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  1. School of PE offers: 1. Ondemand, Live Online, and Onsite classes to meet your learning needs 2. Risk-free enrollment 3. A free repeat option if you don’t pass your exam 4. Free basic calculator training with any review course 5. Free basic engineering math with most review courses Visit our website for more information:
  2. Don't forget to sign up for our new FE Industrial & Systems review course starting June 5th!
  3. Please know your feedback is welcomed! We are always working on improving our courses based on student feedback.
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  9. Registration for our fall PE courses has opened. Sign up today to take advantage of our early registration discount! 🔩 School of PE - PE Exam Review Courses
  10. Our FE Industrial and Systems exam refresher course covers a majority of the topics on the FE Industrial and Systems exam and includes practice using the NCEES FE Reference Handbook. FE Industrial and Systems Course Structure Our 72-hour review course is divided into two parts: Refresher Classes - Approximately 60% of the review course is dedicated to preparing students for the topics that are critical for the FE Exam. This section will allow students to experience some theory and high-probability problems. Workshop Sessions -Approximately 40% of the review course is dedicated to workshop sessions. These sessions motivate students to practice and solve several problems that require numerical solutions. The workshop sessions are exclusively for solving problems that are critical for the FE Exam. Sign up today!