through engineering school, right? This is just one hiccup on the way to success. Take a relaxing weekend, enjoy yourself, and let's get ready to kick October's test in the face.
  12. Thanks so much for the good advice. I'm in remediation so the air stuff was definitely out of my league! Last air class was in 2005...wishing I didn't sell my Cooper and Alley text afterward! Time to get it again for October.
  13. I'm so sorry! It means October should be a slam dunk.
  14. That honestly makes me feel a lot better!
  15. 1st attempt, 60 - 80 hours? Failed, so definitely putting in the 300 hours second time around.