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  1. And Ramsay's life seems to revolve around retweeting bad food on twitter.
  2. I get depressed every time I see Jamie Oliver looking so old now. I still remember watching The Naked Chef when he was just a young Ettttttttthhhhhhhex lad. I also wonder how much of his saliva has gone into his food just from his lithp. Here he is, presumably scheming to get the UK to eat more bananas.
  3. The Taylor Swift media machine is strong. Always was.
  4. Interesting. I counter with
  5. Oooo, you have a buttload of land. And I love a good cattle fence picture. Great for making tomato cages. As for the turkeys maybe you can nail a few as part of some agricultural pest control by-law.
  6. 1978. Such an old movie.
  7. Did you know that the surf clams on sushi come from Canada?
  8. Sucks about the grape ball.
  9. Is arguing your way of fishing for personal information about me?
  10. Now it looks like "you should do a rose"
  11. Stay safe, Matt!
  12. Ukraine is strong!
  13. I also have a fig tree, but like Jesus, find it to be lacking in fruit.
  14. So what DID you guys end up planting? I put down some tomato and pepper plants. Also expecting some not big but medium things from blueberry, gooseberry and grape plants. Still won't produce nearly as much as the wild blackberry and other wild fruit in the area. Scattered a wildflower mix a year or two ago. Some of it might end up growing from dropped seed. Again, much more variety available wild nearby: cherry, apple blossom, tulips.
  15. ahhh