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  1. Tropicana is making bottled watermelon juice now too.
  2. Are we not both on a Lord of the Rings tangent?
  3. I dunno. Puddles don't run away.
  4. The first thing you'd need is a dewcatcher and maybe a solar still.
  5. hahaha
  6. How dare you! Weleath the Jemhaddarrrrrrr!
  7. Probably forgot it on whatever planet the death star blew up on whatever movie it happened
  8. Star Trek DS9 > Star Wars
  9. Oh really? Show me the current Stargate.
  10. Imagination it is.
  11. It's still only 2017 so I think it's just they're weak. You live next to a watermelon farm?
  12. I think people's main skill these days is reacting to a screen whether desk or handheld.
  13. lol so lawless, wherever that was. Personally I've eaten so much duck and chicken in my life, I don't really care about goose. I'd rather hug one of those plump fatties.
  14. Where do you live?
  15. I know it's only April but this year I'm gonna really gorge on the stuff. It's pretty healthy too so if you eat like 8 lbs of it per day and some salt, you've got your daily recommended everything.