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  1. We are going to NE to see it, but again, In laws live there (although we will need to travel a bit from house to get to path of totality) and kids don't start school until Wednesday. I think we would have taken them out of school if it had started already. I'm a mean mom and plan to make my older kid do a report on the eclipse.
  2. Kids of EB

    It may be a licensing requirement - I know ours was pretty specific on what was allowed. Licensed providers can charge more also.
  3. Kids of EB

    Mine will wear dresses, sometimes. She also thinks that tights are appropriate as pants. (!!! Dude, I can totes see your butt- not pants!) She won't wear jeans.
  4. Kids of EB

    Grrrrr....when someone says "I have to babysit my kids this weekend" No, you have to parent this weekend. OMG the purses. I swear my mini me is going to be a hoarder or a bag lady.
  5. WI State Fair Food Checklist (2017)

  6. The Pet Thread

    We had to have our kitty of 15+ years put down last fall. It was sad but she is not suffering anymore. We have been pet free for the last year, and have recently decided to become kitten fosters for one of our local shelters. It is going to be hard to give up those adorable balls of fur, but hopefully the reward of helping the kitties to be socialized so they find good homes is worth it.
  7. Kids of EB

    My mini-me has 1 1/2 missing bottom and 3 missing up top...there is one little sliver of a tooth poking out on the bottom, and her lonely tooth up top makes her look like a jack-o-lantern.
  8. According to the instructions, yes, but put N/A on it.
  9. Happy Birthday thekzieg!

    Enjoy your day @thekzieg!
  10. Questions about Goswami Practice Exam

    Structural Depth I had a few that I got tight on space. But other than that, I had enough space.
  11. What state to get SE license?

    So they are okay with anyone just calling themselves a PE? I mean, it is just a test! Something seems fishy to me. But again like I said, not my issue to worry about it!
  12. Questions about Goswami Practice Exam

    Unless you write huge. In which case, write smaller.
  13. What state to get SE license?

    I guess my interpretation is that when they say title, it is the words under your name, not the letters after it. So it would be okay to say John Doe, P.E. Structural Engineer but not John Doe S.E. unless you have passed the 16 hour structural engineering exam and are licensed to do so. I work in Illinios, and I am not even supposed to refer to myself as a Structural Engineer Intern (EVEN THOUGH THAT IS MY JOB TITLE!), as my FE was not the structural specific one offered in Illinois. But hey, if you are comfortable with it and feel the risk is worth it, by all means go ahead and do it. It is not my career and potential license that are on the line. It is an offence that can result in the revocation of your license.

    There were a couple of people in the "Asking for a raise after PE" thread that were in LD, and posted salaries.