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  1. I totally bombed the pe structural; 42/80 will study harder and more. I guess it's ok for someone who has never worked as a structural engineer
  2. Looks like the first guy who posted his results was out of the south, lakeville area.
  3. I hate to speculate but since the board said they sent all on Friday. I assume those who live in the St. Paul, Ramsey co, area probably got their letters before the rest of us??
  4. I called the board and all results were mailed last Friday. It's just a matter of when they'll arrive.
  5. My friend just got back to me. He was out of town this past weekend and got home late last night. He received his passing letter Saturday too. Makes me nervous that maybe the passing letters were mailed out first. He lives in the north suburbs and I'm right in minneapolis. Who knows...
  6. Do you guys think the passing notices were sent Friday and failing scores sent Saturday? I'm still waiting and we've only heard from one person who passed. In the passed, they have sent multiple rounds of mail notices.
  7. Finally today has come where the majority of us will find out our fate! It's been agony knowing most states released their results 5 days ago! Best wishes to everyone from MN!
  8. Awesome! Congrats!
  9. Did you ever get your results? I've seen in posts from previous years where MN sent results out in multiple waves. The envelope is marked that it was mailed yesterday.
  10. Saw the nail man drove by the other streets. No mail in my mailbox. I assume he's done in my area for the day now. I usually get mail around 11am. Ugh, looking more like Tuesday I'll get it. I'm in Minneapolis.
  11. Ok. I'm nervously waiting for my mail this afternoon then.
  12. Is this for the PE or LS? Their post yesterday said LS was in the mail. If PE are in the mail today, does that mean we'll get it Tuesday? If so, MN sucks!!! The wait is torturous!
  13. I believe so. My friend took it April 2015 and the results came out that Thursday and by Friday around 2pm, he was texting us he passed. So, I assume they'll release online once letters are in the mail.
  14. I've talked with others as well and it seems like in the past, they found out online before in the afternoon. It's likely they will release the results online once the letters are sent in the mail.
  15. Typically they're the next day 😔. I'm waiting for Minnesota too.