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  1. I didn't do too well in the morning. I agree with the PM having a lot of masonry questions; more than I was expecting. I was surprised how many times I had to use the OSHA book too. I kept telling myself to make sure I do the combination loading and strength reduction, but I had little time to review my answers. I'm hoping for the best, but I'm content if I didn't pass as it was a good experience on how the exam is like being a first timer.
  2. Maybe I felt is was geotech heavy because that's my weakest area and structural is my best area so all I can remember are the geotech questions I guessed on!
  3. I felt like there was a lot of emphasis on geotech in the morning. I felt like it was hard for me. I heard a guy that does geotech for a living said the breadth was so easy for him, finished 1.5 hours early. i took the structural depth. It was doable but the hard questions were really hard. I came in underprepared. I don't think I passed but now I know what I need to work on and that the exam is very passable.
  4. I don't feel too great. It is what it is. I'm going to just do my very best and see how it goes. I only started studying in January and studied about <200 hrs. I'm not completely confident but I don't know what to expect as any questions can be asked for the structural depth. Wish me luck, I'm going to need it!
  5. We have about 29 days left to go before the exam! How does everyone feel at this point? Have any of you done a mock exam yet? I'll be taking the Civil Structural depth exam and doing my mock exam next weekend.
  6. I agree with that. The questions are not impossible. They're difficult for someone like me who doesn't do structural as a profession, but the problems I'm encountering on the practice exams are very doable. I just feel like I'm behind and need more time to master the material. I appreciate everyone's input.
  7. Thanks for your input. It's great to hear how studying is going from the eyes of a structural engineer. Ive been mostly focused on doing the practice structural depth exam from ppi and then I'll set a weekend soon to do the ncees. Concrete is my weakest subject since it is brand new to me. All of my co workers took the Construction depth and advised me to as well, but I branched out and picked structural. I guess we will see this April how things turn out.
  8. Lol. After I posted, I realized I wrote "structures" not structural. My study regime has been okay, not the best, but okay. I only started studying in January once my company okayed and allowed me to purchase all the study materials. I would say I study about 15-20 hours a week. I bought every workbook there is from PPI. However, after reading reviews, only a few I have been working out of that I feel helps the most. I've been working NCEES practice exams and the Structural Practice Depth Exam from PPI. I am still uncomfortable because there are so much materials to cover. I chose structural because out of all the depths, structural is the only topic I would take the time to learn even though I'll probably never use it in my line of work. In college, I took Structural Analysis I & II, steel design, and wood design. I'm relearning a lot, but have to learn concrete and more. It's just hard familiarizing myself with codes and the lingo for some of these problems. It just scares me that even structural engineers can't pass their depth exam. How can a non structural who's been out of college for 5 years learn everything in 3 months and pass?
  9. We have a little over a month left until the April PE exam. I've chosen to do the structures depth, but I am starting to really worry because I do not know enough. Here's a bit about me, I have a general Civil background but I do utility engineer design. There isn't a depth that really fits what I do, maybe construction? However, I took a few structural courses in college and structures is the most interesting topic for me, so I went ahead with structures. However, I've been hearing that structures is the hardest depth and it's still is difficult even for those who do it for work every day to pass the exam. I'm starting to really worry now that I chose the wrong depth. Can anyone assure me I didn't make a mistake? Or if there's anyone in my shoes where what you do for work is not at all similar to any of the depths? It'll also be good to get someone who is a structural engineer, their perspective on someone who isn't a structures guy at all but taking the structures depth. Any help will be greatly appreciated!