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  1. I guess my interpretation is that when they say title, it is the words under your name, not the letters after it. So it would be okay to say John Doe, P.E. Structural Engineer but not John Doe S.E. unless you have passed the 16 hour structural engineering exam and are licensed to do so. I work in Illinios, and I am not even supposed to refer to myself as a Structural Engineer Intern (EVEN THOUGH THAT IS MY JOB TITLE!), as my FE was not the structural specific one offered in Illinois. But hey, if you are comfortable with it and feel the risk is worth it, by all means go ahead and do it. It is not my career and potential license that are on the line. It is an offence that can result in the revocation of your license.
  2. There were a couple of people in the "Asking for a raise after PE" thread that were in LD, and posted salaries.
  3. Back in the stone age when I took the FE-Other I mainly studied using the Reference manual. It is what is provided to you, so it makes sense to utilize it. Is it going to touch everything in the book? No. The book is the same for all disciplines. Follow the test outline, and make sure you know those topics.
  4. We are also on a utilization model, I am 5 years in, and my utilization goal is between 80-85% I believe. We range from about 10% utilization goal to 90%, except summer hires which are technically 100%.
  5. Then we are most assuredly not living in the right place for those salaries and benefits. But we aren't moving either, so oh well.
  6. Ahh, but his benefit package is quite nice. We had an electrical with about 4 years experience come in and expect $90k, no license. They politely showed him the door. Perhaps it is the "small" town thing, but in this area there aren't many places that pay that well, even in the engineering fields.
  7. Where the heck do you people live and what is your concentration? My hubs has worked for the federal gov't for 14 years, and doesn't even make 6 fig. Even in the private sector I don't expect to bust that mark for a while.
  8. Apparently not! I know I was not the only one in the room. One of my classmates took Mech thermal fluids and also did not pass.
  9. I feel your pain, structural I believe was 66% last cycle.
  10. Me too! My husband is a PE also, but he's had his for 10 years - things have changed a bit. He gets it, but he doesn't, you know? You guys get it. Thanks EB and all you EB members!
  11. Not passed at 39, one try. Engineering is my second career. This was my first eligible testing period without jumping through hoops.
  12. Time to get to work!
  13. My 2017 is in the toilet.
  14. I am so excited for you! Don't be a spam stranger... I'm going to need a friendly structural in October!
  15. I'll be 40 on Oct 27th... celebrating with 40 of my closest strangers. Weeeeeee!