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  1. I'm in the same boat. Hoping they mail tomorrow. May get them Saturday?
  2. Is this an 8 hour day or 24 hour day?
  3. MN Board meets today at 2PM...though looking back through the previous exam sessions, MN seems to be a little behind the other states. I'd love results this week, but think if they release tomorrow, I won't see mine until next week.
  4. I was up-front and honest with coworkers and others telling them that I was taking the exam so I would hold myself accountable through to the end.
  5. Ha! I created one, but then never posted it. I'm waiting for my results also and don't want to jinx myself!!
  6. Interesting concept. Do you take into account the placement of Memorial Day as well as Easter? Easter in 2016 was March 27th while Easter this year was April 16th, which is likely why the exam wasn't on April 14th. You have to go the whole way back to 2012 until you find a release date AFTER Memorial Day. I'd love my results next week, but looking through past exam cycles it seems that Minnesota always releases on/around day 40 which puts me on May 31st. Might even be later with Memorial Day being the 29th.... I do enjoy reading the speculation and assumptions though. My wife hates that I 'over-analyze' everything!
  7. Snarf!
  8. Guess I'll get in on the action!
  9. My birthday is next Wednesday....not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing?!?
  10. Because you forgot to wake up on Friday morning to go take the exam?
  11. Thanks for feedback, I'll start digging into this more as soon as I get positive results on my PE exam!
  12. I have considered taking this test. I just took my PE last month and if I passed, I may try to take this in the Fall. I think I am eligible to take the CPC without taking the AC first. Civil Engineering Degree + 5 year experience. I also have 12 credits completed towards my MS in Building Construction but not sure if they consider graduate level courses without an actual degree? Question: If I take the CPC - should I be studying the AC and CPC study guides? Or just the CPC? I have not directly compared both of them and would probably skim the AC guide at a minimum, but wondering if I should hit them both?
  13. When I took my paper/pencil EIT, they let us keep the pencils and they let me keep 2x of the reference books that they provided! I shared them with others that had not taken the EIT. Since you cannot take anything into the EIT, there is no way to add material to your book for exam use. On the PE exam on Friday - they told us we could keep our pencils if we wanted. We were also allowed to keep jackets on the back of our chair. (saw a comment above that someone said you can't do that). The only thing we couldn't do was keep a water bottle on the table, which makes sense.
  14. I took the construction PM session. I took 3 milk crates. Could have put it into 2 crates, but also packed my lunch and water bottle so I had lots of extra room. I used all of my references except for the CWMB. I am someone who likes to validate answers so even if I knew the answer, I would take the time to verify my answer and write in the book where I found it and what equations I used. This is obviously not the best practice when you need every minute you have, but it always made me feel better because I can make silly mistakes where I put a '+' in an equation instead of a '-' or something similar.
  15. Log in to MyNCEES Click on "submit a support request" Click on "send a message" I submitted 2 problems, one from the AM and one from the PM. They responded quickly and said that they would look into it and since it was regarding the exam problems I would not get a response from them.