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  1. so, emails are sent out the same they as the PE exam results?
  2. when do we get the emails?
  3. same here...
  4. I am glad that you passed...
  5. Never worried what I would call myself 7 minutes after I found out that I had passed the PE exam, or any other exams for that matter.
  6. Mine is in this order, so you can take the one you like.. Ph.D., P.E., LEED AP, M.ASCE
  7. Really dude?
  8. Please share your experiences regarding when we should get the Seismic and Surveying Results knowing that PE exam results are in now...
  9. This explains all that self-confidence... Ahh millennials...
  10. Then, don't make baseless statements...
  11. This actually belongs to BS Forum
  12. I don't fall for this, I am just having hard time understanding the benefits of this for the posters. Some changes hyperlink to look like this years results are out, etc. I believe that people should have lives and, if they don't have anything good to share, they should not. But again, I was called sane and reasonable before.
  13. moderators should be able to stop this bullshit!
  14. unless same pool of people are polled for both exams, this conclusion cannot be drawn...
  15. it helps population control, too..