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  1. Not passed at 39, one try. Engineering is my second career. This was my first eligible testing period without jumping through hoops.
  2. Time to get to work!
  3. My 2017 is in the toilet.
  4. I am so excited for you! Don't be a spam stranger... I'm going to need a friendly structural in October!
  5. I'll be 40 on Oct 27th... celebrating with 40 of my closest strangers. Weeeeeee!
  6. Oh, leggo... I SOOOOOO hope you get a green!
  7. Exactly this.
  8. Shut it!
  9. I like booze
  10. Civil -structural
  11. Mine was low, 46. Apparently the morning was harder than I thought.
  12. I hope you got it leggo.
  13. well, mine was not all that high.
  14. And it looks like crying into the beer. Shit.
  15. Really, really did not want to take this thing again. On my birthday. Also, for future use: I got the email just as I refreshed the NCEES screen, so almost instantaneous. Results out at about 11:20 central, Thursday May 25th.